Queen Silvana Windwing

Dark Madam Silvana Windwing was fully influenced by cruelty of Korolya-licha. During the Third war the death knight Artas intruded with army of the Lash in native lands of Silvana, Kel’talas that by means of force of the Solar Well to return to life of the fallen necromancer Kel’tuzad. The commander-in-chief of pathfinders of Lunosvet Silvanus bravely battled against Lash hordes, but Artas won over it and, without wishing to grant to the Elf fast death, separated its spirit from a body. Having turned Silvana’s spirit into bansh, Artas forced it to help the Lash with Kel’talas’s defilement and destruction of inhabitants of the kingdom.


After Silvanus returned itself freedom, having joined Illidan Yarosti Storms in his attack on the Ice throne. When the crack in a throne dispersed, Korol-lich partially lost control over army of the Lash. Having exempted from the power of the Dark master, Silvana returned herself a body and began to make plans to sweep. The group betrayed by it bansh trapped Artas, and Silvana almost managed to achieve the objectives: during an aggression it paralyzed the deadly enemy the poisoned arrow, but Kel’tuzad’s interference rescued Artas. Immediately after unsuccessful attempt the death knight went to Nordskol and united to Korolem-lichom. Meanwhile Silvana collected under the banners Renounced – to indulge, the free from the power of the Dark lord, – and founded the city under Lorderon’s ruins, having named him Podgorod. Having headed army Renounced, it integrated with the Horde and began war against the Lash. The union was favorable to all: rather small and feeble army of Silvana the strong ally was required, and the Horde lacked an outpost in East kingdoms.

After release from the power Corolja-licia Silvana had to face a set of difficulties. In spite of the fact that Dark Madam and her citizens wage war against the Lash, they permanently should battle as well against those who hate indulging in any its manifestations. In addition, Renounced also brought upon it a lot of trouble. Recently in Podgoroda there was a revolt of demons and rebellious Renounced which was planned and headed by the Master of horror Varimatas and the Supreme druggist Gniless. During the integrated attack of the Horde and Alliance to the Gate of Anger of Gniless I bombarded hostile army shells with a virus of the new plague which wasn’t sparing neither allies, nor enemies, and Varimatas and his henchmen captured Podgorod. By means of Silvanus’s Horde suppressed revolt and I returned the capital, but some of allies of Dark Madam still suspect that she was involved in the treachery which led to events at the Gate.

Despite all troubles happening to it, Silvana continues to pursue the main goal persistently: vengeance of Art Asu. Now, when Renounced and the Horde began approach to the fortress of Korolya-licha, Silvanus hopes that good luck will smile to it soon.

Biographical particulars

Race: the higher Elf (earlier) to indulge with unique abilities (now)
Kind of activity: commander-in-chief of pathfinders Lunosveta (earlier), queen-banshi Otrekshikhsya (now)
Capital: Podgorod
Fraction: Horde
Abilities: in spite of the fact that Silvana returned herself a body of the higher Elf, she is capable at desire to take the incorporeal form of a bansha. During lifetime she was an excellent shooter and saved this skill after death. To this day onions remain the favourite weapon of Silvana.
Appearance of the character in games, novels, comics and a manga:
World of Warcraft: Tides of Darkness (novel)
World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King (novel)
Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy volume 3 — Ghostlands (manga)
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (game)
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (game)
World of Warcraft (game)
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (game)
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (game)

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