Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Passing path

Campaign of Guards. Terror of the Tides

It seemed to Illidan who is carefully protected by the tribespeople, night elves that in a dungeon it is too boring. And generally it reads itself(himself) devoted. And it left to conquer the world. Strangely enough, but his tribespeople don’t support such decision and try to stop it.

Chapter 1. Rise of the Naga

Mayev, Illidana who was earlier the head of protection, goes to hunting behind him now. And its traces disperse in two sides. Illidan is helped?
Job for mission
1. To track down Illidan.
2. Mayev shall survive.
The warm-up mission allowing to be mastered in “updated” Warcraft. Just follow on the way, won’t allow to contract to you all the same. Towards to you only a large number of the “dead” forest monsters provided by fighters and shooters will get. Cave men will become your main opponents. But that it didn’t seem that everything is boring and sad, on the way to you couple of additional jobs will meet.

Additional job No. 1
To destroy Vildkin.
About the middle of a way to you the Elf-luchnitsa who will complain of the monster-bezobraznika killing animals will meet. And it does it just like that, without any need. And right there you will manage to see how this poacher kills an unfortunate deer. Well, we will help animals and we will deal with the poacher. Especially as some more fighters will join you.
The company of monsters consists of the principal Monster and two more small. They aren’t able to use magic therefore just quickly we cut them on pieces, trying not to reduce the group in sizes. It is a little production, but the result is pleasant.
Additional job No. 2
To find and release a patrol.
Shortly before the termination you will note a cell in which bad monsters placed captives from among night elves. Let this and optional job, but unfortunate it is worth releasing – at least for those reasons that after they will join your army. Especially as their very sickly monsters protect.
Job for mission
1. To save 2 ships.
2. Mayev shall survive.
Surprise. Illidan managed to leave the hospitable woods. And that to stop it, boats are necessary. Only an ill luck – spiteful are nude finish 5 boats which are swung near the coast. And, as night elves didn’t learn to swim yet, you should enter fight. To defend 2 ships necessary for you not so difficult.

Chapter 2. The Broken Isles

Next day Mayev in search of Illidan reaches the strange islands. These islands very long time ago plunged into the sea abyss and now were to the world again. Oh and not to good it!
Job for mission
To find Illidan.
You begin with one basis located on the island. Naturally, you have no ships. Unpleasantly, but it is decided – on the island there is a shipyard, it is only necessary to find it. Time is basis – it is necessary to build defense. Because guests (they vandals by nickname are nude) will come with enviable regular. And considering that they just don’t need the ships, – the only thing that constrains them from continuous visits, it is need for big campaign that it wasn’t boring in way. Bases at it is nude three, and you should destroy them during answer visits. One basis – to the West from you (about the edge of a card), two others – too on the edge of a card (only on northern). Only don’t allow to legs to find you in the sea – will take away your ships on a brevnyshka and won’t even ask how called. If, opening a card to swim up to the central island, then there it will be possible to meet an aged ork by the name of Drak’tul. There it disappears from bad you indulge, wishing to acquaint him with the majority (to kill that is). And he hopes that you will help it.
Additional job
1. To destroy 3 places of creation of skeletons.
2. To return the Artifact of Skeletons of Drak’tulu.
Dwellings of skeletons are on the adjacent island to the East from on what you received the job. Walking bones propagate permanently therefore attempt to interrupt skeletons, and is initially doomed to be accepted then to places of an appeal on a dip. Destroy places of an appeal, without being read with losses. And then it is possible to finish also skeletik. Though knife throwing from Mayev – good means for fight against different ogloyeda. Select an artifact and go to an ork. Having given it, you learn history of a difficult life of the hermit and receive the artifact giving +6 to intelligence for operation.
Are nude legs, but about the woods nevertheless don’t forget. Though the monsters who are found in them are also ready to exhaust your troops, but near these monsters very much even quite good artifacts often come across.
And after you will approach gate of the last basis is nude, you learn a lot of bad about yourself from Illidan who right after conversation will abandon you, having rushed in vaults. And you should destroy it is nude…
Job for mission
Destroy it is nude, protecting Sargeras’s vault.
And what to do? It is necessary to pass somehow for Illidan. I will kill all, one I will remain…

Chapter 3. The Tomb of Sargeras

Illidan’s searches on islands bring Mayev to Sargeras’s tomb. And there try to find something and Guil-Dan’s orks.
Job for mission
1. To find Illidan.
2. Mayev shall survive.
Very fresh job. But others aren’t foreseen yet. In a campaign on a maze yours “bewitched friends” also lizarda will be generally nude (after all much there water), but generally the zoo differs in big variety here. The main thing governed – all doors carry to the deadlock. Also it is necessary to look around. If the wall behind which it stands a manna fleece is visible, – means, there it is NECESSARY to teleport Mayev. Means, there something is. Well and to break all stone fences.
Additional job No. 1
To destroy stone barriers.
Receive this building after corrupting of the first barrier. What for? And behind them, as captives, pines on several fighters of night elves. Which with pleasure will join you. Well same it is only good, the truth?
Additional job No. 2
To collect all fragments of the Full-sphere of Shadows.
When in age-old times the Rumble Dana was cut on small-sized pieces, the Full-sphere of Shadows, the strongest artifact, it was split into 10 parts. If to gather them everything, then you receive the thing capable to increase the loss caused by the hero on 10, to increase its armor on 3 and to accelerate process of restoration of the life lost in fights. Though in partially collected status it isn’t bad at all. All parts of an artifact are hidden in the taynichkakh in which can make the way (to proprygat) only Mayev. So climb it in any location which you will be able only to meet on a card.
Eventually you will come to a room in which Illidan already became Oka Sargeras’s owner. Result – Mayev loses all army and is stimulated to escape to broadcast this sad news.
Job for mission
1. To bring Mayev out of a vault.
2. Mayev shall survive.
You have only three and a half minutes on everything. And on the way crowds of the opponent often meet. Of course, ability of teleportation very much helps, but… You watch a screenshot. Here it is possible to spring through a wall and to cut off huge distance which it should run on water. So you will be in time absolutely precisely. Just run to an output, springing through opponents.

Chapter 4. Wrath of Betrayer

Night elves are crushed by Illidan who took control of Sargeras’s Eye and got support is nude. Now all thoughts of the former persecutors – about that, as if to leave these inhospitable islands.
Job for mission
1. To find transport of night elves.
2. The messenger shall survive.
3. The basis of night elves shall escape.
You need to send the messenger to the continent to report about so terrible defeat from Illidan. The command carrying the messenger is small by the size and is absolutely autonomous from basis. Moreover, the basis is necessary only you had money for acquisition of the ships (if to destroy them) and to make all enhancements. Well and in order that to protect its (basis). Because some absolutely uncivilized guests who set a goal this basis to destroy permanently climb on it.
Additional job
To destroy 4 it is nude – diggers.
Are nude felt on islands complete masters and began to rummage in ruins. With the purpose to dig out valuable artifacts. For certain wanted to become rich on it. But… We won’t allow these to “black archeologists” to profit at the expense of the treasures which weren’t belonging to them never! Business this simple – it is necessary to kill the digger and his security guard only. Though I pound not much from execution of this job.
Job for mission
1. To remove the transport ship with the messenger in the sea.
2. The messenger shall survive.
3. The basis of night elves shall escape.
There is a wish to tell “and remained only…”. Actually, there was very much even much everything – to carry out the ships on the channel, destroying on the way hardened points it is nude. These points partition off the channel, without allowing to float on it. Everything is very simple – saw the land, landed, destroyed everything ashore, destroyed gate, booted on the ships and floated further. The messenger should be sent.

Chapter 5. Balancing the Scales

Tiranda and Malfurion decide that affairs are too serious to neglect them. Also send the help to islands. And Mayev hangs on by the skin of teeth waiting for the help…
Job for mission


1. To break to basis Mayev.
2. Malfurion and Tiranda shall survive.
Two heroes with small army try to break to basis Mayev. Feature of mission is that you can’t extract gold yet. That is the main gold mining – through murder of neutral beings by Malfurion and Tiranda. And selection of gold coins by them. These money will hardly be enough for defense. On the way to them only monsters who for two heroes of the 10th level – just dust meet. And only already on approaches to your basis the small basis will meet it is nude on which they should sweat. At the high level of complexity it is quite real to leave all the army there (except for heroes).
Defense of basis is that Mayev runs between places of arrival of the opponent, beating off attacks. And other troops join in fight only when affairs absolutely are bad. You shouldn’t let matters drift – troops will be instantly lost, and you won’t create heroes, new before approach.
Additional job
1. To find the first ship.
2. To find the second ship.
3. To find the third ship.
It isn’t difficult to find these ships at all as they are highlit on a card. And it is necessary to find them – in them with comfort reinforcements settled down.
After arrival of heroes on basis the possibility of gold mining appears – on the former basis it is nude. Especially as the majority of your “buildings” will independently move there.
Job for mission
To destroy Illidan’s basis.
Golems, druids, hunters and catapults – here composition of HUGE army which shall go to storm of basis of Illidan. Well and, certainly, about heroes don’t forget. Difficulties aren’t expected. Especially considering Malfurion’s possibilities on wholesale preparation “буратин” and mass shocks of Tiranda.

Chapter 6. Shards of the Alliance

Having lost battle, night elves left islands, having come in Lorderon. There was also their meeting with the prince of elves of blood Kael’tas. Revival of Alliance approaches?
Job for mission
1. To carry out a caravan to the river.
2. There shall be at least 2 vehicles.
3. Mayev, Tiranda and Kael’tas shall survive.
Mayev have a fine special ability – the Avatar call. The avatar from the dead makes 6 fighters who are remarkable the fact that nobody sees them. Here send them forward, let destroy buildings and necromancers. While they are engaged in it, your troops expect at the end of a column to indulge which wishes to destroy a caravan. From this you indulge the new fighters going are made to pull down the fact that ahead. And it is so constant. Sometimes we come forward (when there it is almost empty) and we move ahead a little. Very much we protect druids and golems. The first treat, and the second will stand in final fight.
Additional job
To find hiding places with gold.
There are 3 small-sized bases of the opponent which in case of elimination leave behind a little bit gold. Why gold is necessary? So on the way several dealers from whom it is possible to buy artifacts meet and it is fighting.
In the direction of travel there are 2 villages in which your caravans will repair and will give a small reinforcement. Only don’t hope to sit out in them – all the same will attack.
As soon as the caravan crawls to the last (third) village, the crowd will run out from there you indulge, wishing to destroy your caravan. If you saved golems, then leave them where they will get up. They will remarkably constrain the opponent there. Be at war only one heroes. Finish to indulge, and you will need only to translate a caravan through the bridge.
And to indulge doesn’t wish to stop. And Tiranda sacrifices himself, destroying the bridge…

Chapter 7. The Ruins of Dalaran

During the conversation with spirits of the nature Malfurion managed to see what horrors are created by the revived Sargeras’s Eye. And in Dalaran’s ruins it brings the received knowledge to Mayev.
Job for mission
1. To destroy Prizyvatelya before there is time.
2. Use magic to destroy Prizyvatelya.
Time for everything hasn’t enough – 30 minutes. Too it isn’t enough money and if to go to deaf defense, then won’t be any more. Therefore the first that needs to be made – to take all mobile troops and to undertake execution of the additional job.
Additional job
Release the Paladin.
The paladin of the 10th level who is at war for you – it is very good. The place of its inference to you will be highlit right after you receive the additional job. If not to be greedy and take directly all mobile troops (trees for those I don’t read), then you will reach the paladin soon. The protection at it not the really strong, and a large number of troops easily will deal with it. The main thing here – not to give in to greed and not to begin to take away all artifacts from neutral monsters. Helped out the paladin – and back. Now we have a remarkable doctor.
After the paladin there comes the turn of basis of the opponent in a southwest angle. The basis is small, but if to disregard it, then natives from there permanently will disturb you, distracting from more important issues. The army is more – and let from basis there will be no pebble left even. On the second basis (in a southeast angle) it is possible not to pay special attention. It is a problem of allies. All the same they have nothing to be engaged.
The turn Prizyvatelya came. It is the best of all to grind the upper corridor from the creatures protecting it (directly both corridors are inexpedient to clean) and through it to throw troops. The sense is that Mayev shall hang up “devil” on Prizyvatel then all magicians shall finish it magic. Destroyed one – receded on rearrangement. And so all four. The result – Illidan is intercepted.

Chapter 8. The Brothers Stormrage

Tiranda survived? But in order that to rescue it, it is necessary to destroy forces you indulge. Well, brothers Malfurion and Illidan again together, and they will cope with this task.
Job for mission
1. Use Illidan’s troops to destroy red basis you indulge.
2. Use Malfurion’s troops to protect basis of night elves.
About Malfurion’s basis it is possible to forget generally. On it it is only necessary to organize the dense defense. The matter is that in case of attacks from that side the elves defending bases build up buildings again. Outputs? Storm of bases of the opponent from the West – a useless waste of time and resources. Defense becomes simpler the fact that anybody has no flyers. Means, and (antiaircraft) you shouldn’t build the appropriate defense. Also don’t forget about Illidan’s basis. The fact that from it it is recommended to attack the opponent, doesn’t mean that the opponent won’t attack it.
Additional job
Destroy trolls and their leader.
And here with it it is possible to achieve something. The matter is that after extermination of trolls the passes allowing to approach the most southern of east bases of the opponent open. Trolls are killed easily and simply. At the same time near trolls there is a Life Fountain where it is possible to cure the covered with wounds fighters. Having destroyed small protective basis of the opponent, finish basis of red. On it campaign of Guards will end.
Campaign of Alliance. Curse of the Blood Elves

The alliance was multinational, including people, elves and gnomes earlier. But now, with arrival of elves of blood, elves have too big “share” among fighters of Alliance. And hostility between “fractions” everything amplifies. Everything goes to splitting…

Chapter 1. Misconceptions

Prince Kael’tas brings bad news to the marshal Garitos – again in local places appeared to indulge. However Garitos treats news scornfully and commands to the prince somehow to not life to deal with this…
Job for mission
To find and repair 3 observatories.
The job is received, a few troops are given, and the applied peasant already with delight on a face was engaged in repair of the first observatory. The first problem – repair of observatory manages in the terrible amount a tree. The second – where to take this tree? We solve problems in process of arrival.
The first pleasant news – at you is remarkable exorcists known as spell breakers. They have 2 abilities, the extremely useful in fight against magicians, – the interception of the useful spells (and a preponderating on the fighters) working in the autocasting mode, and capture of the hostile called creations. The first perfectly works against orks with their shamans, the second – against people and you indulge. The second pleasant news – to indulge, based on a card, the misfortune won’t dare on you until you build at least one building. An output – to last we manage the available troops and in every possible way we protect them. With it we are well helped by fiery shock of Kael’tas. Only don’t forget that to fiery shock all the same whom to affect. It will perfectly cover also your troops.
Additional job
To find 4 confidential warehouses.
Oh, here help. If you already managed to squander all wood received in the beginning. Warehouses will be designated on a card by points so to get lost in their searches it won’t turn out. All can be not taken, but… In the first warehouse – a little bit a tree + the “packed” lock. On the second – “packed” an altar of heroes and barracks. On the third (a southwest angle of a card) – several artifacts and the first prize in the form of a huge monster. The revival rune recovering it after unlimited loss is applied to a monster. Such fighter in your army won’t prevent at all. In the fourth warehouse – anything special, except the embittered protection. But in neighborhoods, порасшибав boxes and having killed locals, it is possible to find couple of “packed” towers. With a crossing you will be helped by unexpectedly kind are nude, having presented couple of ships.

After that clear away the road to the remained observatories. It is simple and passes almost without loss (if not to try to destroy surely all opponents). On basis you indulge you shouldn’t attack. It is better to build up the basis about the upper gold mine. There it is easier to protect it. Fifteen towers and a quantity of infantrymen at the moment will destroy landings you indulge. On repairmen during an operating time with observatory in a northwest angle nobody will even guess a misfortune. Repair of observatory on the central island consists in transfer of 4-5 peasants and one and a half tens fighters for their cover. If – indulge enough tree even won’t manage to sneeze. And if you methodically transfer the woods on the upper island to the desert, then you will have enough tree.

Chapter 2. A Dark Covenant

The repaired observatories found a congestion of huge forces you indulge in the West. Гаритос Kael’tasu commands to deal with this to not life, without thinking of huge complexity of this task at all.
And everything began well – we have 5 bases, good opportunities for attack… on the continent forget about bases directly. They will be vividly appropriated by armies indulge. At once be engaged in construction of defensive works on the central island. Also don’t forget to construct several equestrians on birds dragons. Very much they well deal with the opponent’s dragons.
Job for mission
To destroy green basis you indulge.
Oh, here the help appeared in time – Lady Veysh, the head is nude, suggests to combine the efforts on fight with not life, explaining it with the fact that it is possible to win against such enemy only together. It is correct. We accept the help and we receive very mobile group capable to struggle with any opponent. Also consider – these fighters should be protected, they very much will be useful to you in case of storm of hostile bases.
Additional job
To capture the gold mine and to construct basis.
We connect 2-3 equestrians to the available legs and we send them with diversionary mission to any of bases of the opponent located opposite to yours (orange or violet). Any of them is captured very easily and, most likely, with very small losses. Right there boxes lie (on any next basis of the opponent) in which it is possible to find the “packed” lock. You transport peasants and priests (for treatment of the survived saboteurs), and there will be to you a gold. Defensive works can be not built – the opponent isn’t even going to select back the bases.
Without forgetting about defense, capture the second small-sized basis and destroy big bases orange and violet. And in case of the active defense (interception of hostile dirigibles) it is possible to destroy part of “visitors” absolutely with impunity. With green it will be more difficult – very much they at themselves constructed the strong defense. But also this problem is quite solved. If to launch couple of tens equestrians and to attack in coordination them hostile “center”, they won’t have money for building and sending to you troops soon. And the same equestrians with their fog (which isn’t allowing to shoot to buildings) to finish the opponent – as easy as shelling pears. After that some especially nasty animals aren’t built. And only it it is also necessary to us.
Well, here it is also clarified that elves of blood suffer without magic. Lady Veysh suggests elves to find to herself the powerful patron. And who else can make it, except the demon? Kael’tas refuses. But… If it is correct to people, then Garitos doesn’t trust it at all…

Chapter 3. The Dungeons of Dalaran

You indulge “gratitude” for destruction – a settlement of heroes in a dungeon. Elves of blood wait for the death. But… Are nude, the blood which were already helping elves, help once again. Also expect that elves of blood will help then Illidan.
Job for mission
1. To release lieutenants of elves of blood.
2. Kael’tas and Lady Veysh shall survive.
Lieutenants are designated on a card and, right after opening of dungeons, turn into new fighters for your army, joining that its ranks. At once return back a little and get out several assistants of tenacious pads of spiders. After that just move on a card, engaging only completely cured. Also try not to lose fighters.
One more originality of this mission – existence of places (in water) where can creep only is nude. And on what to us it is necessary the hero – is nude?
Additional job
To destroy illusive archimagi.
Archimagi exactly 4. They live behind the Iron Gate which doesn’t open by means of a stupid slotting in them. Only use of conjugate “signs”. On each sign (one color) becomes on the hero then the Gate disappears. The slip will be only with the last magician. To one of signs it is possible to get only through a peshcherka (you watch a screenshot). The second icon is generally available. After that magicians are destroyed. Fallen out of them it is better for one hero to collect. The combined artifact which in completely collected status increases by the 3rd dexterity, intelligence and force turns out, and also accelerates regeneration of a manna at the hero wearing it and at the next to it beings.
One more interesting place – the hall in the north of the level where after solving of a riddle to you access to confidential level will open. The correct answer to a riddle – the upper button, lower, average.
Job for mission
1. To destroy Dzheylor Kassana and to his guard.
2. Kael’tas and Lady Veysh shall survive.
Any sophistications – just you press the enemy all cash troops. Once its troops will end.

Secret mission. The Crossing

To stop the opponent before he destroys a portal. Means for all this 2 – towers which are built by peasants, and heroes. Money permanently arrives from the peasants transversing in a portal. It is necessary to constrain 30 waves of the opponent. Strangely enough, but magic towers are more effective, than artillery. As get always and can shoot at the flying enemies (whom will be much). There will be also later fiery towers allowing with a high speed (and it is rather strong) to shoot at any opponent. Therefore artillery towers will be necessary only at the beginning in not really large number. Towers need to try to be located on the route uniformly. Then the opponent will be surprised throughout the route. Nobody attacks your peasants so be not afraid for them. Just build as much as possible towers, helping builders heroes. At late stages try to construct as much as possible fiery towers, and the victory will be for you.

Chapter 4. The Search for Illidan

In search of Illidan heroes get to Autland. It is monastery you indulge which comes from the gate constructed very long time ago still Ner-Zuly here. And meanwhile Mayev achieved the objective, having captured Illidan. And now it should be got out of this captivity.
Job for mission
1. Use your heroes for interception of the vehicle with Illidan’s body.
2. Take the vehicle to the basis.
3. The vehicle shan’t get on basis of night elves.
Mission is difficult, but quite feasible. At once be enough the heroes and you drive them behind the vehicle. It is important to intercept it as soon as possible. Then it is only necessary to defend it from the opponent, gradually receding. The important point – near your basis is the seller of neutral monsters. Buy them and use as a barrier. At this moment they will be just extremely necessary. Try not to allow interception of the vehicle by the opponent. The second time you can already and not beat off it.
Bubbles with a manna in local little shops will be still very useful. Using them, heroes will be able to apply more often the spells (many a manna on those it is required). Especially as excesses Mayev are well stopped by means of its pull-in in a tornado (from Lady Veysh).

Chapter 5. Gates of the Abyss

Well, Illidan can’t cure elves of blood of their thirst of magic. But it can give them this magic without which they so suffer. Besides, it opens the aspirations. Many years ago, after defeat of demons at the mountain Hidzhal, to Illidan came the demon Kel’dzhaden and suggested to help each other. From Illidan it was required to destroy only the Ice Throne hindering the demon. Illidan understands that the demon will become very strong after that, but as the real idealist, reads that can save this world from all demons combined.
And one more secret. Many years ago the spiteful demon Magteridon subordinated orks and carried out by means of Ner-Zul to Autland’s world several gate. And now through this gate servants of the demon move to our world. Who, naturally, should be stopped.
Job for mission
1. To destroy 4 spatial gate.
2. Illidan shall hold on 3 minutes on a circle of a gate.
Point first – enemies begin to climb from a gate only when Illidan costs on a circle. Therefore we lead out all your fighters far away, leaving Illidan in loneliness (so far it practises shamanism, the outside world isn’t interesting to it at all). As soon as Illidan perishes, all demons will go back to a gate. Now it is possible to be engaged in defense. Especially fully it is necessary to strengthen east edge of camp. From there dragons will fly permanently and to come especially spiteful orks. 3-4 layers of towers there won’t prevent at all. And both shooting, and artillery towers are necessary. Last well will approach when you lower dragons on the earth by means of a grid from it is nude (to research it surely). And here if to direct one fighter to the south, then you receive the additional job.
Additional job
To destroy the village of orange orks.
It appears, drene (such orks mutants) are at enmity with ordinary orks long ago and now are ready to help you if you relieve them of the opponent. It is necessary to relieve even for several reasons. First, drene will become after that allies and will attack green orks (then green will forget about you and will fight only with the sworn enemies). Secondly, in the territory of orange there is a gold. Thirdly, because they are poorly protected. And rare visits orange to your basis absolutely will stop.
Before attack it is worth dragging the troops which collected at the opponent to the village of a drenea (all the same there will go). And only after that to carry massive attack for destruction of buildings. Main goal, as usual, city center. The first one-two waves will be lost almost completely, but then the opponent will weaken, and it will be possible to finish him.

Now it is possible to be accepted also to a gate. A gate is destroyed by only extremely massive defense – from ten towers at the first gate (there they can be delivered at the gate, and they will cause the maximum damage) to one and a half-two tens towers at all remaining. Well and plus attending from a maximum of the available equestrians who hung over the gate.
And the location of a gate (a remaining gate – in northwest, northeast and southeast angles of a card) still should be cleared of the demons occupying it. But a pleasant surprise will always be several boxes about a gate in which very good artifacts are hidden.
And after destruction of a gate there will be a fight with the demon Magteridon.

Chapter 6. Lord of Outland

There came hour of final fight though Magteridon sacredly believes that it is absolutely impregnable. He is governor Autlanda! But days it are read – drene led by Akama (one more hero), race of invisible orks also joined our fighters…
Job for mission
1. To destroy the Master of Pain.
2. To destroy the Sovereign Uvechy.
Feature of mission is that won’t allow to build buildings to you. Instead – two already existing “pseudo-bases” on which it is possible to make it is nude also elves and to revive heroes. Akama revives independently, but only when you have a terrestrial Altar of Heroes. Troops only for money are built, and money can be received, having appropriated ownerlessly rolling coins.
Strategy for the beginning of game: to lead out all drene to people and to add some more fighters to human group. They should constrain continuous attacks of orks. Are nude add to the number several turtles and murmidon and go on a water smooth surface forward, destroying all counter monsters and the ships. The main thing – not to lose the Royal Security guard is nude under the name. It is impossible to make them, and they not only are very fat, but also can make sea elementaly.
Additional job No. 1
To destroy force generators.
Destruction of generators involves destruction of tools of the orks protecting inputs to villages. To several already from the very beginning of mission Akama can penetrate easily. And it will destroy them without special problems.
Having reached the first basis of orks, are nude will have an opportunity to use the Life Fountain. You are treated and attack basis. In case of attack of basis (the first attack as for one attack you won’t manage to destroy basis of orks most likely) pay attention to the committing excesses opponent’s the hero. The tornado will quickly relieve it of boorish manners and will be the adequate response to “a curl of edges”. On basis first of all it is worth destroying the constructions making soldiers because soldiers will climb from them even in the absence of city center. Near basis – the long tunnel with books and gold.
The bridge will be slightly higher, having transferred through which, armies of people and is nude can integrate. It is only necessary to step on buttons on both sides of the bridge (on the one hand are nude, with another – Akama). Small hint: the second group of the blowing-up barrels carries to the rune launching very rather big monster, having covered with whom it is possible to storm hostile line items impudently. It is only necessary to do it right there, and that the monster isn’t going to live forever.
After that we pass with legs through the bridge and we arrange joint attack of basis green from two sides. If the first attack are nude, then, perhaps, it will be possible to switch off the hostile hero by means of a tornado. Between the crushed basis of orks and basis of people there are neutral monsters protecting couple of cells with ground in them drene.
Additional job No. 2
To destroy security guards of Destroyers.
Slightly to the north of the crushed basis of orks you are expected by several neutral monsters protecting 4 very much even good guns. Naturally, we take.
Further the remained 2 bases of orks protecting hostile masters and masters are destroyed. They represent nothing superunusual. Then the last gate opens.
Job for mission
To destroy Magteridon.
It is necessary to destroy the last generator then just to pull hard in every way on Magteridon. Everything, campaign is finished.
Kel’dzhaden is angered – it wasn’t succeeded to destroy the Ice Throne. But Illidan is inspired with progress and reads that to him and mountains on a shoulder. Also gets one more chance. Especially as elves of blood are also nude still with it…

Campaign you indulge. Legacy of the Damned

Chapter 1. King Arthas

Job for mission
1. To destroy 9 villages.
2. Not to allow to run away to more than 20 peasants.
Very fascinating mission. You have three heroes, each of which sits in the corner on the HUGE heap of resources (it isn’t even necessary to get) and protects a portal. It is impossible to build anything (it is only possible to make troops) therefore the number of troops on each basis is restricted (about 40 units). But identical on each basis – only the zombie. Artas builds butchers, Kel-Tuzad builds necromancers, and Silvanas – bansh. One more feature is that the territory is divided into thirds, and each of heroes shall destroy 3 villages. And only after that all together can meet about the paladins who settled down at center. Well and these paladins terribly like to come when you destroy the village.
For Artas everything is the simplest. 2 butchers and 3 zombies in defense (nobody will pass), a lot of butchers in attack. We cope quickly and easily. Silvanas goes on the second place on simplicity. There is a cunning. After a while the escort which joins healthy a muzhichina about 1000 lives begins to accompany with peasants. We intercept it and we sign on defense of our post. After a set of three such more nobody will pass through a post. In attack everything is simple – by means of a bansha we intercept all who are pleasant to us. That is paladins, cavalry and doctors. Also we exhaust the enemy by his own forces. By the way, at the expense of it Silvanas single who will be able to exceed a limit of the population. With Kel-Tuzad everything is the most difficult. Defense at it – several necromancers and the zombie. The zombie here – feed for necromancers (and from them they make skeletons). And each pass of peasants needs to be controlled manually. Otherwise peasants pass there as though there is no defense generally. Attack of villages at it similar. Only it is necessary to deliver zomby on continuous production and to direct them to assembly point. Kel-Tuzad takes mass character. And last – on each basis at the beginning of game there is couple of shadows. If at once to expose them at the next intersections as intelligence agents, then it will be possible to learn about approximation of the next batch of peasants in advance.
Job for mission
To destroy 3 altars of paladins.
And what here to tell? All gathered and we destroy the opponent.

Chapter 2. The Flight from Lordaeron

In the ranks of Artas’s army traitors. Silvanas didn’t forget to him all done harm. And with pleasure I helped three dredlorda wishing to win against the newly appeared king you indulge. But with Artas there was Kel-Tuzad. Whether it will manage to it to win?
Job for mission
1. To carry out Artos to an output from the city.
2. Artos shall survive.
Troops of a hilovata, and there is no place to replenish them especially (only to release the groups of the located by places in the city). Therefore we protect trupovozk and necromancers – they are destroyed very easily, and without them it will be extremely heavy. By the way, at first труповозок isn’t present.
Additional job
1. To destroy security guards of weapon.
2. To release trupovozk.
And there will be trupovozk only when you reach the middle of the western part of a card. There, having killed protection, you receive these remarkable machines.
For the rest a card – just very tangled maze in which the opponent terribly likes to approach behind. If not to be fond of researches (all the same on a card of too little good), then it is possible to pass a card very quickly.

Chapter 3. The Dark Lady

Dredlorda are prostrate. But there was still Silvanas which is eager to sweep. And, apparently, she is supported by the king lichy… She suffers from the fact that she became not life. But already nothing can be changed.
Job for mission
To destroy red basis you indulge.
“Guests” walk not really often therefore it is possible to play quite freely. And here one small cunning is connected to additional missions.
Additional job No. 1
To subordinate Blektorn, the lord of bandits.
Additional job No. 2
To subordinate Mug-Tol, the lord of ogr.
Both additional jobs are scary similar at each other. It isn’t necessary to be at war with ogra and bandits. Just transverse Silvanas to the lord and use charm on the lord. Having subordinated the lord, you absolutely gratuitously receive all its army under the command. Well and mine gold at the lord behind the back – essential addition for your finance. It is necessary only to gather all huge crowd from your troops and to deal with Varimatras.
And Varimatras трусоват. Directly Silvanas ran across on the side, assuring that he knows plans of the brothers and will manage to help in every possible way. Perhaps will also not betray…

Chapter 4. The Return to Northrend

Artos hurries to the Ice Throne. But its ways are followed by elves of blood. Whether Illidan sent them?
Job for mission
To destroy the island fortress of elves of blood.
For a start it is worth forgetting about elves. Elves are a near future for now it is necessary to provide the present. It expresses that it is necessary to pass along the small river across the coast, destroying the meeting monsters. And money save up for fleet. And as you will reach the termination of the small river – you will meet a bad penguin who wears a very good artifact in the body. And accumulated money – it is possible to begin the attacking actions. For this purpose it is necessary to buy the linear ships on shipyard and to begin firing of coastal constructions. On the quiet

the landing to the opponent’s line items is thrown out (naturally, these line items shall thin strongly). And having dealt with elves, it is possible to be justified on their former residence. Having built up basis, float down the river, destroying on the way of basis it is nude also people (and let don’t hinder).
Additional job
To destroy Sapfiron’s dragon.
Dragon – very valuable companion. Its dwelling is in the north, on a river bend. Already the fact that it has 2750 points of life commands respect to any. And it also beats very mighty well. It is destroyed by large numbers of spiders in the union with obsidianovy statues and heroes. Many efforts will pour out in a big surprise for you – the dragon after death will revive under your command. Plus a lot of treasures which are stored in a dragon cave.

Job for mission
To destroy security guards of a portal.
And after you had a dragon, it becomes absolutely simple to solve the last problem. Having connected group of spiders to a dragon, attack defenders of a portal, and from them there will be no wet place left even. It is necessary only to spend heroes to a portal and to finish mission.

Chapter 5. Dreadlord’s Fall

And meanwhile Silvanas by forces you indulge destroys dredlord. So far Varimatras on its side, but whether it will change the attitude towards him when remaining dredlorda are destroyed?
Job for mission
To destroy the sleeping opponents.
Night – and to troops Silvanas was succeeded to open gate quietly. The opponent didn’t wake up, and you have 8 minutes on quietly to beat sleeping. However, when sleeping begin to be beaten, they for some reason wake up. But it is not really big problem. Not all wake up. By the way, towers everything are disconnected at this time. It is possible them on the quiet and to deliver.
If to destroy everything-everything, then to destroy only 2 bases (from will turn out 4). Therefore it is desirable to approach process strategically. You need to destroy only city centers and peasants. It is possible still some making constructions. Result – the opponent should be restricted only to those troops that were at it at the beginning of mission. Moreover in such a way it is possible to process all bases of the opponent. And it is always far simpler to finish the enemy, than to try to destroy the strong, well built up bases.
Job for mission
1. To destroy Deterok’s basis.
2. To destroy Garitos’s basis.
Everything, time expired? Build army and begin sweep of survivors in this “Massacre of St. Bartholomew”. On it already a lot of time won’t be required.

Chapter 6. A New Power in Lordaeron

What only doesn’t happen in life! Now to acquire I entered into alliance with people. Silvanas and Garitos on one side for the sake of Balnazzar’s extermination…
Job for mission
To destroy violet basis of Balnazzar.
Now Garitos on our side (generally in game transition on the one hand the conflict on another – absolutely normal and normal business). And one of our bases – human. Important here what at you indulge on the way to the mission purpose – 2 bases of the opponent, and at people – one. But people have no heavy assault equipment (tanks, mortars). It is possible to find them, having executed the additional purpose of mission.
Additional job
To find the lost gnomes.
To release the charmed gnomes not really difficult. It is only necessary to send to the north from human basis group which, destroying the locals showing complaint, will break to gnomes. After that at you construction of all assault weapon will become possible, and it will be possible to begin attack to Balnazzar.
Cunning in this mission. If to go west from human basis, then it will be possible to find poorly protected lodge. In it two artifacts in the amount giving gain of force, dexterity and intelligence of heroes on 8 are hidden. Surely take away them. Will be useful.

Chapter seven-one. Into a Shadow Web Caverns

Meanwhile Artas and Anub’arak aim to capture the Ice Throne. Now some gnomes try to follow their ways. But whether there are a lot of them in Nortrenda?
Job for mission
1. To find an input to the Old kingdom.
2. To kill Baelgun.
3. To find a key from an input to the Old kingdom.
4. Artos and Anub’arak shall survive.
Prost the next maze which needs to be passed from beginning to end. For simplicity of passing of part of the job are combined. That is the destroyed monster is near an input to the Old kingdom, he is the owner of a key. So cunnings with search and destruction won’t be. Everything is extremely simple.
Anub’arak who adores making spiders from the opponent’s corpses is very useful. And spiders don’t wish to die of time, waiting until they are destroyed by the opponent. Note – this ability is perfectly combined with existence of a trupovozka. Besides this companion possesses the armor of huge thickness. Plus the combination of Artas in itself with Anub’arak is remarkable. The first can treat the workmate. Itself will be treated at the expense of the workmate’s spiders. And Anub’arak will create spiders how many it is necessary. If only there was enough manna.
Additional job
To collect 5 coins.
It is simple to collect 5 coins. Coins usually hide in boxes so break everything that will meet on the way. And stored money will turn into the following mission.

Chapter seven-two. The Forgotten Ones

Job for mission
1. To find a way out of the Old kingdom.
2. Artos and Anub’arak shall survive.
Normal vault with an output right at the end. In total as in the previous mission.
Additional job
To find and destroy spidery tools.
The job is solved already at the very beginning of mission. If not to destroy these tools constructed by rebellious spiders, then they will gun at you all road to movement time on the tunnel. Therefore near with batteries there is couple of breakers. Having pulled them, we start up water to spiders. To bathe happily. Tools sink instantly, and pass becomes free.
Additional job
To collect 5 treasures.
And again – if you want to think of the future, then it is necessary to collect coins, rasshiby for the sake of it chests.
Job for mission
1. To destroy Forgotten.
2. Artos and Anub’arak shall survive.
Oh, and this very spiteful being. It is worth watching over health of Artas attentively. Otherwise he risks to fall its first victim. The second won’t be any more – game at once stops in connection with your defeat. Heroes beat a being, and spiders destroy a feeler. Plus the being periodically arranges “cauterizations”, like the hero of elves of blood. But as it is possible to learn about it because of the “cauterization” of a circle which is outlined in the place in advance, will be to bring the fighters out of a defeat zone enough.

Chapter seven-three. Ascent to the Upper Kingdom

Artos and Anub’arak are partitioned by a collapse, but they by all means will unite…
Job for mission
1. To leave a vault before the timer ends.
2. Artos shall survive.
One more maze. Only this time Artas absolutely one. At first it is necessary to pass traps (and to disconnect them, having pressed the hidden button). Of course, in it monsters will hinder, but if you disconnect traps, then you won’t be beaten at the same time by both magic, and locals. There it is impossible to stand still, don’t disconnect a trap yet. But it is necessary to kill all.
Later there will be a location with the falling plates in which it is necessary to reach the opposite coast. Everything depends on your good luck because plates move in absolutely accidental mode, stopping at three levels and to foretell where the plate will stop at present, it is impossible. And it is possible to transfer to an adjacent plate, only when it flush with yours. But, if you had one and a half minutes after passing of this hindrance, – you single-digit benefited that. As it is necessary only to connect to Anub’arak further and to reach an output.
Additional job
To collect 3 coins.
Well, and there are coins. But to bring together them it will turn out only at the most greedy. I will hint – 2 coins are in the beginning of mission, and 1 – after passing of the rising platforms.

Chapter 8. A Symphony of Frost and Flame

Already honor artos at the threshold of the Ice Throne. But right there is one more applicant – Illidan. Who will become the first who will benefit this Mortal Kombat?
Job for mission
1. To capture 4 obeliscs.
2. To stop capture of 4 obelisks by Illidan.
There begins Artas without basis. But already from the place of start the basis is visible it is nude. Take away troops and go to destroy it. Do everything quickly (though pay attention that losses weren’t ultraboundary), otherwise people will come soon. After that it is necessary to build up quickly the basis, and army to go on a footpath to the north – to the first obelisk. Having destroyed its protection, place on Artas’s obelisk. After disturbing waiting the obelisk will transfer under your command. Now return army to basis, and about an obelisk build defensive works.
Now it is necessary only to develop and become stronger. You already have one obelisk, and you won’t lose any more. And here people will also be nude you to disturb decently. And it is necessary to be secured against them. By elimination. For example, in the north there is a basis of elves of blood, and in the east – the second basis is nude. After their destruction there will be only mini-bases about the obelisks captured by Illidan. By the way, if you capture the builder is nude (by means of a bansha), then you can strongly facilitate the life. On a card water spaces are big, and abilities it is nude to move on water and the earth equally surely to you won’t prevent at all.

After elimination of the main threats it is necessary only to march measuredly on the remained obelisks – better clockwise. It is possible without hurrying, destroying all constructions accompanying obelisks, and it is possible, beforehand having destroyed Illidan, to capture obelisks one fast breakthrough while Illidan revives. There now also the main campaign ended.

Additional campaign. The Founding of Durotar

After fight at the mountain Hidzhal Trall decided to give up any intrigues and took away the Horde submitting to itself far away from people, night elves and residuals you indulge. There it also founded the settlement, having modestly called it in honor of the father – Durotar.

Chapter 1. To Tame a Land

Job for mission No. 1
To carry Mogrin Trallu’s message.
At campaign it is several features. The first – heroes in campaign have very many skills (even on 4 gradation of skills of the first three). What allows them to receive more strong skills, than in usual conditions. The second – heroes revive after loss at the closest stone of revival (they should be activated). The third – money can’t be dug out, but the active trade will always help you to be with the best artifacts. And for cargo monsters business will be (is such which just carry 6 artifacts and anything else isn’t done). The fourth – population of killed monsters is recovered after a while (and how differently to earn experience levels?). The fifth – a card huge, but everything on it all the same didn’t go in. Therefore it is necessary to walk also on adjacent mini-cards (and you as wanted?). The sixth… and unless won’t be enough yet? Still you will see many features.
To bear the message very nearby so legs in hands and, moving apart crowds of monsters, we come to the city of orks. It is possible monsters and not to move apart. It is possible just to destroy. But it is already details. By the way, Rekssar’s bear, in usual conditions a creature temporal, is exclusively constant now and dies only of hands of monsters.
Job for mission No. 2
1. To help Gazlov.
2. To help Drek’Tar.
3. To help Nazggrel.
4. To return to Trall.
The trawl accepts the message, drops several words in memory of the dead and at once takes occasion by the forelock. That is straight off issues us several jobs. Also it will be very happy if to execute them. Jobs need to be received at the companions giving them. And in order that tasks were performed easier, will supply you with the hero doctor. Very valuable acquisition.
Job for mission No. 3
1. To find 6 roots of herbs shimmerwead.
2. To return to Drek’Tar.
3. To help Nazggrel.
Now each of the companions specified by Trall will give out to you according to the job (having specified at the same time the place where it needs to be executed). Start.
It is better to begin with this mission. At least because during traveling you will be able to find the village about the western edge of a card. And in this village in a cell the shaman will sit. Your guys are already very large, and with bloodthirstiness!. On a new card you should find 6 backs. Look for, in passing exterminating lizard. Nutlets can be seen, having only approached them closely.
Job for mission No. 4
1. To enter tunnels of goblins about Orgrimmar.
2. To destroy support of tunnels.
3. To return to Gazlov.
Having made the way through packs of centaurs and other similar muck, you will get to a vault where bad goblins placed the reference beams which aren’t allowing to flow normally to water. Your task – only to destroy the troops of the opponent protecting these beams. And beams (in number of 3 pieces) will be demolished by the demolition men who are already expecting you in a vault. By the way, it isn’t forbidden to drag all pack of demolition men with himself and to throw them as the kamikaze new come to crowds of the opponent – to the place of the dead to an input in a cave. Having destroyed all beams, it is necessary only to hand over the job to the administration. It will praise.
Job for mission No. 5
1. To kill the Bloody pen.
2. To return to Nazggrel.
3. To come into a smithy behind an award.
The most difficult – to find an input to the harpies who placed the headquarters at card center. Painfully this input is well disguised. But in it the most interesting, and I won’t encourage you – look for. But then there is only a way on anywhere not displacing footpath to the principal harpy. A battle with harpies is usually conducted the doctor and a shooting pylon of Rekssar (don’t forget to call). And having already returned on basis, receive a gift – in a smithy there were 3 kvestovy things from which it is possible to select only one. Select attentively – more such freebie won’t be.
Additional job No. 1
1. To destroy shaman turncoats.
2. To take away the lost relic.
3. To return a relic to the Morgue.
In the course of travelings on a card it is possible to find additional jobs. And though they can and be not executed, but if to execute them, everything for you will only be better. The unfortunate shaman who lost the relic lives slightly to the south of the residence of harpies (on the way to the observation post). It will show the place of residence of mean robbers. You will need only to reach there and to punish them. Having selected a relic, bring it to the shaman.
Additional job No. 2
1. To find a flask of thunderous water.
2. To find a thunderous bulb.
3. To find thunderous eggs of a phoenix.
4. To return to Chen.
Than earlier you perform this task, for you it will be better for those. First, on performance of this job you receive in group of one more hero. Secondly, during the job you will get to the country of phoenixes. And so, phoenixes grow in level together with you. And if phoenixes of the first levels are rather harmless, then then these creatures become extremely harmful, and it will be difficult to travel there.
You receive the job to the North from the residence of harpies from a bear panda. He will suggest you to bring eggs of phoenixes, some grass and thunderous water. Last it is bought in shop, don’t try to find it in some bushes (the shop is specified a panda). The grass is absolutely near the location of the first job, and phoenixes – a little to the north of a panda. Far it is necessary to stamp only behind thunderous water. But result – the third hero in group. Which though slightly also I didn’t poison the main character with “moonshine”, is able to be divided directly into three bears who with the trebled speed send local monsters to another world.
Job for mission No. 6
1. To talk to Gar-tokom on the observation post.
2. To pass in tunnels near a menagerie.
3. To find observatory.
4. To return to Trall.
The new job of Trall sends you to the east (possibly, at the same time you also will find the first additional mission). Kind Gar-tok will offer you the additional job (because just like that you won’t pass through the tunnel yet).
Additional job No. 3
1. To find a menagerie.
2. To destroy all boars.
So far the tunnel is filled up, and to clear away it packs of blocks hinder. Destroy these sharp-toothed creatures (it is possible also not all) and clear away the tunnel. Back from observatory it is possible to return and just on the ground. Blockages are cleared already away. We hand over Trallu’s jobs and Gar-toku.
Job for mission No. 7
1. To return on the observation post.
2. To track down people to their basis.
3. To destroy basis of people.
4. To return to Trall.
At first this mission sounds as just a campaign on the observation post. But there is still an additional mission. There also we descend.
Additional job No. 4
1. To find the reason of migration of lizard.
2. To destroy the intruded lizard.
3. To report on invasion of people of Trallu.
Something lizarda ran up… In the valley in which you executed the first mission you are already expected by the companion who will ask you to clarify the reason of concern of lizard. At once it is possible to go to card center – pass on the new territory appeared there. Here the concern reason – sawmill of people. And it is necessary to exhaust people. For now it is necessary to destroy all the enraged lizard (be guided on the counter in a card angle).
Additional job No. 5
To gather thunderous eggs of lizard.
Well and to deal with eggs of lizard (in number of 3 pieces it is necessary to collect), otherwise new lizardenysh will get out of them, and everything it will be bad. Eggs are distributed on a card enough uniformly (but all – in the old territory). So look for – and you will find. And you receive the book which can teleport you to the city from any point of the main card for a successful performance of the mission. Well!
If you come directly to a post – you will find out that it is crushed. Then on your way corpses of orks and people will meet. And then also living people will appear. We go to destroy their basis. What else there can be options?
Job for mission No. 8
1. To depart on the zeppelin on Islands of the Echo.
2. To meet with the Ox Gene.
Mission approaches completion – Trall sends you to disassemblings with people. We go to a dirigible and we fly on the island. There you will also be given the job.
Job for mission No. 9
1. To destroy the linear ships of people.
2. To return to the Ox Gene.
As the ships float by the seas, and orks of it aren’t able, the kind Ox Gene turns your fighters into birds and gives them the help. We destroy all 5 linear ships of people (and in passing and the cruiser, covering them, and other muck) then we return to the Ox Gene. The ships aren’t bad found on a sound (it for those who had “a problem of the last ship”).
Job for mission No. 10
1. To light signal beacons.
2. To return to Trall.
Here the Ox Gene also returned you former appearance. After that it will send you on the southern island where it is necessary to light signal beacons. Destroy the locals hindering to light fires, and light all 5 signal fires. Before the last fire there will be a companion even of the 12th level, remarkable what possesses an excellent hatchet. It is possible even after execution of all jobs in these parts to descend in ruins and to fight with the leader of skeletons. After it there is very remarkable crown.
Job for mission No. 11
1. To descend on negotiations with people.
2. To destroy an ambush of people.
But generally Trall became excessively peaceful. He still hopes to reconcile with people, sending you to negotiations. Trustful… People, naturally, will organize an ambush in a venue of negotiations, and instead of negotiations we should deal with this ambush.