Warcraft Universe – History Warcraft – Chapter III: Drenor’s destiny

Kil’dzhaden and Contract of Darkness
During the birth Mediva in Azerota, Kil’dzhaden Obmanshchik (Kil’jaeden the Deceiver) sat and reflected among the confidants within the Bent Space (Twisting Nether). The cunning master of demons, according to orders of the mister, Sargerasa, prepared the Flaring Legion (Burning Legion) for the second invasion into Azerot. This time, he wouldn’t forgive any mistakes. Kil’dzhaden assumed that he needs new force to weaken Azerot’s defense before the entry into the world of the Legion. If mortal races like night elves and dragons, are forced to fight against new threat, they will be too weak to show the actual resistance when true invasion of the Legion begins.

At the same time Kil’dzhaden found the rich world of Drenor (Draenor) which is peacefully soaring within Great Darkness. The house for worshipping shamans, clan orks (Orcs) and peace Dreneev (Draenei), Drenor was so idyllic, as well as extensive. Noble clans of orks wandered about open steppes and spent time in hunting while inquisitive Drenei I built the rough cities within high rocks and peaks of the world. Kil’dzhaden knew that Drenor’s inhabitants had high potential for service to the Flaring Legion if they were brought up properly.

From two races, Kil’dzhaden saw that aggressive orks were more susceptible to a perversion the Legion. He subordinated himself the senior shaman of orks, Ner’zul (Ner’zhul), the same as Sargeras subordinated the Queen Azshara many centuries ago. Using the cunning shaman as the herald of the will, the demon extended thirst of battles and wildness on all clans of Orks. Soon, the spiritual race was transformed to blood-thirsty savages. Kil’dzhaden then convinced Ner’zula and his Orks to take the last step: it will be passed completely war and death. Nevertheless the old shaman, feeling that his people would be enslaved by hatred forever, anyway, I resisted the demon.

Angered by Ner’zul’s resistance, Kil’dzhaden began searches of other Ork who will pass the people in Legion hands. The clever master of demons at last found the one whom he looked for — the ambitious pupil Ner’zul, Gul’dan (Gul’Dan). Kil’dzhaden promised Gul’dan inexpressible force in exchange for his obedience. The young ork became the diligent pupil of demonic magic and developed in the most powerful sorcerer mortal for all history. It trained other young orks in secret arts and sought to destroy shaman traditions of Orks. Gul’dan showed new magic to the brothers, the awful new force giving death.

Kil’dzhaden, seeking to strengthen the power over orks, I helped Gul’dan, to found Shadow Council (Shadow Council), confidential sect which operated clans and extended use of magical magic according to all Drenor. The more orks used magical forces, the quicker beautiful fields and Drenor’s rivers began to blacken and disappear. Through some time, extensive prairies which orks called the house during generations consigned to the past, having left only the red fruitless soil. Energy of demons slowly killed the world.


Horde birth
Orks became more and more aggressive under confidential management of Gul’dan and his Shadow Council. They built massive arenas where orks the military skills in fights to death. During this period, several clan leaders spoke against the growing depravity of race. One such leader, Darotan (Durotan) the leader of clan of Ice Wolves (Frostwolf clan), opposed falling of orks in hatred and rage. His words got into deaf ears as such strong leaders as the Thunder Hellskrim (Grom Hellscream — Infernal Shout) clan of the Fighting Song (Warsong clan — the Fighting Song) already entered a new era of wars and domination.

Kil’dzhaden knew that Orochs clans were almost ready, but he had to be convinced of their loyalty finally. In secret, it forced Shadow Council to call Mannorokh Razrushitel (Mannoroth the Destructor), the live embodiment of destruction and anger. Gul’dan called all leaders of clans together and convinced them that having enjoyed storming blood of Mannorokh will make them absolutely invincible. Led by the Thunder, all leaders of clans except for Darotan drank blood, thus, having consolidated the destiny of servants of the Flaring Legion and having signed the Contract of Blood. Strengthened by Mannorokh’s rage, leaders against will extended this damnation on the of nothing the suspecting brothers.

Absorbed by damned blood lust, orks sought to vent the rage on any who faced them. Feeling that time has come, Gul’dan, united the conflicting clans in a uniform unstoppable Horde (Horde). However, knowing that leaders similar to the Thunder to Helskrim and Orgrim Dumkhammer (to Orgrim Doomhammer — the Fatal Hammer) would compete to full superiority, Gul’dan puts the puppet Leader to operate this new Horde. Blekhend Razrushitel (Blackhand the Destroyer) which is strongly corrupted and the vicious military leader of orks, was elected, and became the first puppet Leader of Gul’dan. Under Blekhand’s team, the Horde decided to check itself, having acted against Dreneev.

Within several months, the Horde destroyed almost all Dreneev, living on Drenor. Only the scattered handful survived managed to leave for terrible anger of orks. Inspired with a victory, Gul’dan rejoiced the authorities and relics of the Horde. However he knew that without enemies, the Horde will destroy itself in infinite civil strife, with her unsatiable appetite of nice fights.

Kil’dzhaden understood that the Horde was ready. Orks became the most important tool of the Flaring Legion. The cunning demon shared the knowledge with the owner, and Sargeras agreed that time of his revenge, at last, came.