Warcraft Universe – History Warcraft – Chapter I: Myths

Titans and Formation of the Universe
Nobody knows precisely as the Universe was created. Some consider that catastrophic space explosion sent the worlds to infinite rotation in open spaces of Great Darkness (Great Dark) — the worlds which would bring an unprecedented and huge variety of life forms of an unprecedented and awful variety once. Others believe that the Universe was entirely created by one all-powerful essence. And though the exact origin of the chaotic Universe remains a riddle, clearly one that there was a race of mighty beings who bore stability and an order to the different worlds and provided the safe future for those who would follow them.

Titans (Titans), enormous beings, gods with metal skin from distant open spaces of space, investigated the newborn Universe and turned to work in the worlds which they faced. They faceted the worlds, lifting powerful mountains and clearing away the extensive seas. They inhaled heaven and the storming atmospheres in all real. It was the part of their incomprehensible, far-sighted plan for creation of an order from chaos. They even allocated primitive races with an inclination to created by them and support of integrity of the worlds. Operated by the elite group known as the Pantheon (Pantheon), Titans brought an order on hundred million worlds disseminated in Great Darkness within the first centuries of their creation.

The merciful Pantheon which tried to secure these ordered worlds was vigilant to threat of attack from cruel otherworldly entities of the Bent Space (Twisted Nether). Space — radio measurement of chaotic magic which connected the uncountable worlds of the Universe there was a shelter infinite a number of harmful, demonic beings who looked for only ways of destruction of life and a consuming of energy of all live in the Universe. Incapable to get rid of the evil or perversity in any form, Titans very much tried to find a way to finish continuous threat of demons.


Sargeras and Treachery
Through some time, demons broke through to the worlds of Titans from the Bent Space, and the Pantheon chose the greatest soldier, Sargeras (Sargeras), to play a role of the first line of protection. The noble giant from cast bronze, Sargeras carried out the duties during the uncountable millennia, looking for and destroying these demons everywhere where could find them. For an era, Sargeras faced two powerful demonic races, both were mad about achievement of the power and domination over all Universe. Eredara (Eredar) — artful fight of devil wizards, the using dark knowledge for invasion and enslavement of the worlds. Local races of the worlds conquered by them were altered by evil force Eredarov and turned into demonic appearances. Though, almost unlimited forces of Sargeras was more than enough to inflict defeat vile Eredaram, he was very concerned by corruption of creations and their all-consuming evil.

Incapable of understanding of such depravity, the Titan began to come to a thoughtful depression. Despite its increasing awkwardness, Sargeras continued to relieve the Universe of sorcerers, enticing them into traps, in back streets of the Bent Space.

While its confusion and suffering went deep, Sargeras was forced to fight against other race, destroyers of an order of Titans: Natrezimami (Nathrezim). This dark race of the demons also known as Masters of Horror (DreadLords), the inhabited worlds which won a set, taking control of their primordial inhabitants and declining them to darkness. The mean, intriguing Masters of Horror directed the whole nations against each other, operating them in thoughtless hatred and mistrust. Sargeras won Natrezimov easily, but their harmful influence strongly influenced him.

As the doubt and despair got the best of Sargeras’s feelings, he lost all faith not only in the mission, but also and in plans of Titans on ordering of the Universe. Finally he arrived at idea that the concept of the order was mad and only the chaos and depravity were the only constant within the dark, lonely Universe. His companions Titans tried to convince Sargas of his mistake and to calm him storming emotions, but he regarded their more optimistic beliefs as mercenary delusion. Leaving their ranks forever, Sargeras moved off in searches of the own place in the Universe. Though the Pantheon was also grieved by its departure, Titans could never expect as far as their lost brother will fall.

Over time Sargeras’s madness absorbed the last remains of his brave spirit and he began to think that Titans were responsible for failures created by them. Having decided to turn, at last, into nothing their work in all Universe, he decided to create invincible army which would plunge the Universe into a flame.

Even appearance of Sargeras was distorted from that decomposition which poisoned his once noble heart. His eyes, hair, and a beard turned into a flame, his bronze skin broke up to open the infinite furnace burning with hatred.

In the rage, Sargeras destroyed dungeons Eredarov and Natrezimov and released disgusting demons. These cunning beings were inclined before rage of the Dark Titan and offered him the service, any malicious in the way on which they were capable. Eredarov, Sargeras chose two mightiest from ranks for command of destruction of demonic army. Kil’dzhaden Obmanshchik (Kil’jaeden the Deceiver) was chosen for searches of the most dark race in the Universe and to accept them in ranks of dark army. The second champion, Arkhimond Oskvernitel (Archimonde Defiler), was chosen to conduct huge armies of Sargeras in battle against those who will dare to resist desire of the Titan.

Enslavement of Lords of Horror by the awful power was the first step of Kil’dzhaden. Lords of Horror served as his personal all Universe agents, and they found pleasure in finding of primitive races for depravity and submission to the owner. Tikondrius Temneyshy (Tichondrius Darkener) was the first among Masters of Horror. Tikondrius served Kil’dzhaden as the perfect soldier and agreed to bring Sargeras’s flame in all dark corners of the Universe.

Powerful Arkhimond also authorized own agents. Having called harmful Masters of the Underworld (Pit Lords) and their cruel leader Mannorokh Razrushitel (Mannoroth Destructor), Arkhimond hoped to create fighting elite which would destroy all live.

As soon as Sargeras saw that his armies were filled and ready to execute each his team, he let out his furious forces in infinity of Great Darkness. It gave the name of the expanding Flaring Legion army (Burning Legion). Still remained it is unknown how much the worlds on all Universe they absorbed and incinerated during the Flaring Crusade.


Ancient Gods and Azerot’s Creation
Titans, without knowing about Sargeras’s plan to turn back their work, continued to move from the world to the world, forming and ordering planets as they considered expedient. During their advance they found the small world which after its inhabitants will be called Azeroty (Azeroth). After change of an initial form of the world, Titans faced a set hostile the elementalnykh of beings. These Elementali (Elementals), which worshipped race of the evil and incomprehensible beings known only as Ancient Gods who swore an oath to expel Titans and to preserve the peace an undisturbed touch of metal aggressors.

The pantheon stopped by tendency of Ancient Gods to the evil began war with Elementalyami and their dark owners. Armies of Ancient Gods conducted the most powerful Elementali: Рагнарос Master Ognya (Ragnaros Firelord), Terazana Mat Kamnya (Therazane Stonemother), Al’Akir Povelitel of the Wind (Al’Akir Windlord), and Neptulon Okhotnik of Inflow (Neptulon Tidehunter). Their chaotic forces stormed on a surface of the world and faced Titans. Though power Elementalya was outside understanding mortal, their integrated forces couldn’t stop powerful Titans. One by one, Masters of Elements fell, and their forces dissipated.

The pantheon destroyed citadels of Ancient Gods and held down five Gods far outside the world. Without support of storming spirit by strength of Ancient Gods tying them to the world, were sent to Elementali on deep plains where they fought with each other during all eternity. With leaving by Elementalya, the nature calmed down, and the world was given to peace harmony. Titans saw that threat left, and turned to work.

Titans allocated with force a set of races that those helped them to change the world. For the help in creation of bottomless caves underground, Titans created thunderous race from a magic, live stone. To help them with creation of the seas and raising of the earth from a sea bottom, Titans created huge, but obedient and quiet sea giants. Many centuries Titans moved and formed the earth, until then as, at last, there was one perfect continent. In the center of the continent, Titans created the lake of the sparkling energy. The lake which they called the Eternity Well had to be a source of life of this world. Its powerful energy cherished bones of the world and created life that in a consequence it took root to the rich soil of the earth. Through some time, plants, trees, monsters, and beings of different types began to prosper on the primordial continent. As twilight fell in final day of their work, Titans called the continent Kalimdor (Kalimdor) that meant “the earth of eternal star light”.

Board of Dragons
Satisfied with the fact that the small world is given to an order and that their work was made, Titans were going to leave Azerot. However, before they left, they allocated the greatest creations of the world with mission of supervision over Kalimdor that no force threatened perfect tranquility of the world. At that time, there were many Dragons (Dragonflights). And still there were five Dragons who surpassed the brothers. It were those five Dragons whom Titans chose to look after the promising world. The most great members of the Pantheon filled with part by the force each of leaders of Dragons. These Majestic Dragons (provided below) became known as Great Aspects, or Aspects of the Dragon.

Aman’tul (Aman’Thul), the Great Father Panteona, presented part of the space force to a huge bronze dragon, Nozdorm (Nozdormu). The great Father allocated Nozdorma with force to store time and to regulate eternally rotating ways of predefiniteness and destiny. Stoical, noble to Nozdorm it became known as Untimely (Timeless One).

The titan Eonar (Eonar), the Patroness of all live, I gave part of the strength to the Red Dragon, Alekstraza (Alexstrasza). Since then, Alekstraza would be known as Binding Lives (Life-Binder), and it protected everything the living beings within the world. Because of her highest wisdom and boundless compassion to all living beings, Alekstraza was crowned in the Queen Drakonov and dominated over the look.

Eonar also I blessed younger sister of Alekstraza, a flexible Green Dragon Isera (Ysera), part of a natural power. Isera plunged into an eternal trance, the Creation conducting to an eternal rest. Known as the Sleeping Beauty (Dreamer), she watched the growing world jungle from the green kingdom, the Emerald Dream.

Norganon (Norgannon), the keeper of knowledge and the magician master Titanov, provided to a blue dragon, Maligos (Malygos), part of the extensive knowledge. Since then, Maligos would be known as Spinning Knowledge (Spell-Weaver), the keeper of magic knowledge and hidden secrets.

Кхаз’горот (Khaz’goroth), the Titan the creator and the smith of the world, presented part of the power to a powerful Black Dragon, Neltariona (Neltharion). It is big the warm-hearted Neltarion famous as the Keeper of Earth (Earth-Warder) subsequently, it was allocated with the power over the earth and a subsoil of the world. It embodied force of the world and served Alekstraza as great support.

Thus, the allocated with special gifts, Five Aspects served as a defense of peace during absence of Titans. With dragons ready to protect created, Titans left Azeroth forever. Unfortunately, it was only the matter of time when Sargeras uznt about existence of the newborn world ….

Awakening of the World and Well of Eternity
For ten thousand years before orks and people faced in their First War, in Azerot’s world there was only one massive continent surrounded with the sea. This earth known as Kalimdor, was the house to a set of unequal races and beings, battling for a survival among wild elements of the wakening world. In the dark center of the continent there was a mysterious lake of the sparkling energy. The lake which called the Eternity Well later was true heart of world magic and natural powers. Scooping infinite energy from Great Darkness out of the world, the Well worked as a mystical source, sending powerful to energy worldwide to cherish life in all its unprecedented forms.

Over time, the primitive tribe of night humanoids carefully approached coast of the captivated lake. The wild, leading a nomadic life humanoids attracted with strange energiya of the Well built rough houses on its quiet coast. Through some time, force of the Well influenced the tribe, doing them strong, wise and almost immortal. The tribe named itself Kaldorei (Kaldorie) who meant “children of stars” in their native language. For celebrations of their promising society, they built big buildings and temples in vicinities of the lake.

Kaldore, or night elves as they were called later, worshipped the lunar goddess, Eluna (Elune), and believed that she slept in flickering depths of the Well during a day time. Early night priests and seers of elves studied the Well with greedy curiosity, with the purpose to learn its inexpressible secrets and force. In process of growth of their society, night elves investigated Kalimdor’s open spaces and faced other its inhabitants. The only beings who stopped them were ancient and powerful Dragons. Huge colubrine animals led a solitary life, but they made much for protection of the known lands from possible threats. Night elves learned that dragons considered themselves as defenders of the world — and agreed that it is better to leave alone Dragons and their secrets.

Curiosity of night elves led them to a meeting and rendering friendly support to them a set of powerful beings, Tsenarius (Cenarius), the mighty demigod of primordial forest lands was not last of which. Generous Tsenarius fell in love with inquisitive night elves and spent much time training them in a world nature. Quiet Kaldorei developed strong communication with the live woods of Kalimdor and enjoyed harmonious natural balance.

There passed infinite centuries and the civilization of night elves extended as territorially, so culturally. Their temples, roads, and inhabited places stretched in all directions of the dark continent. Azshara (Azshara), the beautiful and gifted queen of night elves, built the huge, unprecedented palace on the bank of the Well which became the house to her favourite attendants in its halls covered with jewelry. Her attendants, whom she called those Kvel’dorei (Quel’dorei) or High-given rise (Highborne) loving the queen to madness ready to execute any her teams and believed that they are higher than their other brothers. Though the Queen Azshara was loved equally by all her people, High-given rise secretly envied and took a dislike to other part of night elves.

Dividing curiosity of priests to the Eternity Well, Azshara ordered to reconnoiter Vysokorozhdenym secrets and to open his true purpose in the world. High-given rise entirely devoted themselves in work and studied the Well continuously. Over time they developed ability to operate and operate Well energiya. With progress of their experiments, High-given rise understood that they could use their recently acquired forces both for creation, and for destruction, at discretion. Careless High-given rise came across primitive magic and are decided to devote themselves it to studying. Though they also realized that this magic was dangerous in inept hands, Azshar and it High-given rise began to practice of their magic craft with precipitate energy. Tsenarius and much the cleverest night elves were warned that only the disaster waits unreasonably played with changeable arts of magic. But, despite it, Azshara and her followers stubborn continued to expand their growing forces.

With growth of their forces, to Azshara and High-given rise there were obvious changes. The haughty, standing apart top class became more and more stale and cruel to the companions night to elves. The dark, thoughtful, hidden cover covered Azshara — when former delightful beauty. It began to depart from her darlings and refused to interact with any, except for it High-given rise to which I trusted.

The young scientist by the name of Malfurion Stormreydzh (Malfurion Stormrage — Malfurion Yarost of the Thunder-storm) who spent the most part of the time, studying primitive arts of a druidizm, I began to suspect, that awful force corrupted the High-born and his loved queen. Though he also didn’t know about the evil which had to come, he knew that life of night elves will be changed forever … soon.

War Ancient
In 10 000 years prior to Warcraft I

Precipitate use High-given rise magics sent waves of magic energy of the pulsing Eternity Well to Great Darkness. The streaming waves of energy were sensitive for awful alien reasons. Sargeras is the Great Enemy of all live, the Destroyer of the Worlds (Destroyer of Worlds) — felt powerful streams of energy and was will attract origins to their far point. Watching the primordial world of Azerot and feeling boundless energy of the Well of Eternity, Sargeras was captured by greedy hunger. Great dark god of the Anonymous Heathland (Nameless Void) decided to destroy the young world and to absorb its energy as own.

Sargeras collected the huge Flaring Legion and brought him to not knowing about Azerot threat to peace. The legion consisted of one million shouting demons who are pulled out from far corners of the Universe, and these demons were eager for gains. Assistants Sargerasa, Arkhimond Oskvernitel and Mannorokh Razrushitel, prepared the infernal minions for blow.

The queen Azshara absorbed by awful ecstasy of the magic fell the victim of indisputable superiority of strength of Sargeras and agreed to provide it an entrance to its world. Even her High-born attendants betrayed to themselves to inevitable corruption of magic and began to worship Sargeras as the god. To show their devotion to the Legion, High-given rise helped the queen with opening huge, to the rotating portal in inside depths of the Well of Eternity.

As soon as all its preparations were made, Sargeras began the invasion into Azerot. Demons soldiers from the Flaring Legion rushed into the world through a portal in the Well of Eternity and besieged the sleeping cities of night elves. Led by Arkhimond and Mannorokhom, the Legion filled Kalimdor’s countries, leaving only ashes and a grief on the way. Magicians of demons called burning Infernalov (Infernals) which crashed like infernal meteors into graceful spikes of temples of Kalimdor. As Roca’s (Doomguard) Keepers passed the burning groups of the bloody murderers known across lands of Kalimdor, killing everyone on the way. Packs of wild, demonic Infernal Hounds (Felhounds) rushed about the country, without encountering resistance. Though brave Kaldoreysky soldiers started protecting their ancient homeland, they were forced to recede inch behind inch, before rage of the Legion.

The help for his besieged people had to find Malfuriona Stormreydzhu. Стормрэйдж whose own brother, Illidan (Illidan), was engaged in magic High-given rise, was angered by the growing corruption among the highest estate. Having convinced Illidan to leave his dangerous obsession, Malfurion intended to find Tsenariusai and to collect resistance forces. The beautiful young priestess, Tirend (Tyrande), agreed to accompany brothers on behalf of Eluna. Though Malfurion and Ilidan loved both the priestess, heart Tirend belonged only to Malfurion

Illidan who grew depending on power of magic energy very much tried to hold control, over the hunger of magic of the Well which almost won it, once and for all. However, with patient support Tirend, he was capable to limit himself and to help the brother in search of the solitary demigod, Tsenarius. Tsenarius who lived in limits sacred Lunar Groves (Moonglades) at the remote mountain Hidzhal (Hyjal), agreed to help night elves, and also having found and having secured with the help of ancient Dragons. Dragons, led by huge Red the Dragon, Alekstraza, agreed to conduct the powerful troops for attack of demons and their infernal owners.

Tsenarius, addressed spirits of the bewitched wood, rallied army of ancient ent and led them against the Legion in courageous attack. As soon as allies of night elves met at Azshara’s temple and the Eternity Well, wearisome war began. Despite strength of their new allies, Malfurion and his colleagues understood that the Legion can’t be won by only one military force.

Enormous battle raged around the capital of Azshara and the queen who went crazy waited waiting for Sargeras’s appearance. The governor Legiona was going to pass through the Well of Eternity and to enter the ruined world. As its huge shadow appeared closer and closer to a storming surface of the Well, Azshara brought together the most powerful of the followers High-born. Only having connected the magic together in one concentrated spell, would give the chance to create pass rather big for Sargeras.

During the battle raging on the burning Kalimdor’s plains there was an awful turn of events. Details of the incident are lost since, but it is precisely known that Neltarion, the Dragon the Keeper of Earth, went crazy during important attack to forces of the Flaring Legion. It began to break up to parts separately as a flame and anger I broke from its dark surface. Having renamed itself the Wing of Death (Deathwing), the burning dragon turned the brotherhood and took away Five Dragons from a battlefield.

Sudden treachery of the Wing of Death was so destructive that Five Dragons never recovered from this treachery. The wounded and shaken Alekstraza and other noble dragons were forced to leave their mortal allies. Malfurion and his colleagues who now are hopelessly in number surpassed hardly endured the following attack.

Malfurion, was convinced that the Well of Eternity was communication of demons and the physical world, insisted on that it was destroyed. His friends, knowing that the Well was a source of their immortality and force, were frightened by the precipitate decision. Nevertheless Tirend saw wisdom in Malfurion’s decision and I convinced Tsenarius and his friends to storm Azshara’s temple and to find the way to bar the Well forever.

Break Mira
Knowledge that destruction of the Well would prevent it from any possession of magic again, Illidan selfishly left group and went to warn High-given rise about Malfurion’s plan. Because of the madness drawn by his tendency and venomous indignation to love of his brother with Tirend, Illidan didn’t feel any repentance betraying Malfurion and joining Azshara and her sort. First of all, Illidan swore to protect Well force any necessary means.

Heart-broken departure of the brother, Malfurion conducted the companions in heart of the temple of Azshara. Even when they rushed into a main hall, they found High-given rise in the middle of the end of their dark sorcery. The general paternoster created a changeable whirlwind of force in rough depths of the Well. As soon as the ominous shadow of Sargeras seemed closer, than ever to a surface, Malfurion and his allies rushed to attack.

Azshara, having received Illidan’s prevention, I was more than it is ready to their emergence. Almost all followers of Malfurion fell before forces of the mad queen. Tirend, having made an attempt I saved enough on Azshara behind, the zastana unawares the High-born queen’s guardsmen was. Though she also won against guardsmen, Tirend got heavy wounds from their hands. When Malfurion saw falling of his darling, he came to terrible anger and decided to commit Azshara’s suicide.

As battle raged in and outside of the temple, Illidan arose from shadows near coast of a great Well. Having created a set of specially processed bubbles, Illidan kneeled and filled everyone with flickering water of the Well. Convinced that demons will break a civilization of night elves, he planned to steal sacred water and to save its energy for itself(himself).

The following fight between Malfurion and Azshara sent carefully processed paternoster High-given rise in chaos. The unstable whirlwind in depths of the Well blew up and lit a catastrophic chain of events which could destroy the world forever. Massive explosion shook the temple to its bases and sent earthquakes, huge on force, to the exhausted earth. The terrifying fights between the Legion and allies of night elves raged already on all the destroyed capital, a surface excited the Eternity Well, was bent in itself and there was an explosion.

The happened catastrophic explosion split the earth and tightened heaven.

As blows from explosion of the Well shifted bones of the world, the seas rushed and filled the gaping wound appeared in the earth. Nearly eighty percent of Kalimdor were broken off, there was only a handful of the certain continents surrounding a new, raging sea. In the center of the new sea where there was once an Eternity Well, there was a noisy storm of inflow and otliv of furious and chaotic energiya. This awful scar known as Whirlpool (Maelstorm), never stopped the furious rotation. It remained a constant reminder of awful accident … and a utopian era which was lost forever.

Despite everything, the Queen Azshara and its High-given rise managed to endure cataclysm. Tortured and emaciated by force which they let out Azshara and her followers were buried by explosion of the Well at the bottom a raging sea. Damned — transformed — they took the new forms and became the snake people full of hatred, Nagami (Naga) calling himself. Azshara was executed by hatred and anger, became the huge monster reflecting the evil and criminal intentions which always disappeared in limits of its cover.

There, at the basis of Whirlpool Are nude the new city, Nazdzhatar (Nazjatar) in which they will restore the power and force constructed for themselves. Only through ten thousand years Are nude will show the existence to the world.


Mountain Hidzhal and Illidan’s Gift
Several night elves, those which endured the terrifying explosion went on roughly made rafts and slowly moved ahead to the only earth under review. Thanks to Eluna’s indulgence, Malfurion, Tirend, and Tsenarius survived during the Great Break (Great Sundering). The tired heroes agreed to conduct the survived companions and to establish the new house for the people. They traveled in silence, coming across fragments of their world and understood that their passions called destructions of all around them. And though Sargeras and his Legion were cut off from the world by destruction of the Well, Malfurion and his friends needed only to reflect on the terrifying cost of their victory.

Was a lot of High-given rise which endured cataclysm safe. They made the way to coast of new lands along with other night elves. Though Malfurion also didn’t trust motives High-given rise, he was satisfied that they couldn’t do any harm without Energy of the Well.

As soon as the tired night elves stuck to coast of Novaya Zemlya, they saw that the sacred mountain, Hidzhal (Hyjal), endured accident. Wishing to create the new house for himself, Malfurion and night elves rose by Hidzhal’s slopes and reached top, unprotected from wind. During descent in the woody thickets which expanded between peaks of huge mountains they found the small, quiet lake. To their horror, they saw that waters of the lake were filled with magic.

Illidan, having survived during the Break, I reached Hidzhal’s peak long before Malfurion and night elves. In the mad desire to support magic streams in the world, Illidan poured out the bubbles containing precious waters of the Well of Eternity to the small lake of the mountain. Powerful energy of waters of the Well quickly connected in a new Well of Eternity. The exulting Illidan, believing that the new Well was the real gift to future generations, it was shocked when Malfurion met him. Malfurion explained to the brother that the magic is initially chaotic and that its use will inevitably lead to general decomposition and disputes. However Illidan refused to leave the magic force.

Well knowing where will provide ruthless plans of Illidan, Malfurion decided to deal with insanity of the brother once and for all. By means of Tsenarius, Malfurion ground Illidan in huge underground prison where he would remain chained and powerless until the end of time. To be sure of the brother’s imprisonment, Malfurion authorized the young inspector, Meyv Shedousong (Maiev Shadowsong — Meyv “a shadow song”) that you were a personal jailer of Illidan.

The concerned by the fact that destruction of a new Well could call still big accident, night elves decided to leave him alone. However, Malfurion declared that they will never practice arts of magic again. Under a vigilant look of Tsenarius, they began to study ancient arts of a druidizm which would allow them to cure the crippled earth and to restore their beloved the woods at Hidzhal’s feet.

World Tree and Emerald Dream
In 9 000 years prior to Warcraft I

Years night elves constantly worked hard and restored what could be restored from remains of the ancient homeland. Having left the destroyed temples and roads to grow with a grass and trees, they built to themselves new houses among green groves and the shaded hills at Hidzhal’s basis. Over time Dragons who could endure a big Break left the secret dwellings.

Alekstraza is red, Isera green, and to Nozdorm bronze fell by silent glades of druids and looked at fruits of work of night elves. Malfurion who became the very-druid of huge force welcomed powerful Dragons and told them of creation of a new Well of Eternity. Great Dragons were alarmed when they heard these dark news and reflected that until there is a Well, the Legion can return and again attack this world. Malfurion and three Dragons signed the contract to keep the Well in safety and to make sure that agents of the Flaring Legion will never find a way to this world

Alekstraza, Binding Life, placed the captivated acorn in Eternity Well heart. An acorn, eating powerful, magic waters, it was restored to life as an enormous tree. Roots of a powerful tree grew from Well waters, and its green krone, appear, fastened a sky roof. The huge tree was eternal a symbol of communication of night elves with the nature, and its vivifying energy stretched to heal wounds of the rest of the world over time. Night elves gave to the World Tree a new name — Nordrassil (Nordrassil) which meant “a crown of heaven” in their native language.

To Nozdorm, Untimely, I imposed a paternoster on the World Tree which gave to night elves immortality and protection against diseases until there is a Tree.

Isera Spyashchaya, also imposed a paternoster on the World Tree, connecting it with the own the kingdom, radio measurement known as the Emerald Dream. The emerald Dream, the huge, changing everything world of spirits, existed outside the boundaries of the physical world. In the sleep, Isera regulated otliva and inflow of natural energy and development of the world. Druids of night elves, including Malfurion, were connected with the Dream through the World Tree. And as part of the mystical contract, druids agreed to sleep within infinite centuries at the same time that their souls could wander about infinite Roads of Greuze (Dreamways) of Isera. And though druids were grieved by prospect of loss of such huge interval of the life, carrying out it in inaction, they selflessly agreed to support the contract with Isera.

Exile of the Highest Elves

In 7 300 years prior to Warcraft I

There passed centuries, new society of night elves became strong and extended everywhere on the growing wood which they called Ashenvaly (Ashenvale) or the Ashenvaldsky Wood. Many of beings and types which incalculable quantity lived before the Big Break here appeared again and prospered on the earth. The operated by benevolent druids, night elves enjoyed an era of unexpected peace under stars.

However many from survived Vysokorozhdennykh lost mind. Like Illidan earlier, they fell the victim of hunger which appeared from loss desired them magics. They wished to learn energy of the Well of Eternity and to receive pleasure in its use. Dat’Remar (Dath’Remar), the impudent, allocated leader Vysokorozhdennykh, began to accuse druids publicly, calling them pants for the fact that those refused use of the magic belonging to them by right. Malfurion and druids disproved Dat’Remar’s arguments and warned Vysokorozhdennykh that any use of magic will be punishable by death. In impudent and ill-fated attempt to convince druids to repeal their law, Dat’Remara and his followers let out awful magic Borya on the Ashenvalsky wood.

Druids couldn’t force to destroy such number of the brothers by birth and decided to banish precipitate High-given rise from their country. Dat’Remar and his followers, were happy with disposal of their conservative relatives and at last, having plunged on a set of specially constructed courts and took to the open sea. Though any of them didn’t know that it expects behind waters of storming Whirlpool, they sought to construct the own homeland where they could practice so desired them magic with impunity. High-given rise, or Kvel’dorei (Quel’dorei) as called them Azshar in far times, eventually landed on east lands in a consequence called people Lorderon (Lordaeron). They planned to construct the own magic kingdom, Kvel’talas (Quel’Thalas) and to refuse instructions of night life and worship of the moon. Since then, they accepted the sun and became known as the highest elves.

Guards and Long Service

With departure of capricious cousins, night elves paid the attention to safety charming the homeland. Druids, feeling that time of their hibernation came, were prepared for sleeping and left the darlings and a family. Tirend, become the Highest Priestess of Eluna, I asked the darling, Malfurion not to leave her for the sake of the Emerald Dream of Isera. But Malfurion obliged by honor to enter changeable Ways of Greuze said goodbye to the priestess and swore that nothing is capable to separate them while they keep the love.

Left one to protect Kalimdor from dangers of the new world, Tirend collected powerful force among the sisters of night elves. The fearless, highly trained female soldiers who entrusted themselves to Kalimdor’s Protection became known as Guards. They preferred to patrol the dark Ashenvaldsky woods independently though had many allies whom they could call could call if necessary.

The demigod Tsenarius remained nearby in Lunar Groves of Hidzhal. His sons famous as Keepers of the Grove, watched night elves and gave help to Guards in peacekeeping on the earth. Even timid daughters of Tsenarius, the dryad, appeared in opened in increasing frequency.

Ashenval’s protection constantly borrowed Tirend, but without Malfurion on the party, she didn’t know pleasure. There passed long centuries and while druids slept, her fears concerning the second invasion of demons grew. It couldn’t dump uneasy feeling that the Flaring Legion could be still to be there, out of Great Darkness, preparing the revenge to night elves and Azerot’s world.