Commands in Dota (Dota AllStarS Commands)

commands of the game Dota AllStarS which can be used during game are listed in this article, commands are used both for a task fashion of game, and for display of additional optional information.


By rules all commands have to begin with a dash (“-“), for example “-ap” if commands are used a little, then several commands, without gap and with one dash are entered at once, for example “-apomso”.

General game commands Dotaes:
– ap or – allpick

Each player can choose on one hero from any tavern.

This mode won’t work with the following commands: – ar \-tr \-lm \-mr.

– ar or – allrandom

To each player about one casual hero from all taverns is given.

This mode won’t work with the following commands: – ap \-tr \-lm \-vr \-mr.

– rd or – randomdraft

In a random way 22 heroes from all taverns are defined and players in turn choose the hero. Players choose the hero on the league mode system, on considering and the choice only 20 seconds are given. Because the choice of heroes priskhodit longer, and kripa appear respectively later, to be exact in the 3rd minute.

– sd or – singledraft

In a random way for each player three heroes are defined (1 — dexterity; 2 — force; 3 — intelligence) from all taverns from which he can choose only one. Heroes available forces in a circle.

– dm or – deathmatch

After death you receive the new hero. The result of game can be defined by destruction of Base of the opponent or when the command reaches a certain amount of death. In the majority of cases given fashions ap is in parallel used with other fashions, for example with ar, in case of their combination with – dm the player will receive the hero according to rules fashion if it is apdm, then it will be offered to you to choose the hero from any tavern again. And if it is the mode – ardm, then after death you receive the casual hero.

This mode won’t work with the following commands: – aa \-ai \-as \-tr \-lm \-mr \-vr \-sh.

– cd (Capitans Draft)

Fashions of CD — the mix rd and cm, at the beginning the circle of heroes as in – rd, only at first captains of commands ban 2 heroes from a circle, as on cm is available to you. Right at the beginning there is the 15th second delay before the choice of heroes in the mode – CD that gives the chance to two groups to look at the heroes.

– em or – easymode

Towers become weaker, and players begin to receive additional amount of gold and experience.

The mode is calculated for fast game, the parties rush much quicker, фарм and growth лвл becomes many times quicker.

– cm or – captainsmode

The blue and pink slot participate in peak (choice) and a bath (prohibition) of heroes, i.e. become captains. In case the blue, or pink slot is empty that the rights for the choice and of heroes the following slot gets Bang. Sides is given to captains of everyone for 60 seconds on each bang / peak and 60 seconds spare. At the beginning captains ban four heroes, from each party. Bang passes by the principle 1-1, i.e. the first captain bans WD, the second SK, then again bans the first. The peak of heroes passes by the principle 1-2-2-2-2-1, i.e. the first captain peeps 1 hero, the second captain of 2. After players choose heroes from what was chosen by the captain. In case the captain passed the course and didn’t ban the hero, then it will have no repeated attempt. If it passes the hero’s peak, then the choice of the hero happens on rand.

Other game commands Dotaes:
– rs (Random Side)

The place of each command is defined in a random way. For example if your command began game for Scourge, then can it will turn out so that your command will begin game for Sentinel.

– du (Duplicate)

Gives the chance to choose each hero repeatedly. For example, your ally chose the Anti-magician, both you, and somebody else can take him repeatedly!

– sp (Shuffle Players)

In a random way all players will be mixed among themselves and to commands. Convenient fashions for people who want will trust in the computer what it would distribute players on commands.

– xl (Extended League)

The captain of each command (The blue and pink slot) has the right to ban three heroes in taverns, later there is a standard peak 1-2-2-2-2-1. Kripa will go in the 4th minute.

The command won’t work with any spendthrift of the choice of casual heroes.

– om (Only Mid)

Only Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. center. Kripa go only on the central line. Good fashions for game 1х1, or 2х2.

– sc (Super Creeps)

On each party of times ten minutes there is about one super krip on a randomny path (can will appear on the top \lower \central line).

– lm (League Mode)

Players choose heroes by the principle 1-2-2-2-2-1, on thinking 20 seconds are given. In case you during this time didn’t choose the hero he gets out in a random way.

– mm (Mirror Mode)

Right after the first minute, heroes of each couple (blue-pink, purple-light blue, teal-gray, orange-brown, yellow-dark green) change on one of the hero of couple. For example your color orange, you chose the hero to a rikimar, your opponent “brown” chooses the Anti-magician, on the expiration of minute can there will be a situation when you receive the Anti-magician, and the opponent has it and will remain, or the opponent will receive to Rikimar, and your hero will remain without changes. The command – mm can be activated only when equal number of players, i.e. 2 for Sentinel and 2 for Scourge, or 5 vs 5, etc. Kripy appear in the 2nd minute.

This mode won’t work with the following commands: – mm \-vr \-lm.

– tr (command Random)

To each player about one casual hero from the tavern is given.

This mode won’t work with the following commands: – ap \-ar \-vr \— lm \-mr.

– mr (Mode Random)

Fashions of game is chosen in a random way. It can be chosen – ar, tr, – ap or standard fashions (normal pick).

– vr (Vote Random)

To your look three selections of heroes are provided, you vote for which you want. You vote for the most pleasant by means of command – option # where # — “1 selection of heroes”, “the 2nd selection of heroes” or “the 3rd selection of heroes”.

This mode won’t work with the following commands: – lm \-mm \-ar \-as \-sh \-tr\-aa \-ai \-dm \-mr.

– rv (Reverse)

You choose the hero for your rival, and the rival respectively chooses to you.

– oi (Observer Info)

Gives the chance to see additional informatsy about whether the observer’s cursor on yours heroes is induced. (! …!)

– sh (Same Hero)

The blue player chooses one hero of the hero whom all play. Mirror match.

– aa (All Agility)

In taverns there are only heroes who have key parameter — dexterity.

– ai (All Intelligence)

In taverns there are only heroes who have key parameter — intelligence.

– as (All Strength)

In taverns there are only heroes who have key parameter — force.

– lives

The command can be used only in the mode – dm, she establishes amount of admissible death.

– id (Item Drop)

After your death from your stock выпадёт 1 of objects. If there are empty slots in stock, that is probability that nothing will drop out.

– np (No Powerups)

The mode forbidding emergence of runes. Most often given fashions use at game 1х1 \2х2, for more fair play.

– nt (No Top)

Kripa go only on the central and lower line.

– nm (No Mid)

Kripa go only on the top and lower line.

– nb (No Bot)

Kripa go only on the central and top line.

– ns (No Swap)

Forbids to use command – swap

– nr (No Repick)

Forbids to use command – repick to players.

– pm (Pooling Mode)

All others objects can be used by all. I.e. the Anti-mode пулинг is turned off.

– mi (Mini Heroes)

All heroes in a Dota decrease by a half from the normal size.

– fr (Fast Respawn)

Lowers time of regeneration of your hero by 50%.

– mo (Melee Only)

In taverns there are only heroes with near fight.

– ro (Ranged Only)

In taverns there are only heroes with attack of submultiple fight.

– er (Experimental Runes)

Experimental mode of runes. The new rune appears right after capture of previous.

– so (Switch On)

Gives the chance to use command – switch. Thereby sometimes resolves an issue with livers, or through чур otozhranny heroes, for the purpose of game balancing.

commands of the player Dota:
– tips

Gives to the player various messages, advice, hints on an extent of all game.

– random

Gives you the chance to choose the casual hero in the mode – ap \-aa \-ai \-as, etc. In additives you receive in addition the 250th gold.

– random int

Gives you the chance to choose the casual hero with key parameter: “intelligence”, in the mode – ap. In additives you receive in addition the 150th gold.

– random str

Gives you the chance to choose the casual hero with key parameter: “force”, in the mode – ap. In additives you receive in addition the 150th gold.

– random agi

Gives you the chance to choose the casual hero with key parameter: “force”, in the mode – ap. In additives you receive in addition the 150th gold.

– ms or – movespeed

Shows the current speed of your character. I will remind that the maximum speed of the character of 525 ms.

– ii (Items Information)

Shows the artifacts which are in stock at allies in the main plate.

– bonus

The command showing how much experience and gold was earned on the kilakh.

– cs

Shows information on quantity of the killed \finished crêpes, and also killed neutrals you.

– csoff

Disconnects information on quantity of the killed \finished crêpes, and also killed neutrals you.

– switch

Allows to make an exchange of one player of one command, on a drugov of opposite command. When someone livat, the stock of the hero is blocked. Players can use command – unlock, but as soon as it is made, command – switch won’t work for this hero any more. Liver gold will also be frozen, won’t unblock yet or will trade places.

– unlock

Will unblock a liver after the majority votes for use of command. Only after that gold and things of the hero will become available.

– disablehelp

Disconnects a possibility of application on you Chen’s ability, Test of Faith — teleportation you on base.

– enablehelp

Includes a possibility of application on you Chen’s ability, Test of Faith — teleportation you on base.

– unstuck

After the 60th second pause (i.e. your hero should move, to apply spells, it will be stupid to stand still where you registered command) he will be teleports on the base. Most often this command is applied in couples if you got stuck and there is no exit from this situation. When receiving a loss action of command is turned off and you can battle.

– recreate

Sometimes in game there are some glitches, and thanks to this command they can be corrected, will occupy it only 2 minutes, and works only at Lycanthrope, Lifestealer, Dragon Knight, Soul Keeper, and Tormented Soul.

– swaphero

Allows to receive the list of allied heroes after which reading you will be able to suggest the ally to exchange the hero. Having registered command – swap x where x you get number of the player, and a number from the list, offer an exchange of heroes if the ally is agrees, he has to register – swap n where n your number.

– showmsg

Includes messages which arise at deaths door the hero.

– hidemsg

Disconnects messages which arise at deaths door the hero.

– showdeny

Includes the mode of display of murder of the crêpes, over the crêpe killed by you the sign will be shown “!”. The old command, now it is included by default.

– hidedeny

Turns off display “!” of a sign.

– doff \-don

Disconnects \turns on the timer of death (revival).

– roll xx

Shows in a random way number from 1 to set in xx, the maximum parameter 2000. By default there is a value 100. I.e. having written – roll, will show a random number from 1 to 100, and – roll 500, will show a random number from 1 to 500. The command first of all is necessary for the solution of disputes, in other words it is possible to call it how to cast lots.

– hhn or – hideheronames

Conceals names of heroes near a nickname of players.

– mute on\off

Includes \disconnects sounds in game.

– gameinfo

Shows information on the game modes.

– afk

Shows the list of all players who stay idle.

– kickafk xx

Throws out from game of players who are in a state афк. I.e. more than 10 minutes stay idle.

– swapall

Offers all allies an exchange of your heroes.

– ah (anti hack)

command which dizeyblit khaki, such as maphack. Of course the command isn’t ideal, it only hides some things in game, for example runes, imtema on the earth, it is visible only a shadow of a unit, the modelka vanishes.

– disableselection (-DS) / – enableselection (-ES)

Includes / disconnects the help in management of the called units, for example at Techies, Invoker’a, Lanaya, etc.

– clear

Completely clears the screen of messages.

– music X

By means of this command you can change a soundtrack in game. Instead of X you can write any soundtrack: orc1, orc2, orc3, human1, human2, human3, undead1, undead2, undead3, nightelf1, nightelf2, nightelf3, other1, other2, other3, other4, other5. And also instead of X you can prescribe random and randomny music from listed above will be loaded. And of course you have an opportunity to disconnect music, having registered instead of X — off.

– courier

Displays an icon of a chicken, and shows whether it is used at present.

– mines

Shows quantity of mines which you placed the Miner. All of us know that it is possible to place only 15 min., but as a time to consider them silly, here and this wonderful command comes to the rescue.

– int

Shows amount of the intelligence stolen by you saylenser.

– mc

Shows how much time at you was used multicastes.

– fs or – fleshstr

Shows the number of bonus force which you received by means of Flesh Heap abilka for Pudge.

– test

Activates the test mode, thereby test commands become available to you.

– ha

Shows the average accuracy of Meat Hook or Hookshot (meat hook). Hits are set off only if you got to the hero.

– aa

Shows the average accuracy of Elune’s Arrow (a potma arrow). Hits are set off only if you got to the hero.

– gg

Shows amount of the received bonus gold from ability of the alchemist — Goblin’s Greed.

– invokelist

Displays all spells of Invoyker, and also what combinations are necessary for their use.

– rh or – rollhero

Shows a casual name of the hero. Interesting analog command – roll.

commands for change of weather in the Dota:
– weather rain

Includes rainy weather.

– weather snow

Includes snow.

– weather moonlight

Weather in lunar shine.

– weather wind

Windy weather.

– weather random

Weather is chosen in a random way.

– weather off

Turns off the weather modes.

– water red

Changes color of water to red.

– water green

Changes color of water to green.

– water blue

Changes color of water to blue.

– water default

Changes color of water to standard.

– water r g b

Changes color of water according to R, G and B. For example – water 255 0 0 will paint our water red color.

– water random

Changes water flowers to randomny, i.e. it will be chosen at random as the computer.

commands Dotaes for the fan:
– wtf

After use by you of any spell, its CD is nullified, and Mang is completely restored.

Single commands Dotaes:
– lvlup x

Increases the level of your hero by X where X can accept values from 1 to 25, i.e. the maximum received level — the 25th.

– gold x

There isn’t enough gold? Use command and be bought to the maximum.

– spawncreeps

Calls crêpes on lines. It is possible to reuse, thereby to receive army of crêpes.

– kill

Kills your hero.

– Refresh

Recharges all your abilities, including CD of objects in stock, and also restores the maximum quantity of Lives and Mana.

– spawnoff/-spawnon

The command for the test mode, allows to disconnect / include it emergence of crêpes.

– noherolimit

Gives the chance to choose infinite number of heroes (i.e. cleans limits on heroes).

Will work only after activation of command – test.