Information about Burning Crusade

Name: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Genre: massive and multi-user role Internet game
Platform: PC, Mac

Description: There passed several years after defeat of the Flaring Legion in fight at the mountain Hidzhal, and Azerot’s inhabitants began to restore the peace gradually. With new forces heroes of the Horde and Alliance began to research the new lands found behind the Dark Portal. Whether they will find opponents or allies? What dangers and awards wait for brave heroes? How the Horde and Alliance will arrive, having found out that forces of the Legion are ready to resume the invasion to Azerot?

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Information about World of Warcraft

Name: World of Warcraft
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Genre: massive and multi-user role Internet game
Platforms: PC, Mac

Description: Four years passed after the events described in the game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and again threat hung over the tormented Azerot. While the races which are weakened by war try to recover the destroyed kingdoms, ancient ominous forces rise from depths and are going to strike a mortal blow.

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Facts of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Having thrown all the forces on battle with the Flaring Legion again threatening the peace after opening of the Dark Portal, Azerot’s inhabitants forgot about the danger which is concealed in snow-covered Nordskole. The leader of an ominous Lash and his new henchmen are going to strike blow to East Kingdoms and Kalimdor …

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Queen Silvana Windwing

Dark Madam Silvana Windwing was fully influenced by cruelty of Korolya-licha. During the Third war the death knight Artas intruded with army of the Lash in native lands of Silvana, Kel’talas that by means of force of the Solar Well to return to life of the fallen necromancer Kel’tuzad. The commander-in-chief of pathfinders of Lunosvet Silvanus bravely battled against Lash hordes, but Artas won over it and, without wishing to grant to the Elf fast death, separated its spirit from a body. Having turned Silvana’s spirit into bansh, Artas forced it to help the Lash with Kel’talas’s defilement and destruction of inhabitants of the kingdom.


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Dota Allstars with bots

Warcraft Universe
New the Dota and new the Dota with bots!

The new version appeared under digit 6.81d and new a Dota with bots of the DotA v6.81b AI version

It is already available to downloading at us on the website.

p.s. You can always download the last cards Dotaes at us on the website: To download to a Dota (To download to a Dota with bots)

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To download Dota 6.82 AI the version with bots

To download Dota 6.82 AI the version with bots
The newest a dota with bots

The last latest version dota, is available the newest that with bots of Dota 6.83 it is met (actually you look for version 6.78 it and there is the newest at the moment), the latest project according to the name DOTA so far, well many already know about this card – PROTECTION ANCIENT!!! What needs to be done – yes as always to peep the hero and to protect a throne, from stupid bots. . Well if honestly than a card of subjects bots already napichkanny become newer, type can even think, but everything is normal at them according to the program – to attack, run away, well and Tim a batch – work in group with other heroes, in principle it is interesting to be trained, to climb as all crayfish in buttle aren’t present from the first day, at first it is necessary as the person to download to the dota of AI to try game with bots, it as the textbook, you shall know at least standard – not at once to run and bend everything that moves, so in a dream only bend, in buttle not that especially on an ikkapa – you without start experience so will lower, in minus on птс will leave and with crayfish you will gamat))))))). So we swing to a dota 6.83 with bots – here it free from this resource in two clicks. It is the brand newest version of game which will differ a little from prior versions dota, but here a lot of things was corrected, made balansny – cleaned bugs and other subquality work, new introduction of skills, subediting in heroes and the main thing super Artificial reason of bots which can send pleases – the joke such)))), will send nobody you because alas and bots didn’t learn to respond in a chat to allies yet and the bot doesn’t see signals, everything that he sees the diagram stitched in its program, on it it also works… Of course if to you cloys to play in normal to a dota with bots where everything is uniform))) and there is a wish though slightly I advise varieties to read guides Kvay-Ghosn Dzhinna, and that is to google this directory of guides, on the homepage of the website. For now press, the link Download to a dota 6.78 AI is lower (with bots):

The original DotA map

Defense of the Ancients (named by its initials since It Provides as Defense of the Ancestors) it is a stage personalized for the video game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, created with the Publisher of the World that includes the video game. The map is played in two teams, and the target of the game is to destroy the Ancient of the opponent. The Ancients are hard protected structures located in opposite corners of the map. The players control powerful units known as “heroes”, that calls are helped by units controlled by artificial intelligence “creeps”. Since in a roll video game, the heroes obtain experience points to increase its skills and use gold to buy team and useful elements during mission.

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Lady Dzhayna Praudmur

The young schoolgirl Kirin-Tora Dzhayna Praudmur was read exclusively gifted magician, and her mentor, the respectable Supreme magician Antonidas, sincerely believed that sometime this talented girl will inherit his cloak of the head Kirin-Tora. However in Dzhayna’s life there were not only infinite occupations magic, but also romantic hobby for the childhood friend – prince Artas Menetil, the son of the king Terenas II. Dzhayna and Artas deep feelings connected, but the destiny carried them in the different ways: everyone to the mission. Artas did the duty as the paladin of the Silver Hand and the successor of a throne Lorderona; The Jain was going to become the most powerful magician of Azerot.


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