Facts of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Having thrown all the forces on battle with the Flaring Legion again threatening the peace after opening of the Dark Portal, Azerot’s inhabitants forgot about the danger which is concealed in snow-covered Nordskole. The leader of an ominous Lash and his new henchmen are going to strike blow to East Kingdoms and Kalimdor …

The former death knight, and nowadays Korol-lich Artas became the reason of events which can lead to all Azerot’s extinction from plague and the nekromantsky magic extended by the Lash. Only the strongest warriors can survive in severe Northern lands and feed hope to overset artful plans of Artas … Or even to battle against it to put an end to a horror kingdom.


New class: the death knight owning nekromantsky magic.
New system of achievements: more than 700 purposes enveloping all possibilities of game.
New continent: Nordskol, ice possession of King.
An opportunity to reach the 80th level and to seize the latest spells and abilities.
New profession: strengthen the opportunities and spells by means of an outline.
New field of fight: Coast Ancient.
New opportunities of PvP-battles: use of obsidional machines and the destroyed structures.
The new territory especially for PvP-battles under the open sky: Ice Fetters.
New opportunities of change of the character, new vaults, PvP-arenas and many other things.
This information can change after an output of the subsequent updates

Wrath of the Lich King. This page has exclusively general information character.

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