Warcraft Universe – History Warcraft – Chapter V: Return of the Flaring Legion

Lorderon’s lash
Warcraft 3: Domination of Chaos

After preparation for long months, Kel’tuzed and his Cult Damned, at last, struck the first blow, extending plague on Lorderona. I wiped and his companions paladins I investigated the infected areas in hope to find a way to stop plague. Despite their efforts, plague continued to extend and threatened to break off Alliance on part.

As soon as you indulge ranks appeared in all Lorderona, the only son of Terenas, Prince Artes, lifted fight against the Lash. Artes succeeded in Kel’tuzed’s murder, but even after that, you indulge ranks, increased with each soldier, fallen, protecting the earth. Broken and driven into a corner by almost unstoppable enemy, Artes undertook more and more emergency measures to win against it. At last Artes’s friends warned him that it begins to lose the human shape.

Artes’s fear and his methods as it appeared, served his final falling. He traced a plague source to Nortrend, intending to put an end to this threat forever. But instead, Prince Artes eventually fell a victim of huge strength of the King Mertvykh. Believing that it will rescue his people, Artes, lifted the damned runny blade, Frostmorn (Frostmourne). The sword really provided it incomprehensible force, but at the same time stole his soul and transformed it to the greatest of death knights of the King Mertvykh. With the rejected soul and the destroyed judiciousness, Artes led the Lash against the own kingdom. As a result, Artes killed own father, the King Terenas, and Lorderon an iron heel of the King Mertvykh broke.
Solar Well — Kvel’talas’s Falling
Though he also won against all people on whom now he looked as at enemies, Artes was visited often by Kel’tuzed’s ghost. The ghost told Artes that he has to be revived for the following stage of the plan of the King Mertvykh. To restore it, Artes had to bring Kel’tuzedu’s remains to a mystical Solar Well (Sunwell) hidden within the eternal kingdom of the highest elves to Kvel’talasa.

Artes and his Lash intruded in Kvel’talas and besieged the falling defense of elves. Silvana Vindranner (Sylvanas Windrunner), the general Silvermuna, lifted brave fight, but Artes eventually destroyed army of the highest elves and broke through to the Solar Well. In cruel gesture of the superiority, it raised a body of the fallen Silvana and revived in her a bansha ghost, damned on infinite existence you indulge on service of conquerors of Kvel’talas.

Finally, Artas shipped Kel’tuzed’s remains in sacred waters of the Solar Well. Powerful waters of Eternity were profaned by this action, but Kel’tuzed was regenerated as the powerful lich-magician. Revived, a being, Kel’tuzed explained even more powerful the following stage of the plan of the King Mertvykh. After that Artes and his army you indulge I moved to the south, there is no not one living elf left in Kvel’Talas. The magnificent homeland of the highest elves which staid more than nine thousand years didn’t exist any more.


Arkhimond’s return and Flight on Kalimdor.
As soon as Kel’tuzed was revived, Artes conducted the Lash to the south to Dalaran. There Leitch had to receive the powerful book of spells Mediva, and would use it to call Arkhimond to Azerot’s world. After that Arkhimond would begin a final stage of invasion of the Legion. Even wizards Kirin Tora couldn’t stop Artes’s strength from theft of the book Mediva, and Kel’tuzed had all necessary soon to carry out a ceremony. After ten thousand years, the powerful demon Arkhimond and his hordes appeared in Azerot’s world. And still Dalaran wasn’t their final point. According to personal orders Kil’dzhadena, Arkhimond and his demons followed the Lash in Kalimdor to destroy Nordrassil (Nordrassil), the World Tree.

In the middle of this chaos, lonely, there was a mysterious prophet directing mortal races. This prophet, as it appeared, was not who other as Mediv, the Last Keeper wonderfully restored to life to atone for the last sins. Medical willows I told to the Horde and Alliance of dangers which they faced, and I convinced them to unite. Exhausted with generations of mutual hatred, orks and people couldn’t go to it. Medical willows it was forced to deal with each race separately, using a prophecy and cunning that messages through the seas to the legendary earth to Kalimdor. Orks and people very quickly faced a reserved civilization Kaldoreev.

Orks, led by Trall, transferred a number of stops during travel on Kalimdor’s Steppes. They gave support to Keyrn to the Bloody Horn (Cairne Bloodhoof) and its powerful soldiers to taurines as a set of orks began to submit again to demonic blood lust which tormented them during many generations. The greatest of Trall’s colleagues, the Thunder Hellskrim, even betrayed the Horde, indulging to the lowest instincts. During transition through the Ashenvaldsky Wood, Hellskrim and his correct soldiers of clan of the Fighting Song faced ancient Guards of night elves. Sure is that Orks came back to the aggressive traditions, the demigod Tsenarius left to expel Hellskrim and his orks. Despite it Hellskrim and his orks, overcome its army with sverkhestvestvenny hatred and anger both kill Tsenarius and profane ancient forest lands. Hellskrim returned the honor when helped Trall to inflict defeat over Mannorokh, the master of demons who damned in ancient times all sort of orks the blood of hatred and anger. With Mannorokh’s death, to a damnation of blood of orks was an end is put.

When Mediv convinced orks and people of requirement of the union, night elves fought against the Legion in the own mysterious ways. Tirend Vispervind (Tyrande Whisperwind), the immortal Highest Priestess Strazhey of night elves, desperately I fought, constraining demons and to indulge from capture of the woods of Ashenval. Tirend understood that she needs the help and therefore she decided to awaken druids of night elves from their thousand-year hibernation. Having called the ancient love, Malfuriona Stormreydzha (Malfurion Stormrage), Tirend succeeded in restoration of defense capability and exile of the Legion. By means of Malfurion, the nature rose by fight with the Flaring the Legion and its ally Pletyyu.

During search of the sleeping druids, Malfurion found ancient underground prison in which he chained the brother, Illidan. Convinced in the fact that Illidan will help them with fight against the Legion, Tirend releases it. Illidan really helped them some time, but, eventually, left them to pursue own interests.

Night elves encouraged themselves and continued fight against the Flaring Legion against gloomy determination. The legion never stopped the desire to possess the Eternity Well, a power source for the World Tree — direct heart of the kingdom of night elves. If their planned attack on the Tree was successful, demons literally would destroy the world.


Fight at the Mountain Hidzhal
Under influence Mediva, Trall and the Jain Praudmur is the leader of human forces in Kalimdore — understood that they had to postpone their disagreements. Night elves, led by Malfurion and Tirend, agreed that all three races have to unite if they hope to protect the World Tree. United by the uniform purpose, Azerot’s races worked together on strengthening of energy of the World Tree to a limit. Allocated with force of the world, Malfurion could in untie Nordrassil’s rage, completely destroying these Arkhimond and destroying communication of the Flaring Legion to the Eternity Well. Final fight shook Kalimdor’s continent to the roots. Incapable to eat Well force, the Flaring Legion was broken by the integrated force of armies mortal.
Ascension of the Traitor
Warcraft 3X: Ice Throne

During invasion of the Legion into Ashenval, Illidan was released from the underground prison after ten thousand years of captivity. Though he also sought to help the companions, he quickly returned to the true form and used energy of a powerful magical artifact known as Gul’dan’s Skull. Having made it, Illidan developed the demonic abilities and considerably increased the forces. He also received some memoirs of Gul’dan — especially memories of Sargeras’s Grave, an island dungeon in which by hearsay rumors stored remains of the Dark Titan Sargeras.

Having armed with force and freedom again to wander about the world, Illidan intended to find the own place in the big scheme of the world. However, Kil’dzhaden appeared before Illidan and made him the proposal which that couldn’t refuse. The Mountain had Kil’dzhaden in rage because of Arkhimond’s defeat Hidzhal, but he had big problems, than just revenge. Feeling that creation by it the King Mertvykh becomes too powerful that ми it was possible to operate, Kil’lzhaden ordered to Illidan to destroy Ner’zul and to put an end of the Lash once and for all. In exchange for it, Illidan would receive the inexpressible power and the true place among the remained lords of the Flaring Legion.

Illidan agreed and immediately went to destroy the Ice Throne, a piece of crystal ice in which the spirit of the King Mertvykh lived. Illidan knew that he needed a powerful artifact to destroy the Ice Throne. Having used knowledge which he gained from Gul’dan’s memoirs, Illidan decided to look for Sargeras’s Grave and to take control of remains of the Dark Titan. He called for some old debts High-given rise and called snake Is nude from their dark diving den. Led by the cunning witch Lady Vayshi are nude helped to reach Illidana of the Broken Islands where Sargeras’s Grave was by hearsay located.

As soon as Illidan went with legs, Strazhnitsa Meyv Shadousong (Maiev Shadowsong) began on it hunting. Meyv was Illidan’s wardress during ten thousand years and cherished prospect of his return. However, Illidan outwitted Meyv and her Guards and managed to take control of Sargeras’s Eye despite all their efforts. With a powerful Eye in hands, Illidan came to the destroyed city of wizards Dalaran. Strengthened by the weaved magics of the destroyed city, Illidan used an Eye to throw a destructive paternoster against Ice Corona, citadels of the King Mertvykh in the remote Nortrenda. Illidan’s attack destroyed defense of the King Mertvykh, but broke off the roof of the world. During the last moment, destructive sorcery of Illidan it was stopped when his brother Malfurion and the Priestess Tirend arrived to Meyv’s help.

Knowing that Kil’dzhaden won’t be happy with his failure in destruction of the Ice Throne, Illidan ran away to the fruitless measurement known as Heathlands: the last remains of Drenor, being once the house of orks. There it planned to leave for Kil’dzhaden’s anger and to prepare the following steps. Having successfully stopped magic Illidana, Malfurion and Tirend came back home in the Ashenvalsky Wood to watch the people. Мэйв, however, I didn’t leave so easily, and I followed Illidan in the Heathland, having decided to betray him to a fair trial.


Birth of Bloody Elves
At this time, to indulge Lashes transformed Lorderon and Kvel’talas in poisonous Plague Earth. There were some groups of the remained forces of resistance of Alliance. One such group consisting in the majority of the highest elves was headed by the last of a dynasty Sanstrayderov (Sunstrider): prince Kel’Tas. Kel, being itself a skilled magician, I began to be afraid of defeat of Alliance. The highest elves grieved for the lost homeland and decided to call themselves Bloody Elves, in honor of their fallen people. But, despite their efforts to keep the Lash in awe, they strongly suffered, being cut off from the Solar Well which fed their forces. Having despaired to find means for racial tendency of the people to magic, Kel made improbable: it brought together all remained High-given rise and joined Illidan and his legs in hope to find a new magic power source. The remained command of Alliance condemned bloody elves as it of traitors, and expelled them forever.

Illidana from her captivity. Having settled down in Heathlands, Illidan collected the forces for the second attempt to destroy Ice Corona Korolya’s fortress of the Dead.
Civil War in Plague Lands
Ner’zul, the King Mertvykh, knew that his time was on an outcome. Imprisoned in the Ice Throne, he suspected that Kil’dzhaden will send the agents to destroy it. Illidan’s paternoster hurt the Ice Throne; thus, the King Mertvykh began to lose the force every day. Having despaired to rescue itself, it called the most great mortal servant: death knight Prince Artes.

Though its forces were exhausted by weakness of the King Mertvykh, Artes was involved in civil war in Lorderona. A half of constant forces you indulge, led by bansh Silvana Vindranner, I organized successful revolution for the sake of control over the empire you indulge. Artes called by the King Mertvykh was forced to leave the Lash under command of the colleague, Kel’Tuzeda, because of the war accruing on all Plague Lands.

As a result, and her rebellious to indulge Silvanus, known as Renounced, I occupied the destroyed capital of Lorderona and I made it the own capital. Building an own stronghold under the destroyed city, Renounced swore to inflict defeat of the Lash and to expel Kel’tuzed and his minions from their earth.

Weakened, but decided to rescue the owner, Artes reached Nortrend and faced Illidan’s legs and bloody elves, waiting him. It and his nerubiansky allies battled against Illidan’s forces, for the right the first to reach Ice Corona and to protect the Ice Throne.
Celebration of the King Mertvykh
Even weakened, Artas eventually surpassed Illidan and reached the Ice Throne the first. Using the runny blade Frostmorn, Artas destroyed ice prison of the King Mertvykh and thus released the bewitched helmet and Ner’zul’s bib. Artes put on unimaginably powerful helmet to the own harm and became the new King Mertvykh. Ner’zul and Artes’s soul, it was alloyed in a powerful uniform being as Ner’zul always also planned. Illidan and his groups were forced to run back in the Heathland in a shame while Artes became one of the most powerful beings who was known ever by the world.

Now Artes, the new and immortal King Mertvykh, lives in Nortrenda; it, by hearsay, restores Ice Corona’s citadel. His most correct assistant, Kel’tuzed, orders the Lash in Plague Lands. Silvana and her rebellious Renounced control only Tirisfalsky Glades, small part of the kingdom ruined by war.
Old Enemies — Kalimdor’s Colonization
Though the victory was behind them, mortal races appeared in the world destroyed by war. The lash and the Flaring Legion almost completely destroyed Lorderon’s civilizations and almost finished the work in Kalimdore. It was necessary to treat the woods, to bury old offenses and hatred and to occupy the homeland. War deeply wounded each race, but they selflessly united to begin anew, having begun with a hard truce between Alliance and the Horde.

Trall conducted orks to Kalimdor’s center where they based the new homeland by means of the new brothers of taurines. Calling the Novaya Zemlya Darotar (Durotar) in honor of the killed father Trall, orks lodged on it to restore their former once magnificent society. Now, when an end was put to a damnation of demons, the Horde, came from aggressive ruthless force to big free society, having devoted itself to a survival and prosperity, but not gains. By means of noble taurines and cunning trolls from the tribe of the Black Spear, Trall and his orks looked forward a new era of the world on their own earth.

The saved forces of Alliance under the direction of Jains Praudmur, located in the southern Kalimdore. On east coast of the Dusty Bog, they constructed a rough seaport Teramor (Theramore). Behind its walls people and their allies of Dvarfy worked to survive on the earth which will be always hostile to them. Though defenders Darotara and Teramora observed a truce with each other, fragile colonial idyll didn’t last long.

The world between orks and people was broken by arrival of massive fleet of Alliance in Kalimdor. The powerful fleet, under command of the Great Admiral Delin Praudmur, the father Dzhayna, was left by Lorderon before Artes destroyed the kingdom. I travel within long wearisome months, the Admiral Praudmur brought together the survived people of Alliance whom I could find.

The armada Praudmur posed serious threat of stability of the region. As the famous hero of the Second War, the father Dzhayny was a correct enemy Ordy, and he was adjusted to destroy Darotar before orks would complete the fortress which became to them a point of support on the earth.

The great Admiral forced the Jain to make the awful decision: or to support him in battle against orks and to betray the new found allies, or to struggle with the own father to maintain the fragile peace which the Alliance and the Horde, at last, achieved. After long revaluation of values, the Jain chose the last and I helped the Trawl to inflict defeat over the mad father. Unfortunately, the Admiral Pradmur died in battle before Jain could overpersuade him and prove that orks weren’t blood-thirsty monsters any more. For her fidelity, orks I allowed forces to come back home safely Jains in Teramor.