DotA Allstar

DotA Allstar appeared as the user card for Warcraft III. In those far times nobody could even assume that over time it not just will become the most popular card for a varik, and will outgrow in much, much bigger. The first games on a card were complete of surprise, hopes and disappointments. Long time it all the same remained only just one of many cards. But at some point everything changed — Dota Allstar got to certain Icefrog’U. And the ice young frog turned it into a masterpiece.
Since that moment as IceFrog was engaged in a card a gold dota in a pattern began. First, it began to update regularly a card that allowed to maintain to it constant interest. Secondly, he closely was engaged in balance of heroes and objects that made game at it much more interesting. With the advent of balance game on a card began to interest cyberathletes, more and more people were involved in it. And there where people, players and the audience, appear sponsors there. So Dota Allstar from a simple card became cybersporting discipline with commands and prizes.
Times changed and opportunities of the editor of cards of Warcraft began not to be enough for Dota Allstar. Then Icefrog thought of something bigger. Of course, it still continued to do updates of a card, still corrected balance in a dota, but on the Internet persistent rumors already spread. The chief developer Dota began to look for suitable office which ambitions will be enough for that from simple dota to make the principal game for millions of people. And such design team was found.
Since then Dota Allstar gave way to the new project — DOTA 2.

However and now the classical card for a varkraft has many admirers which is ready to be played 3×3 or 5×5 in the old manner.