The original DotA map

Defense of the Ancients (named by its initials since It Provides as Defense of the Ancestors) it is a stage personalized for the video game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, created with the Publisher of the World that includes the video game. The map is played in two teams, and the target of the game is to destroy the Ancient of the opponent. The Ancients are hard protected structures located in opposite corners of the map. The players control powerful units known as “heroes”, that calls are helped by units controlled by artificial intelligence “creeps”. Since in a roll video game, the heroes obtain experience points to increase its skills and use gold to buy team and useful elements during mission.

The stage was developed by the publisher of maps of Warcraft III. There exist diverse variants of the original version of the map; the most popular is «It provides Allstars», 2 that has been developed by diverse authors.


From its throwing, It Provides Allstars has turned into a common characteristic in diverse tournaments about the world, including the competitions BlizzCon and World Cyber Games, as well as the leagues Cyberathlete Amateur and CyberEvolution. Gamasutra declared that It Provides perhaps be the «free modification of video game more popular in the world».


The DotA popularity did that further on games were taking place with a similar style. Also, in October, 2010 Valve Corporation announced the achievement of a consequence.


History and development


Warcraft III is the third delivery of the series of games Warcraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. As its predecessor, Warcraft III includes a free publisher of maps, which allows to the players to create and modify personalized stages that can be used in ways of a player and multijugador. The resultant maps must be loaded from the game, and can consist of simple battle stages to play in a normal Warcraft game, or completely new alternative games, with new targets, units, objects and events;  Defense of the Ancients it is of the latter type.


The original DotA map was created by a player and creator of maps known as «Eul« by means of the publisher of maps of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. After the throwing of the expansion The Frozen Throne, which added new characteristics to the maps publisher, Eul did not update the stage,  therefore they were other authors who were in charge of realizing the above mentioned update, and updating later the game.


Numerous variants of the game have been realized based on the original map, but Allstars is the version that turned popularly the game. From the version 6.x, another author with the name of «IceFrog« put himself in charge of the development of the stage, correcting errors and adding or updating typical of the game. Every new version is accompanied of a record of cambios.


The game has a strong community support maintained by means of official forums. There, the users can comment on ideas for new heroes or objects, and indicate suggestions of quite type 7 3 The map can be obtained of free form in diverse discharge places, and in by means of direct transference on having initiated a game. As any stage created with the publisher of maps of Warcraft III, the DotA distribution cannot realize with commercial ends of no type.


Some versions of the stage with opponents controlled by artificial intelligence have been placed.


In a game of Defense of the Ancients there are always two teams of players: the Lookouts (The Sentinel) and the Scourge (The Scourge). The team of the Lookouts has its beginning point in the left low corner of the map, while the Scourge has his in the right top corner. Every base is defended by structures called “towers”, and by waves of units that cover three ways that join two bases: a head office, and two wings. At the bottom of every base is the “Ancient” of every team, a building that must be destroyed to win it her set off.


Every player controls a hero, who is a powerful unit with the only skills and who is chosen according to its main characteristic to have a specific roll in every game (Intelligence, Agility, Force). In Allstars a large number of different heroes exists (112 from the version 6.78), each one with different skills and tactical advantages on the others. The game needs a lot of work in team; it is difficult that only one player takes its team to the victory for himself it know 13 The game allows games with teams of up to 5 persons (although some modified versions of the map extend this limit to 6).


Because the game centers on the strengthening of a hero, one does not need that the player focuses in the construction of a base, as it happens in most of video games of strategy tradicionales. On having eliminated a hostile unit, the player obtains experience points. On having accumulated enough experience, the hero gains a level, which makes it stronger and resistant, and to he allows to improve its special skills. In addition to obtaining experience, the player obtains a monetary resource after enemies eliminate. The players can use its gold available for acquiring objects that strengthen its hero and grant him additional skills. Some of these objects can be combined with others to form more powerful gadgetry. The buy and the handling of the objects is a fundamental part of a game of DotA.


It provides Allstars possesses a big variety of ways of game, which can be selected to the beginning of the party. The above mentioned ways modify diverse factors of the game, such as the difficulty of the game, the heroes’ selection at random, between others. Some ways are mutually exclusive, so they cannot be activated at the same time, while it is possible to combine some different.




The popularity of Defense of the Ancients has increased with the time in countries of the whole world. In the Philippines and Thailand, for example, it is played so much like the game Counter-Strike. It is very popular in countries of the north of Europe, like Sweden, where it inspired the song I saw sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA of the Swedish musician Basshunter.


The stage was presented by Computer Gaming World in a review of new maps and modifications in Warcraft III, and it was called. Allstars «the ultimate RTS» it has turned into an important tournament stage, starting in the début of the convention BlizzCon de Blizzard, in the year a characteristic was 2005.23 Allstars also in World Cyber Games of Malaysia and Singapore in 2005, and of World Cyber Games Asian Championships from the year 2006.  It Provides he is included at present between the games of the international leagues Cyberathlete Amateur League and CyberEvolution. Adicionalmente, the stage appeared in the event Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) 2008; Oliver Paradis, manager of competition of ESWC, aimed that the high level of community support that has the map was one of the factors that influenced in its election.


In June, 2008, Michael Walbridge, writing for Gamasutra, affirmed that It Provides it is the most popular and controversial free and not supported modification of world 3 Referring to the big community formed about the game, Walbridge pointed out that it is much easier for a community game the one that is maintained by its community, and this is one of the big fortitude of the game.

According to, that takes games statistics and ladder of Defense of the Ancients, in the official Blizzard servants of more than 500.000 games of DotA have been played, for approximately a million of jugadores. Blizzard it aimed that It Provides it is an example of what can go so far as to develop using the hardware of creation that are included with others.

It has been indicated that the game has many common aspects with Guilty Gear 2: Overture.

Consequence and similar games

The popularity reached by Defense of the Ancients caused that in the course of time games were developing with a similar style, like Heroes of the Storm, Avalon Heroes, Demigod, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. Also, Valve Corporation announced in October, 2010 the consequence to the game: It provides .

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