Warcraft Universe – History Warcraft – Chapter IV: Alliance and Horde

Portal of Darkness and Stormvind’s Falling
Warcraft: Orks and People

When Kil’dzhaden (Kil’jaeden) prepared the Horde for invasion into Azerot (Azeroth), Mediv (Medivh) continued to fight for the soul with Sargeras. The king Lleyn (King Llane), the noble monarch Stormvinda (Stormwind), strongly worried about the darkness which took the breath away of his former friend. The king Lleyn shared the trouble with Anduin Lothar (Anduin Lothar), the last descendant of a sort Arati (Arathi) whom he called the friend on the weapon. But, despite it, any person couldn’t imagine that slow falling Mediva in madness will bring those horrors which followed it.

The last incentive for invasion of the Horde, Sargeras promised to grant the huge power to Gul’dan (Gul’dan) if he agrees to conduct the Horde to Azerot. With the help Mediva, Sargeras told to the sorcerer that he could become living god if that finds a diving grave where the Keeper Eygvinn (Aegwinn) placed a prostrate body of Sargeras one thousand years ago. Gul’dan agreed and decided that as soon as Azerot’s inhabitants are won, he will find a legendary grave and will receive the award. Sure that the Horde will serve its purposes, Sargeras began invasion.

Having combined efforts, Mediv and sorcerers of Shadow Council opened a gate between measurements, known as the Dark Portal (Dark Portal). This door connected the worlds of Azerot and Drenor (Draenor), and was so big that through them there could pass the whole armies. Gul’dan sent intelligence agents of orks through the Portal, to learn about lands which they are going to occupy. The come-back intelligence agents assured Shadow Council that Azerot is ready for invasion.

Still confident that Gul’dan’s corruption will destroy his people Darotan (Durotan) spoke against sorcerers again. The brave soldier claimed that sorcerers destroyed purity of orkovsky spirit and that this precipitate invasion will be their death. Gul’dan, without wishing to risk murder of the hero, Darotana and his Clan of Frosty Wolves in distant part of the new world was forced to expel.

Followed exile of the Frosty Wolves who passed through the Portal several orochyikh of clans. These clans quickly constructed small base in the Black Bog (Black Morass), dark and the marshland far in the east of Stormvind’s kingdom. Orks, occupying and investigating new lands, at once entered the conflict with Stormvind’s defenders. Though these skirmishes usually came to an end quickly, they quickly showed weak and strengths of both competing races. Lleyn and Lothar could never collect exact data on the number of Orks and could assume how big force they should face. Within several years the most part of the Horde moved to Azerot, and Gul’dan decided that time of the first blow against mankind came. The horde opposed as all the force nothing suspecting kingdoms Stormvind.

Followed exile of the Frosty Wolves who passed through the Portal several orochyikh of clans. These clans quickly constructed small base in the Black Bog (Black Morass), dark and the marshland far in the east of Stormvind’s kingdom. Orks, occupying and investigating new lands, at once entered the conflict with Stormvind’s defenders. Though these skirmishes usually came to an end quickly, they quickly showed weak and strengths of both competing races. Lleyn and Lothar could never collect exact data on the number of Orks and could assume how big force they should face. Within several years the most part of the Horde moved to Azerot, and Gul’dan decided that time of the first blow against mankind came. The horde opposed as all the force nothing suspecting kingdoms Stormvind.

Though Mediv was also won, the Horde continued to win over Stormvind’s defenders. As the victory of the Horde came, Orgrim Dumkhammer (Orgrim Doomhammer — the Fatal Hammer), one of the most great leaders of Orks, began to see depravity which extended on all clans from Drenor. His old companion, Darotan, having come back from exile I warned him about Gul’dan’s treacheries again. In fast revenge, the murderers sent by Gul’dan killed Darotana and his family, without having noticed only his son of the baby. Orgrim didn’t knew that the baby Darotana was found by the human officer, Edelas Blakmur (Aedelas Blackmoore), and it is taken prisoner as the slave.

This of Orochs the baby to tower once to become the most great leader of orks, from all, ever known.

Darotana angered by murder, Orgrim intends to exempt Orda from demonic decomposition and eventually accepted a role of the Leader Orda, having killed the corrupted Gul’dan, Blekhend’s puppet. Under its resolute command continued Orda at last besieged Fortress Stormvind (Stormwind Keep). The king Lleyn strongly underestimated Orda’s strength, and he observed helplessly as his kingdom fell before zelenokozhy to aggressors. He was killed by one of the best murderers of Shadow Council: semi-ork woman, Garonne (Garona).

Lothar and his soldiers, coming back home from Karazan, in hope to fill losses and to rescue their once magnificent homeland. Instead, having returned too late, they found the loved kingdom in the smoking ruins. Орочья the Horde continued to ruin the country and won surrounding lands. Forced to disappear, Lothar and him swore a terrible oath, to return the homeland at any cost.


Lorderon’s alliance
Warcraft 2: Occurrence of Darkness

Lord Lothar rallied the remains of armies of Azerot after their defeat in Fortress Stormvind, and then were let in a huge outcome along the sea to the northern kingdom Lorderon. Convinced that the Horde will enslave all mankind if not to prevent it, leaders of seven human nations agreed to unite in what became known as Lorderon’s Alliance subsequently. For the first time almost through three thousand years, the huge nations of Arator were integrated under the general flag again. Appointed the Highest Commander of Alliance, Lord Lothar prepared the armies for arrival of the Horde.

By means of entrusted, could convince Uter Svetonosny (Uther Lightbringer), the Admiral Dayelin Proudmur (Admiral Daelin Proudmoore), and Turalion (Turalyon), Lothar other races of Lorderon of the approaching threat. Alliance Dvarfov Ayronfordzha (Dwarves of Ironforge) and a small amount vysiikh Kvel’talas’s (Quel’Thalas) elves got support of stoik. The elves conducted by Anasterian Sanstrayder (Anasterian Sunstrider) in weren’t interested in the future conflict. However, they were obliged to help Lothar, he was the last descendant of a sort Arati which gave help to elves in the past centuries.

The horde headed now by the Leader Dumkhammer brought from the native world Drenor of cannibals and called in the ranks of the rights of forest trolls of Amani (Amani) deprived of all. Going to long campaign to occupy the kingdom Dvarfov Khaz Modan (Khaz Modan) and the southern border of Lorderon, the Horde easily suppressed all attempts of resistance.

Epic fights during the Second War (Second War) consisted also of large-scale naval fights, and of massive air fights. Somehow the Horde dug out the powerful artifact known as Soul of the Demon (Demon Soul) and used it to enslave the ancient Queen Drakonov, Alekstraza (Dragonqueen Alekstrasza). Threatening to destroy its precious eggs, the Horde forced Alekstraza to send her adult children to war. Noble red dragons were forced to fight for the Horde, and they fought.

War raged on continents Khaz Modana (Khaz Modan), Lorderona (Lordaeron), and Azerota (Azeroth). During northern campaign in which the Horde succeeded, reducing to ashes boundary regions of Kvel’talas, thus, guaranteeing final joining of elves to Alliance. The big and small cities of Lorderona were devastated and destroyed during the conflict. Despite the lack of a reinforcement and the appearing disagreements, Lothar and his allies succeeded in suppression of their enemies.

However, during the last days of the Second War when the Horde victory over Alliance seemed inevitable, awful hostility burst between two most powerful orks on Azerota. While Orgrim prepared the final attack on the capital of Lorderona — attack which will break the last remains of Alliance — Gul’dan and his followers were left by the posts and went to the sea. Furious Orgrim, having lost nearly a half of constant forces owing to Gul’dan’s treachery, I was forced to recede and refuse the greatest opportunity in a victory over Alliance.

Greedy to the power Gul’dan obsessed with receiving for himself divine forces, went to hopeless searches of a diving Grave of Sargeras which as he believed, contained secrets of unprecedented force. Having at the order, already doomed to slavery of the Flaring Legion, orks, Gul’dan didn’t think of the estimated duties before Orgrim. Supported by clans of Storm Robbers (Stormreaver) and Twilight Hammer (Twilight’s Hammer), Gul’dan succeeded in raising of the Grave of Sargeras from a seabed. However, when it opened the ancient, flooded storage, it found only mad demons waiting for it.

Wishing to punish capricious orks for their treachery, Orgrim sent the forces to destroy Gul’dan and to return turncoats to the ranks. Because of the recklessness, Gul’dan was broken off by the enraged demons whom he let out. With death Gul’dan, the changed clans quickly fell before furious legions of Dumkhammer. Though revolt was suppressed, the Horde was incapable to fill awful losses which it suffered. Gul’dan’s treachery provided to Alliance not only hope, but also and time to rearrange forces and to take the answer-back measures.

Lord Lothar, seeing that the Horde breaks from within, I collected the last forces and I rejected Dumkhammer to the south, back in the destroyed Stormvind’s center. There, forces of Alliance trapped the receding Horde in the volcanic fortress of the Spike of the Black Rock (Blackrock Spire). Though Lord Lothar fell in battle at the bottom of the Spike, his lieutenant, Turalion, rallied forces of Alliance in fatal hour and rejected Horde forces back in the Bog of Grieves (Swamp of Sorrows). Forces Teraliona succeeded in destruction of the Dark Portal, mystical gate which connected orks to their native world — Drenor. Cut off from reinforcements and broken by fight, the Horde, at last, fell before forces of Alliance.

Scattered clans of Orks were quickly surrounded and placed within the protected reservations prisons. Though it seemed that the Horde at last was won, some looked skeptically at a preservation of peace in Lorderona. Hadgar now glorified by Arkhmag the high command of Alliance Netergard (Nethergarde) which would watch ruins of the Portal of Darkness convinced of construction of fortress and I guaranteed lack of further invasions from Drenor.


Invasion into Drenor
Warcraft 2X: Behind the Dark Portal

The fires of the Second War ceased and the Alliance took aggressive measures to deduction of threat of orks. The set of the big camps reservations intended for placement of captured orks were constructed in the southern Lorderona. Protected by both paladins and old soldiers of Alliance, camp were great success. Though captured orks had no objection to change battle once again, various chiefs of camps located in the old prison fortress of Darnkholde (Durnholde) maintained the peace and a rigid order.

However, in the world Drenora the new army of orks was going to strike on nothing to the suspecting Alliance. Ner’zul, the former mentor Gul’dana, rallied the saved clans of Orks under the dark flag. Relying on the help of clan of the Dark Moon (Shadowmoon clan), the old shaman planned to open a set of doors in Drenora who will open to the Horde the road to the new, unspoiled worlds. To open new doors, it needed a set of the bewitched artifacts from Azerot. To get them, Ner’zul repeatedly opened the Dark Portal and sent on it the servants who are looking for these artifacts.

New Horde, led by old leaders the Thunder Hellskrimom and Kaylroggom Dedayem from clan of the Bloody Heathland (Bleeding Hollow), unexpectedly attacked forces of defense of Alliance and broke through them. Under skillful command of Ner’zul, orks quickly I surrounded artifacts which were necessary to them and disappeared back in Drenore’s safety.

The king Lorderona Terenas convinced that orks prepare new invasion into Azerot brought together the lieutenants enjoying it the greatest confidence. He ordered to the General Turalion and Arkhmagu Hadgar to carry out expedition through the Darkness Portal to put an end to threat of orks once and for all. Turalion and Hadgar’s troops went to Drenor and repeatedly faced Ner’zul’s clans on the ruined Peninsula of the Infernal Flame. But even by means of an elfin luchnitsa of Alleriya Vindranner (Alleria Windranner — Running downwind), Dvarfa Kudrana Vildkhammera (Kurdran Wildhammer — the Wild Hammer) and the veteran Danat Trollbeyn (Danath Trollbane), Hadgar couldn’t prevent Ner’zul to open a door to other worlds.

Ner’zul at last opened doors to other worlds, but he didn’t expect the awful price which he will pay for it. Huge energy of doors began to break off reality of Drenor. So far Turalion’s army desperately battled to come back home in Azerot, Drenor began to collapse. A thunder Hellskrim and Kaylrogg Deday, understanding that reckless plans of Ner’zul will lead of all their race to death, rallied the survived orks and Azerot’s safety ran in relative.

Turalion and Hadgar accepted to make the final victim, destroying a darkness Portal from Drenor. And though it most likely would cost them life and lives of those who came with them, they understood that it was the only way to guarantee Azerot’s safety. Hellskrim and Deday in desperate attempt to find freedom opened of themselves the way through ranks of human army and entered the Darkness Portal which blew up behind them at once. For them, and the orks who remained on Azerota, weren’t where to come back.

As soon as Ner’zul and the clan of the Dark Moon betrayed to him entered the biggest of the doors opened for them, massive volcanic eruptions began to destroy Drenor’s continents on part. The burning seas flooded banks and absorbed the destroyed landscape as the exhausted world at last was absorbed by massive, apocalyptic explosion.
Birth of the King Mertvykh
Ner’zul and his followers entered the Bent Space (Twisting Nether) which radio plains connected all worlds disseminated through all Great Darkness. But Kil’dzhaden and his demonic minions already waited for them. Kil’dzhaden who swore to revenge Ner’zul for his arrogance slowly I dismembered a body of the old shaman, part behind part. Kil’dzhaden supported spirit of the shaman safe, thus, leaving Ner’zul live, but testing awful tortures, knowing and feeling a partition of own body. Ner’zul begged the demon that that let out his soul and to present him death what the demon gloomy answered that the Contract of Blood which they signed very long time ago still connected them and that Ner’zul still has a purpose which it has to serve.

Failure of orks to win the world for the Flaring Legion forced Kil’dzhaden to create new army to bear chaos to Azerot’s kingdoms. In this new army it was impossible to allow even the smallest competition and internal contentions which victim the Horde fell. It had to become ruthless and purposeful in the mission. This time, Kil’dzhaden wasn’t able to afford to fail.

Keeping Ner’zul’s spirit, helpless in a bezdvizhny state, Kil’dzhaden gave it one last chance to serve the Legion or to incur eternal torment. And more time, Ner’zul precipitately agreed to the contract with the demon. Ner’zhul’s spirit was placed in special, firm as diamond of a piece of the ice collected in the neobrazimykh distances of the Bent Space. Concluded in a piece of ice, Ner’zul felt that his consciousness extended century. Changed by chaotic forces of demons, Ner’zul became an intangible being of incomprehensible force. At that moment the Ork known as Ner’zul disappeared forever, and the King of the Dead (Lich King) was given birth.

Devoted Death knights (Death Knights) of Ner’zul and followers from Clan of the Dark Moon were also changed by demons. Angry sorcerers were broken off on part and turned in lifeless by lichy (Liches). Demons made sure that even in death, Ner’zul’s followers will serve it without hesitation.

When it is time, Kil’dzhaden explained the purpose with which he created the King Mertvykh. Ner’zul had to extend fatal plague and horror according to all Azerot which will destroy a human civilization forever. All those who will die of terrible plague will rise how to indulge, and their souls will be held down with Ner’zul forever. Kil’dzhaden promised that if Ner’zul executes the dark mission for disposal of the world of mankind, it will be exempted from a damnation and a new, sound body will be provided to it.

Though Ner’zul was compliant and apparently concordant to play the role, Kil’dzhaden was skeptical about loyalty of the creation. To protect the King Mertvykh, incorporeal and concluded in a piece of the ice rock confirmed his good behavior for some time, but the demon knew that he has to watch it. For this purpose, Kil’dzhaden called the perfect protection, vampiric Masters of Horror (Dread Lords), to control Ner’zul and to guarantee that he will achieve the awful objectives. Tikondrius (Tichondrius), the most powerful and cunning of Masters of Horror, was ready to it; it was struck with severity of plague and unrestrained potential of the King Mertvykh to genocide.


Ice Corona and Ice Throne
Kil’dzhaden throws an ice block with Ner’zul back into Azerot’s world. The strengthened crystal rushed on the night sky and Nortrend (Northrend) hit against the desert Arctic continent, burying deeply in the glacier known as Ice Corona (Icecrown). The ice crystal deformed by a destructive landing began to remind a throne and the vindictive spirit of Ner’zul was placed on it.

Put in captivity of the Ice Throne, Ner’zul began to last the boundless consciousness and to concern reason of primordial inhabitants of Nortrend. By small efforts, it enslaved minds of local beings, including ice trolls and cruel Vendigo (Wendigo), and attracted their evil brotherhoods under the dark hand. Its mental forces, seemed almost boundless, and he used them to create small army which it placed within the confused Ice Corona’s labyrinths. Operating the growing abilities under constant surveillance of Masters of Horror, the King Mertvykh found the remote human settlement on the edge of the extensive Gorge of Dragons (Dragonblight). On own whim, Ner’zul decided to check the force on nothing the suspecting people.

Ner’zul sends magic plague which I created deeply in the Frozen Throne in the Arctic heathland. Operating spread of plague only one will, he brought her directly on the human village. Within three days, everyone in the settlement was dead, but soon after death, dead inhabitants began to rise zombie corpses. Ner’zul could feel soul and thought of everyone as though they were his own. Storming confusion of thoughts in his consciousness only strengthened Ner’zul, doing to even more powerful as though you indulge souls provided it with necessary food. For it it was a children’s entertainment — to control acts of the zombie and their message to any the purpose which he wished.

In the next months, Ner’zul continued to experiment with the plague, enslaving each person living in Nortrenda. With fast-growing army you indulge, he knew that time of its true test to approach.
Battle at Batol’s Make-up
Meanwhile, in the southern lands ruined by war, the scattered remains of the Horde fought for the survival. The thunder Helskrim and his clan of the Fighting Song managed to avoid capture, but Deday and its clan of the Bloody Heathland were surrounded and placed on reservations in Lorderona. Despite these revolts, chiefs of camps quickly restored control over the cruel wards.

However, unknown to Alliance, the big force of Orks still freely wandered about northern passes Khaz Modana. The clan of the Womb of the Dragon (Dragonmaw), led by the unknown sorcerer Nekros (Nekros), used the ancient artifact known as Soul of the Demon (Demon Soul) to operate the Queen Drakonov (Dragonqueen), Alekstraza, and her dragons. With the Queen Drakonov as the hostage, Nekros created confidential army within left, being considered damned, a citadel of Wild Hammers in Batole’s Make-up. Planning to direct the forces and powerful red dragons against Alliance, Nekros hoped to reunite the Horde and to continue Azerot’s gain. His dream wasn’t fated to come true: the small group of fighters of resistance, led by the human magician Ronin (Rhonin) managed to destroy Soul of the Demon and to release the Queen Drakonov from Nekros’s captivity.

In rage, Alekstraza’s dragons destroyed the Make-up Batol and burned the most most part of orks from Nekros’s clan. Great plans of Nekros about reunion of the Horde failed as groups of the Union surrounded survived orks and threw in expecting them rezervatsionny camp. Defeat of clan of the Womb of the Dragon presaged crash of the Horde, and the end of furious blood lust of orks.
Lethargy of Orks
There passed months, and a large number of the captivated orks was placed in reservations. As camp began to be overflowed, Alterakskikh Gore was forced to build Alliance new camp on the southern plains. Properly to support and supply the growing quantity of reservations, the King Terenas imposed a new tax on the nations of Alliance. This tax, along with increase in tension in political the relations concerning borders, created widespread nervousness. It seemed that the fragile contract which held down among themselves the human nations in their dark hour will break at any time.

Among political turmoil, many of chiefs of reservations began to notice what disturbing changes covers their captives. Not only attempts of escapes from camps, but even interstine conflicts practically disappeared after a while. Orks became more and more sluggish and apathetic. Though it was difficult to believe that orks, is once the most aggressive race ever living on Azerota — completely lost the aspiration to fight. The strange lethargy brought into the deadlock of leaders of Alliance and rendered the role on fast weakening of orks.

Some reflected that some strange illness influencing only orks called a lethargy. But Antonidas (Antonidas), the Archimagus Dalarana stated other hypothesis. Having investigated that small information on history of the people of orks which it could find, Antonidas learned that he orks was under the influence of the harmful demonic power during several generations. He reflected that he orks was are corrupted with these forces before their very first invasion into Azerot. It was clear that, demons took control of blood of orks, turning that their into animals, but having provided unnaturally strengthened force, endurance and aggression.

Antonidas assumed that the general lethargy of orks actually wasn’t a disease, and a consequence of racial leaving from changeable magical magic which made their inspiring fear earlier, by soldiers obsessed with blood lust. Though signs were clear, Antonidas was incapable to find means of removal of current state of orks. Besides, many of his companions magicians, just as some of the famous leaders of Alliance, claimed that finding of medicine for orks will be the imprudent enterprise. Having stopped considering a mysterious condition of orks, Antonidas concluded that medicine for an illness of orks will be rather spiritual contents.


New Horde
The chief director of reservations, Edelas Blekmur, watched captured orks from Darnkhold (Durnholde), the prison citadel. One of orks especially arrested his interest: the deserted baby whom he found nearly eighteen years ago. Blekmur brought up a young ork as the favourite slave and named him Trall (Thrall — the Slave). Blakmur trained it in tactics, philosophy and skill of fight. Trall was also trained as the gladiator. All the time, the corrupted chief sought to create the weapon from this young ork.

Despite his rigid education, young Trall grew up a strong and bright ork, and he felt heart that life of the slave was not for it. Maturing, he learned about the people, orks whom he never met: after their defeat, the majority of them was placed in camps. Rumors went that Dumkhammer, the Leader of orks, escaped from Lorderon and at the moment disappears. Only one rebellious clan still worked in secret, trying to evade from a fixed eye of Alliance.

Resourceful but nevertheless inexperienced Trall decided to escape from Blakmur’s fortress and to move off in searches of similar to. During wanderings, Trall visited camp of reservations and saw the once powerful race in a lethargy. Without having found proud soldiers whom he hoped to find, Trall intended to find the last unbeaten leader of orks of the Thunder Hellskrim.

Constantly pursued by people, Hellskrim despite everything didn’t lose unsatiable desire of the Horde to fight. Relying on the help only of own clan of the Fighting Song, Hellskrim continued to wage guerrilla war against oppression of its subdued people. Unfortunately, Hellskrim could never find a way to awaken the released orks from their catalepsy. The impressionable Trawl inspired by Hellskrim’s idealism felt sympathy for the Horde and its military traditions.

Looking for the truth of an own origin, Trall went to the north to find legendary clan of Frosty Wolves. Trall learned that Gul’dan banished them in time the pervkh of days of the First War. He also learned that he was a son and the successor of the hero of orks Darotan, the true leader of Frosty Wolves who was killed in the wood almost for twenty years ago.

Under the care of dear shaman Drek’Tar, Trall studied ancient shaman culture of the people, forgotten because of evil government of Gul’dan. Through some time, Trall became the mighty shaman and took the lawful place of the leader of the banished Frosty Wolves. Strengthened by elements and thirst to find the destiny, Trall goes to release captured clans and to cure the race of influence of demons.

During the wandering, Trall found the elderly Leader, Ogrim Dumkhammer who conducted many years a hermit’s life. Dumkhammer, the former close friend of the father Trall, decided to follow the young, spiritualized ork and to help it to release captured clans. Supported by many old leaders, Trall eventually succeeded in restoration of the Horde and provided to the people new cultural wealth.

To symbolize revival of the people, Trall came back to Blakmur Darnkholdu’s fortress and put a decisive end to plans of the former owner, besieging camp of reservations. However the victory was not without bitter losses: during release of one of camps, Dumkhammer fell in fight.

The trawl lifted a legendary fighting hammer of Dumkhammer and dressed his black armored plates to become the new Leader Ordy. Within the next months, the small, but changed Trall’s Horde passed to reservations and, driving into a corner of effort of Alliance to resist to its clever strategy. Inspired with the friend and the mentor, the Thunder Hellskrim, Trall sought to make sure that his people will never be in slavery.
War of the Spider
At that time when Trall released the brothers in Lorderona, Ner’zul continued to create a basis of the power in Nortrenda. The huge citadel was established at top of a glacier of Ice Corona and completed with the growing legions you indulge. The king Mertvykh expanded the influence on surfaces, but one dark empire resisted to its power. The ancient underground kingdom Azol-Neruba (Azjol-Nerub) which was based by race of ominous humanoid spiders sent the perfect soldiers guards to attack Ice Corona and to put an end to mad claims of the King Mertvykh for domination. To the orgomny disappointment, Ner’zul found out what evil nerubianets was immune not only to plague, but also to his telepathic influence.

Nerubiansky spiders governors ordered extensive forces and had an underground network of tunnels which covered nearly a half of open spaces of Nortrend. Their tactics of fast blows with the subsequent retreat to citadels of the King Mertvykh his efforts drove into a corner, breaking them over and over again. Eventually, Ner’zul’s war against nerubianets was won by exhaustion. By means of ominous Masters of Horror and incalculable soldiers you indulge, the King Mertvykh intruded in Azol-Nerub and brought down its underground arches on the heads of the failed spiders lords.

Though nerubianets were immune to its plague, the increased nekromansky forces of Ner’zul allowed it to revive and subordinate to the will the fallen soldiers spiders. As a monument to their persistence and fearlessness, Ner’zul adopted distinctive architectural style of nerubianets for construction of own fortresses and buildings. Left to operate the kingdom, the King Mertvykh who isn’t encountering more than resistance began to prepare for the true mission in the world. Being stretched to human lands by the extensive consciousness, the King Mertvykh appealed to any dark soul which will hear it ….


Kel’tuzed and Creation of the Lash
Handful of the individuals possessing the power and force, disseminated through everything the world heard an intellectual appeal of the King Mertvykh from Nortrend. The Archimagus from Dalaran was the most known of them, Kel’tuzed (Kel’Thuzad), was one of the oldest members Kirin Tora, ruling council of magicians of Dalaran. He was considered as the individualist for many years because of his persistence in studying of the forbidden arts of a necromancy. Wishing to study everything that he could learn from the magic world and its dark miracles, he was upset with bans outdate and deprived of imagination equal to it by situation. Having heard a powerful call from Nortrend, архмаг used all the will to communication with a mysterious voice. Convinced that Kirin Tor was too fastidious to seize power and knowledge of dark arts, it overcame itself(himself) to study that it could from incredibly powerful King Mertvykh.

Having left the welfare and prestigious political situation, Kel’tuzed threw traditions Kirin Tora and Dalaran forever left. Pushed by a constant voice of the King Mertvykh in the mind, he sold the extensive possession and rejected the welfare. Traveling one many leagues on the ground I also exhaust, he at last reached cold coast of Nortrend. Having intended to reach Ice Corona and to offer the services to the King Mertvykh, архмаг passed through the ruins of Azol-Neruba ruined and destroyed by war. Kel’tuzed saw with own eyes opportunities and ferocity of the power of Ner’zul. He began to understand that accession to the mysterious King Mertvykh would be wise and potentially fruitful.

After long months of wanderings on a cold Arctic heathland, Kel’tuzed at last reached dark Ice Corona. It safely approached a dark citadel of Ner’zul and was shocked when guardsmen you indulge quietly allowed it to pass as if it was expected. Kel’tuzed went down deeply on the cold earth and found the road down to the glacier basis. There, in an infinite cave of ice and shadows, he fell before the Ice Throne and offered the soul to the dark master of the dead.

The king Mertvykh was happy with the last citizen. He promised Kel’tuzedu immortality and the big power in exchange for its loyalty and obedience. Striving for dark knowledge and force, Kel’tuzed accepted the first big mission: to enter the world of people and to base new religion which will worship the King Mertvykh as god.

To help an arkhmag to reach its mission, Ner’zul left Kel’tuzed’s humanity invariable. Aged, but still charismatic wizard was allocated with the power to use deception and beliefs to engender trust and belief in Lorderon’s mass crushed, deprived of the rights. Then, only he achieved them attention, he will offer them vision of new society — and a new nominal figure which they will call the king.

Kel’tuzed it is reserved I came back to Lorderon, and within three years, he used the welfare and intelligence to collect a secret brotherhood of men and women of similar thinking. A brotherhood which he called the Cult of Damned (Cult of the Damned), having promised the to assistants social equality and eternal life on Azerota in exchange for their service and Ner’zulu’s obedience. There passed months, Kel’tuzed found more and more suffering volunteers of the new cult among the tired Lorderon’s unskilled workers. It was surprisingly easy task for Kel’tuzed: namely, to entice citizens from belief in Sacred Light in belief of a dark shadow of Ner’zul. As the Cult of Damned dews in sizes and influence, Kel’tuzed provided concealment of the work from Lorderon’s authorities.

With Kel’tuzed’s progress in Lorderona, the King Mertvykh made final preparations for attack on a human civilization. Having placed the plague in a set transferable artifacts, the called plague coppers, Ner’zul ordered to Kel’tuzedu to bring coppers to Lorderon where they will be hidden in the territory of the villages operated by a cult. The coppers protected by correct kultist would work as plague sources, filtering in the territory of nothing the suspecting rural grounds and northern Lorderon’s cities.

The plan of the King Mertvykh worked. Many of the northern villages of Lorderona were infected practically at once. Also as well as in Nortrenda, citizens who caught plague died and revived desired slaves to the King Mertvykh. Kultista Kel’tuzed sought to die and rise in service of the dark mister again. They exulted in an immortality anticipation in effect you indulge. With spread of plague, there were more and more wild zombies in Northern lands. Kel’tuzed looked after growth of army of the King Mertvykh and called it the Lash because soon this armies will march to Lorderon’s gate and to destroy mankind from a face of the world.
Splinters of Alliance
Without knowing about the cults of death formed in their countries, leaders of the nations of Alliance began to be at enmity and argue on territorial questions and reduction of political influence. The king Lorderona Terenas began to suspect that the fragile contract which they created during an hour, fatal for them, can’t last further. Terenas convinced leaders of Alliance to provide means and workers to restore the southern kingdom Stormvind destroyed during attack on Azerot of orks. More heavy taxes which followed it, along with high expenses of maintenance and management of numerous reservations of orks led many leaders — Genn Greymeyn Gilnassky (Genn Greymane of Gilneas) in particular — to thought that for their kingdoms it will be better to leave Alliance.

To worsen a question, high elves of Silvermun sharply refused devotion of Alliance, having declared that unsuccessful leadership of people led to burning of their woods during the Second War. Terenas resisted the impatience and quietly reminded elves that from Kvel’talas there is no nothing left, if not hundreds of brave people who gave the lives to protect them. Nevertheless, elves stubborn decided to go own road. After leaving of elves, Gilneas (Gilneas) and Stromgard (Stromgarde) also left Alliance.

Though the Alliance collapsed, the King Terenas still had allies on whom he could count. And the Admiral Proudmur from Cool Tiras (Kul Tiras) and the young King Azerota Varian Vrinn (Varian Wrynn), remained are devoted to Alliance. Besides, wizards Kirin Tora, led by Arkhmag Antonidas, assured Terenes in steady support of Dalaran to his board. Perhaps pledge of the powerful King Dvarfov, Magni Bronzoborodogo who swore that Dvarfy Ayronfordzha will be always correct to a debt of honor to Alliance for the help in release Khaz Modana from the Horde was the most important assurance among all.