Information about World of Warcraft

Name: World of Warcraft
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Genre: massive and multi-user role Internet game
Platforms: PC, Mac

Description: Four years passed after the events described in the game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and again threat hung over the tormented Azerot. While the races which are weakened by war try to recover the destroyed kingdoms, ancient ominous forces rise from depths and are going to strike a mortal blow.

World of Warcraft – role Internet game which action happens in the Universe of the game Warcraft which received a set of awards. The user creates the character who becomes the hero and Azerot’s defender, researching the extensive world and performing in it numerous tasks. “Globality” of World of Warcraft allows thousands of players to interact with each other within one game world. Users can not only battle in epic fights, but also conclude the alliances and create guilds, struggling with enemies for glory and the world.


Look for adventures together with thousands of other players.
Research the huge world in which there are woods and mountains, deserts and the jungle inhabited by dangerous opponents.
Select one of eight races and join the Horde or Alliance.
Select one of nine classes among which – the paladin owning magic of light, the druid who can change the appearance, the powerful soldier ruling demons the magician and others.
Again meet characters and monsters, already familiar on the game Warcraft.
Exempt from evil spirits a large number of vaults of varying complexity.
Visit six capitals which became a shelter for the races inhabiting Azerot.
Study different professions to create and improve objects, to find and collect ingredients, to earn gold, trading with other players.
Join guild of adherents and win a victory over enemies together.
Buy and sell objects by means of automated auction.
Enjoy hundreds of hours of game, complete of adventures, jobs and production.
You are waited also by many other things!
This information can change after an output of the subsequent updates of World of Warcraft. This page has exclusively general information character.

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