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Once Supreme shaman Ner’zul was the most great spiritual leader of orks. But the demon by the name of Kil’dzheden entered him into deception, and Ner’zul became responsible for events which led to moral falling of orks and to education of a blood-thirsty Horde. However, subsequently Ner’zul showed an unruliness and didn’t allow the citizens to join the ranks of demons of the Flaring Legion.

Kil’dzheden heavy punished Ner’zul for disobedience: it destroyed his body and subjected spirit to cruel torments. Ner’zulu was put the ultimatum: or to adjoin the Flaring Legion and to serve him undividedly and selflessly, or eternally to suffer unbearable torment. Ner’zul had no choice. He swore on fidelity to Kil’dzheden. And then the master of demons revived it in shape of terrible and incredibly powerful attendant Legion – Korolya-licha.

Ner’zul’s spirit was chained by magical charms in an ancient armor, and the mighty runny sword Ice Grief was enclosed in his incorporeal hand. To exclude any possibility of disobedience, Kil’dzheden soldered an armor and a blade in the huge ice block which is specially delivered since distant boundaries of Whirl of Emptiness. Kil’dzheden transported this ice crystal to Azerot, to the cold and nepriyutny region – Nordskol.

Korol-lich it was allocated with the unprecedented power. Including power over the death. Having sat on the Ice Throne, Ner’zul called for himself hordes you indulge. War with the spidery tribe Azzhol-Neruba and their master Anub’arak became their baptism of fire. War of spiders lasted not one year, but many soldiers of Neruba who were killed in action were soon forced to obey to Ner’zul’s will and to enter his army. Anub’arak was ambushed, was killed and revived by Ner’zul for service to the Legion in an appearance of the master of nekrorakhnid.

It seemed, Korol-lich faithfully serves the lord. Actually he made smart plans to be exempted from its dominion. Having done a crack within the walls of an ice dungeon, he pushed out through it outside the runny sword and ordered to carry away to servants it far away from the Ice Throne. Ner’zul wanted to use a sword as a bait: to promise it in an award to some brave soldier who will exempt it from Kil’dzheden’s power and in whose body it will be able to be embodied it, Ner’zul, distraught spirit. Waiting, when its intimate hopes will be executed, it, having had patience, continued to carry out will of the mister.

Having arrived to Azerot, Korol-lich began to sow killing plague everywhere you indulge. This terrible illness is urged to eradicate all live and to join dead persons ranks of the Flaring Legion. More correctly to ruin live, Korol-lich got support of the ambitious magician Kel’tuzad, the member of the Supreme Council Dalaran.

Under vigilant supervision Ner’zula Kel’tuzad created “a cult Damned” – group of people to whom I promised eternal life in Azerota, justice and equality. Participants of group carried plague on all northern settlements of Lorderona and brought under banners of Korolya-licha of crowd feeble-minded you indulge. The army incessantly expanded. On uniform wave of a hand Ner’zula it was ready to wipe mankind off the face of the earth. Therefore Kel’tuzad gave armies you indulge a capacious, biting and terrible name: Lash.

The Supreme magician Antonidas suspected that in an origin of pernicious plague didn’t do without magic. He ordered to go the sorcerer Dzhayna Praudmur to the north and to find out, whether so it. To accompany it prince Artas Menetil, the only son of the king Terenas was called. Dzhayne and Artas tracked down and destroyed Kel’tuzad, the main henchman of Korolya-licha, – but having even killed the necromancer, they couldn’t stop invasion of the Lash. The end wasn’t visible to fight with not life. The belief and patience of the prince began to weaken.

To the aid the Jain and Art Asu the famous paladin Uter Svetonosny came. But also with its support they didn’t manage to keep up in time to gate of the city of Stratkholm where henchmen of Korolya-licha distributed to peasants the grain infected with plague. Artas understood that innocent farmers are fated, though against the will, to join ranks you indulge. He ordered to Uter to clear the city fire and a sword and to exterminate all civilians until they turned into soldiers of the Lash. The paladin refused. Artas in rage called the nice knight the traitor and declared that he dismisses an award of the Silver Hand. Uter didn’t wish more minute to remain with the prince. At the head of the group of riders (those who escaped in fights) it left the city. I followed it the Jain: the wild behavior of Artos horrified her.

But also having lost allies, the prince didn’t leave the bloody plan. It cut out all citizens to uniform and burned all houses to the basis. That day in Artas something as if cracked. Stratkholm’s ashes were left absolutely by other person. In the fire of the innocent city everything that was in it human burned down.

Artos didn’t spare either forces, or time to put an end to approach of the Lash. He tracked down that the source of spread of plague is somewhere in Nordskole. At heart at it the stone lay, but the determination was unshakable: its way lies on a world roof where only snow, cold and death. And it went to Nordskol. There, to the surprise, he met the old friend – a dvorf by the name of Muradin Bronzoborody. Muradin told it that he looks for a certain runny sword Ice Grief who is known that it grants the unprecedented magic power. Such sword would be invaluable treasure in fight against the Lash! Artas decided to be let on searches too. However at this time his father, the king Terenas, by insistent council of Uter demanded that the prince came back home. Vessels already stood at pier, ready to departure. But Artos bribed locals that they set fire to the ships. When the prince was in harbor with the soldiers, to their look only burned skeletons appeared. Artos pretended that it is terribly struck and angered, and somehow to smooth a grief and rage of soldiers, ordered to overtake and kill with it instigators.

The way home was barred. Artas began to comb wild lands of Nordskol up and down, hoping to find a mysterious sword. In it, he believed, all hopes for rescue are concluded. And at last, searches were crowned with success. The precious blade reclined on a pedestal on which the gloomy omen was traced. Yes, the Ice Grief really grants forever to the owner unprecedented power. But expensive price: “The blade splits flesh, and the power dissects soul”. However Artos didn’t listen to caution and didn’t begin to listen to disturbing admonitions of Muradin. It was ready for everything to take control of a sword. Resolutely on everything.

The prince carelessly exempted a sword from ice fetters; it cost life Muradina. Artas tried to master Ice Grief … and lost the last particles of humanity. From where to it was to know that the original owner of a sword – Korol-lich? And that the sword not only grants the power – thanks to Kil’dzheden’s charms, – but also steals soul of the one which of live will dare to appropriate it. And it is already not Kil’dzheden’s magic, and Ner’zula.

Artos squeezed a sword handle, and in his soul spread disastrous blackness. The will of the king-licha invincibly attracted him to itself. And, obeying I call the new master, he set foot on dead styly land of Nordskol …

Lorderon’s inhabitants met victorious return of Artas by triumph. But they were fated to rejoice not for long. The prince was to the father, the king Terenas, – and, without having managed to bend before him a knee, stuck the bewitched sword to it into heart. Also cruelly it dealt shortly with the aged mentor Uter Svetonosny. Then I demanded to give it Kel’tuzad’s remains. After the artasovykh of excesses one of the most beautiful cities of people, a pearl of the fatherly kingdom, turned into a heap of ruins where the death and a devastation reign.

At the head of the spreading army you indulge Artas who became the death knight with fight I passed through Lunosvet’s gate and I went deep into Kel’talas’s woods, exterminating all elves to uniform. It willfully took control of the Solar well and by means of its magic Kel’tuzada in Leitch’s shape restored to life. Then he left the earth of the Highest elves. Once flourishing region represented itself a rotten heathland now.

Kel’tuzad, in turn, opened Arkhimondu’s pass – to the powerful demon from the Flaring Legion. Having hardly arrived, Arkhimond declared that Korol-lich is necessary to nobody any more and isn’t fit for anything. Arkhimond developed military operations, realizing Legion plans, and Artas meanwhile went to the continent Kalimdor. There he met the great demons hunter by the name of Illidan Yarost of the Storm. Its interests coincided with interests of Korolya-licha. Artas gave to him advice.

The third war terminated in Arkhimond’s defeat. With his death the army of the Legion was scattered. Artas came back to Lorderon. To his look the tragic picture of decline and destruction – a sign of that appeared, he learned that Korol-lich loses the power. Artas went back to Nordskol. In way it faced army of elves – those who escaped in slaughter which the Lash made in Kel’talas. Elves entered into alliance with Illidan Yarostyyu of the Storm and moved to approach to the Ice Throne. Art Asu needed to be ahead of them. Conducted by Anub’arak, the master of nekrorakhnid, it passed in tens of underground passages somewhat quicker to make the way to a throne of Korolya-licha.

At an exit from the last underground cave it was waited by the last test: a duel in private with Illidan who turned into the demon meanwhile. The ice Grief with a ring was crossed to Illidan’s weapon – pair blades of Azzinot. Bleeding profusely, the demon failed during snow. Artas went further. In ears it gave past votes: they warned, asked, conjured not to make a fatal flaw. But Artos remained is deaf to them.

One say that the death knight still voluntarily stepped into the bottom of the Ice Throne. Others claim that from that minute as it concerned a handle of a runny sword, it only blindly carried out Ner’zul’s will. Anyway, when it approached closely the runny armor concluded in an ice block the one and only voice prevailed over the many-voiced chorus which was distributed at it in the head. “Return a sword, – Korol-lich ordered. – Let the circle will become isolated. Release me from a dungeon!” From Artas’s breast terrible roar escaped. The bewitched blade rose in air and with a roar fell upon the Ice Throne. The block scattered into smithereens. Artas took both hands a heavy Korolya-licha helmet and set up it to himself on the head: the union was fastened to Ner’zul forever.

Now Korol-lich waits and spins a snare to entice brave an iskatelets of adventures into the dark courses which once there passed Artas. The insatiable Ice Grief is eager for souls of men of courage and reckless – and from under a visor of Korolya-licha Ner’zul’s voice is still distributed.

“Now we are one”.