Lady Dzhayna Praudmur

The young schoolgirl Kirin-Tora Dzhayna Praudmur was read exclusively gifted magician, and her mentor, the respectable Supreme magician Antonidas, sincerely believed that sometime this talented girl will inherit his cloak of the head Kirin-Tora. However in Dzhayna’s life there were not only infinite occupations magic, but also romantic hobby for the childhood friend – prince Artas Menetil, the son of the king Terenas II. Dzhayna and Artas deep feelings connected, but the destiny carried them in the different ways: everyone to the mission. Artas did the duty as the paladin of the Silver Hand and the successor of a throne Lorderona; The Jain was going to become the most powerful magician of Azerot.


Their roads were again crossed when Lorderon enveloped Lash plague. The talented magician together with the prince tried to find a source of an infection and day after day watched as Artas suffers a defeat in the attempts to stop spread of plague. It was together with it in the suburb of Stratkholm when the prince made the awful decision to destroy the infected city. However the Jain didn’t take part in this crime. When Lorderon’s falling became inevitable, she led group of survivors in Kalimdor where battle with the Flaring Legion was necessary to them. By means of orks and night elves they managed to expel the Legion from Azerot. This brittle union became possible thanks to the Prophet, the mysterious being trying to integrate orks and people against the Legion. Having won a victory, the Jain founded a seaport Teramor on stony east coast of Kalimdor. Having secured with Trall’s support, she became the guarantor of the world between its people and orks. Thanks to its wise board Teramor remains a stronghold of Alliance in Kalimdore to this day.

At present the Horde and Alliance wage in Nordskole irreconcilable war against Korolya-licha who merged with Artas in a uniform being. Military campaign is included into the completing phase, and the Jain still tries to serve as the intermediary between contradictory fractions. Recently she tried to pacify rough skirmish between the king Varian Rinn and Garrosh Infernal Shout who with voices raised discussed presence of Ancient god at depths of the mysterious city of titaniums Ulduar. It is hard to maintain the peace between two stubborn masters, but the Jain never lowers hands. All its forces are directed to winning a victory over Korolem-lichom, but she pursues this aim not only to protect the people – personal feelings are involved here. Probably, at heart she believes that Artas whom she knew once long ago is still living under a jacket of Korolya-licha and expects release.

Biographical particulars:

Race: human
Kind of activity: ruler Teramora
Capital: Teramor
Fraction: Alliance
Abilities: The Jain – one of the most gifted magicians Azerota. In its arsenal a set of the useful spells allowing to teleport, call water elementaly and to bring down blizzards on enemies. But the true abilities Jains are beyond far listed.
Appearance of the character in games, novels, comics and a manga:
World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred (novel)
World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King (novel)
Warcraft monthly comic (comic book)
Warcraft: Legends volume 5, “Nightmares” (manga)
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (game)
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (game)
World of Warcraft (game)
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (game)
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (game)

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