Information about Burning Crusade

Name: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Genre: massive and multi-user role Internet game
Platform: PC, Mac

Description: There passed several years after defeat of the Flaring Legion in fight at the mountain Hidzhal, and Azerot’s inhabitants began to restore the peace gradually. With new forces heroes of the Horde and Alliance began to research the new lands found behind the Dark Portal. Whether they will find opponents or allies? What dangers and awards wait for brave heroes? How the Horde and Alliance will arrive, having found out that forces of the Legion are ready to resume the invasion to Azerot?

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade — the first addition to game from the Blizzard company, the winner of a set of awards. Burning Crusade expands possibilities of users, opening new lands for research and offering players new races, battlefields, professions, objects and many other things.

Develop the character to the 70th level.
Create the character of one of two new races: elf of blood or дренея.
The arena — a new site and rating system for battles of PvP.
Battle on new Bol of fight: Storm eye.
Go to Zapredelye through the Dark Portal.
Research new vaults for characters of the high level.
You learn to fly on the ovykh of riding animals to Zapredelye.
Battle against new dangerous enemies and powerful bosses.
Perform hundreds of new tasks and receive for them awards.
Master a new profession “Jewellery” and inlay objects to improve their characteristics.
You are waited also by many other things!
This information can change after an output of the subsequent updates of Burning Crusade. This page has exclusively general information character.

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