Warcraft Universe – the History Warcraft – Unbreakable


All real — is live.

He repeated these words as if a spell, scooping in them continued support to again found meaning of life. Moreover, they found sense of enlightenment, became the key opening the whole Universe of new knowledge. Exactly thanks to this revelation it also appeared here.

Nobundo looked for calms in these words, slowly moving ahead on the wood of huge toadstools among bogs of Zangartopi. Their disputes shone green and red in fog of early morning. It went on the creaking wooden planked footway thrown through superficial windows of marsh water. In several moments it appeared at the purpose, looking from below up at the shining lower party of a hat of a huge toadstool which towered over all others. There, at its top, it was expected by the dreneysky settlement of Telredor.

It tremblingly in soul continued a way, hard leaning on a road staff and damning joint pain. I entered on a platform which will lift it upward. He worried as he still wasn’t sure as it will be accepted. There was time when such as it, wasn’t allowed even to approach settlements Untouched.

They will just laugh over me.

He deeply inhaled cold air of foggy bogs and begged that it had enough courage to cope with the fact that it is necessary to it.

As soon as the platform stopped, Nobundo carefully entered, shuffling, under an entrance arch, went down low steps and came to the place of landing before the small square of the settlement where already it was waited by meeting.

He looked down on stern faces дренеев which considered it with obvious disgust and sense of superiority.

Eventually, it only крокул: “Broken”.

To be Broken – means to be a derelict. It is wrong and unfair, but it is reality with which he was forced to be reconciled. Many of him the brothers and sisters who aren’t affected by damage couldn’t understand how there could be in general a falling of krokul, especially Nobundo as somebody could, so gifted and so darling Svetom a mouth so low.

Though Nobundo himself also plainly didn’t know how it happened, he knew when. With the terrifying clearness he remembered a moment with which its own falling began.

— Chapter 1 —

Heaven sobbed when orks besieged Shattrat.

Many months heaven didn’t present Drenor’s earth with a rain, but now as if protesting against the approaching fight, dark clouds tightened the sky. At first over the city and the army surrounding it sprinkling drizzled. Then it passed into long heavy rain. Opponents stood, looking at each other, and waited.

“Them there thousands” — Nobundo gloomy thought, looking from high bastions of an internal ring of walls. Behind external walls of the city, among Terokkar’s woods which are lit up by torches, shadows rushed about. It is possible if orks developed the plan more carefully, they would destroy all woods in the district before approach, but then orks strategy worried a little. They were attracted only by passion of fight and bloodshed.

Telmor fell, Karabor and Faralon fell. How much once mighty the dreneyskikh of the cities nowadays lie in ruins! Shattrat was the last stronghold.

Орочья the horde slowly came to positions, reminding Nobundo a huge sharp-toothed snake who squeezes the rings, preparing for a throw … to a throw which will become disastrous for Shattrat’s defenders.

“All of us equally had to die”.

He perfectly understood that he and those who gathered here this night will have to offer themselves. They were called to remain and battle in the last fight. Their inevitable defeat had to convince orks that drene are cut out almost absolutely. Those who left to look for a shelter, will survive and will sometime return, they will win everything lost – when forces are not so unequal.

“Come what may. My spirit won’t die, it will merge in pleasure with Light”.

Having become stronger spirit, Nobundo stood up straight, having straightened mighty shoulders, ready to meet everything that was prepared by destiny. His thick tail nervously trembled when it strong rested hoofs against a firm stone of fortifications. He deeply sighed, having strong squeezed a handle of the crystal fighting hammer, blessed Light.

“But I will die not submissively”.

He together with others Vozdayatelyami, sacred Daybreakers, will fight up to the end. He darted a glance at the fellows standing on both sides from it on all length of a wall. As well as he, they were passionless and full of determination, in soul having reconciled with that fate which nowadays expected them.

To walls obsidional tools — catapults, rams, ballistas crept up – various obsidional devices flashed in the light of torches. Their heavy frames ominously creaked and cracked while cars settled down at shot distance from city walls.

Drums, at first dissonantly roared, then the others began to join their chorus quickly until covered all wood with a roar which began as if a small rain, and then I passed into a never-ending peal of a thunder. Nobundo whispered a prayer, asking Light to grant to it forces.

The low rumble was heard. In heavy clouds the thunder rattled, and its sound was as if an echo of a mad roar of drums below. For some moment Nobundo seemed that Light responded to his prayer and power and anger will show the now, and contrary to all hopes the bright beam of sacred fire will strike from heaven and at one stroke will destroy all this wild, blood-thirsty horde.

Both power and anger were really shown – but it was not Light.

Clouds with a roar broke off the massive incendiary shells flying on the earth with a speed of meteors and with a force capable to shatter a bone.

The deafening roar struck in Nobundo’s ears when one of shells passed in dangerous proximity, having demolished the next buttress and having flapped a cloud of fragments. As if on a signal, hordes of orks moved on an attack. Their chilling war-calls rattled over the city. They went, conducted by one purpose – to destroy everything on the way.

The rain amplified, external walls began to tremble under blows of the huge stones flying from rough catapults. Nobundo knew that external walls won’t sustain. They were constructed hastily on the sunk base of an external ring of defense last year after orks began to cut out methodically its people, and it became clear that this city will become their last citadel.

Stupid ogra began to break the wall site which is already hurt by blows of meteors. Two more these terrible creatures punched a huge ram city gate.

Nobundo’s fellows several times attacked the enemy, but to the place of each killed there were two. The hurt site of a wall began to fall. The wave of the orks who went mad from blood rushed in a breach: they clambered on the heads of relatives in thirst of murder.

Time has come,. Nobundo lifted the fighting hammer to heaven, closed eyes and cleared reason, having expelled from it all-consuming cacophony of fight. He appealed to Light in soul, and the body felt it inflow of familiar heat. Its hammer flashed. It concentrated, and directed the blessed, sacred force of clarification on ogr under walls.

Dazzling flash for an instant lit up all battlefield. It was followed right there by the scared roar of orks from the advanced line when Sacred Light singed them, stunned and made silent exactly so that dreneysky soldiers managed to dump one of huge ogr.

But Nobundo’s simplification was short. The tree crash was heard – the last blow of a ram broke the main gate. Nobundo watched how defenders of Nizhny Novgorod of the city run towards to a wave of ogr and orks and as this wave right there overflows them. Nobundo appealed to Light again, having directed the salutary force to all whom I could rescue, but there were too much enemies. On everyone cured дренея immediately with the doubled force enemies snatched, and in several seconds he perished.

Even more ogr began to disorganize a weak site of an external wall, and now they managed to break through inside. Defenders whom enemies repeatedly outnumbered were surrounded on both sides of a wall.

Orks flew into a rage from blood. When the external ring of defense already teemed with them, Nobundo managed to see their eyes – they burned, blazed rage, and this scarlet flame pierced soul and struck with fear. Nobundo and others Vozdayateli replaced tactics, having resorted instead of healing to clarification. Again the city was lit up by bright flash, and hundreds of orks struck with Light were tumbled down down to the ground. The scarlet shine in their eyes instantly went out, and the remained soldiers-drenei immediately deprived of them life.


The wall shuddered, and Nobundo’s hoofs slid on a stone, wet from a rain. He became straight and looked down, at the ogr threshing on a column foot a cudgel size about a tree. He uplifted a hammer to heaven, closed eyes, but its concentration was interrupted by the next sound …


This time not огр, and explosion somewhere below, but out of a visibility range, brought down Nobundo from legs. He was rolled on one side and looked out for a wall to see how thin red fog tightens Nizhny Novgorod the city. The few survived defenders right there couldn’t stop cough and developed in half in vomiting attacks, many dropped the weapon. Wild orks quickly settled accounts with helpless soldiers, enjoying a slaughter.

When slaughter terminated, orks raised the burning eyes full of mad thirst up to break off defenders of walls to pieces. Several orks got on the heads of ogr, trying to get on steep walls. Their rage and impetuous rage stunned. Fog tightened all Nizhny Novgorod the city and began to rise, slowly closing the sea of madness below.

Nobundo heard stir at himself behind the back. Several orks, aren’t known how got into an internal circle of protection, climbed upward


The wall shuddered again, and Nobundo swore – undoubtedly, that огр threshes a cudgel on a buttress again. The second rain of meteors collapsed from heaven, Nobundo was going to meet an impact of enemies.

It directed rage Sveta to the first ork. Eyes zelenokozhy grew dim, it fell. Nobundo lowered a crystal hammer on a skull of an ork, then took up the arms and, having waved it, the orochyikh of edges with satisfaction heard a crash. He turned back and brought down a hammer on a leg of one more ork, having shattered it a knee. The creature raised a howl from pain and departed from a wall.

Fog rose level with with walls and now covered a stone as if a carpet. Nobundo and him sobratya-Vozdayateli already battled, being in fog up to a breast, then fog rose above the head. It burned down eyes and broke off lungs.

Nobundo heard agonal shouts of the companions, but in dense red fog could make out nothing. Fortunately, seemingly, already nobody attacked it. He reeled, moved back, having suppressed a vomiting desire. The head cracked so that it seemed that it just about will burst.

And here in fog the terrible war-call from which at it blood stiffened in veins was heard.

The shadow approached him. Nobundo tried to raise the head, but the body brought together him in convulsions. He desperately tried to hold the breath, and here from dense fog the incarnate horror covered with tattoos … a huge ork with the burning eyes, from legs to the head in blue blood дренеев, out of breath, with a terrible two-handled pole-axe in hands acted. Its hair, jet-black, wet from sweat, stuck to a mighty breast and shoulders, the lower half of the face was painted by black, giving it similarity to a skull.

Behind his back on a wall crowds of orks rushed. Nobundo understood that the end is close.



The wall shuddered again. The ork was rushed forth, but Nobundo evaded. An edge рассекло armor on Nobundo’s breast, having left a deep wound with which the left side grew dumb. In reply Nobundo waved a hammer which blow smashed fingers of the right hand of an ork, and that powerlessly fell, having dropped the axe. And here, to Nobundo’s horror, the terrible creature smiled.

The ork seized him with a healthy hand, and fire flaring in his eyes burned Nobundo’s soul … burned it through. Nobundo choked. And here he felt that the board of his will is punched. It was some dark, demonic magic erasing part of his soul, and to it it could oppose nothing.


From Nobundo’s mouth on a face and a breast of an ork blood streamed. Dreney closed eyes and desperately begged Sveta, begging him to stop an ork that he could create in soul though some protection. He appealed …

And for the first time since that moment when he for the first time felt a touch Sveta and its blessed shine …

He didn’t receive the answer.

He in horror glanced in mad, fiery eyes of an ork whose roar blocked all other sounds. Nobundo became deaf. It seemed to it that it suddenly appeared in some terrible mute dream. The creature threw back the head and struck with Nobundo’s forehead in a face. Nobundo departed back, having stretched hands, pursued by this scorching look, through rain streams … down, down, through fog down, and at last fell to something that the beginning under it to turn out a complete fiasco.

As if in a silent nightmare, Nobundo saw how the ork disappeared behind edge of a wall. Near it the buttress moved, and the massive part of the top wall failed, having closed the sky and a rain, and buried Nobundo in silent darkness.

Lying in darkness, he thought of those who managed to disappear for which he prayed that they managed to avoid a slaughter, about those whom he loved and esteemed, about those for the sake of whom it gave …

Life. Somehow he still survived.

Nobundo came up from an impenetrable chasm of unconsciousness and found out that he is in a stuffy, dark grave. Air came out lungs fragmentary, convulsive pushes, but it was still live. He didn’t know, what is the time passed from that minute as … as the wall when failed …

It directed up with all the heart. Of course, in fight turmoil he just didn’t manage to concentrate and reach Light, but now, now it will be able, now it precisely will be able …


The response wasn’t.

Nobundo never felt such helpless and desperately lonely. If he doesn’t manage to appeal to Light, and he will die here, what will become with his soul? Really Light won’t accept it? Really its spirit should wander in emptiness eternally

He honestly lived life. But … Perhaps this punishment?

He looked for the answer in soul. The hand groped it in the dark a cold stone. He slowly realized that he lies in very inconvenient pose that directly near it something soft rolls, but huge and that his left leg is broken.

He was rolled on the right side and deeply sighed, trying not to pay attention to pain in a breast and a leg. Without the aid of Light to it not to cure itself so it is necessary to get used to pain. At last he began to feel the left side of the body. And … I heard the deaf sounds accompanying its stir. Means, and the hearing returned to it.

Time he breathes, so from where air arrives. When his eyes adapted to darkness, he saw a tiny point – not light, but darkness of lighter shade, than that that surrounded it. He gave a hand far away, and she groped a familiar cylindrical subject – a handle of its hammer.

Having collected the remains of forces, Nobundo squeezed a hammer handle directly under its head, lifted it and struck this light point. Pieces of a laying departed to the parties, having opened a curve crack between the massive stone blocks which fell at each other at an angle.

His hearing was right there filled with deaf cries, we howl, full of frank horror, reaching from where from far away. It leaned on a hammer, squeezed was in a crack, and from a heap of fragments among which it lay, loud groan reached it.

Sudden inflow of forces allowed it to get out. It hardly constrained shout, having kicked broken about a sharp fragment of a stone, and on a body there passed the pain wave. Heavy groans continued. Stones began to move around, in a crack sand and garbage spread. He quickly crept out outside through an uneven hole and saw light glimmer.

Judging by all to the amplifying groans, under stones I was огр, and he desperately tried to get out. Nobundo was rolled on a back and crept out on elbows in night air. Ogr tirelessly turned inside. Now Nobundo saw all heap of fragments under which he lay. Ogr the last time furiously roared, and all weight collapsed inside, having lifted a cloud of dust and having finally buried under itself a giant.

Again the bloodcurdling scream – from where from far away and from above was heard. Shout to death the frightened woman

Nobundo turned back and saw what to him not to forget until the end of the life, as if he tried

All Nizhny Novgorod the city lit with the moon and glow of the fire was filled up with corpses дренеев. Though the rain stopped, heaps of corpses still were slippery from vomiting, blood and excrements

Nobundo’s heart clenched at the sight of corpses of children. Despite youth, many of them were bravely called to battle together with parents who perfectly understood that orks will suspect wrong if see that in the dreneysky city there are no children, and will begin hunting for survivors, and will exterminate all sort of dreneyskiya at the roots. And still at heart Nobundo hoped and prayed all by power of the soul that the children who remained in the city weren’t left without protection that they could take refuge in shelters which were hastily dug in mountains. He understood that it is silly hope, but nevertheless clung to it.

What can be more senseless than murder of children?

Again his hearing pierced a female cry to the accompaniment of a loud laughter and mocking sneers. Orks feasted, reveling in a victory. Having raised the head, he understood from where there are shouts: highly over peaks of Protective hills of a drenea constructed Aldor’s Ledge. There orks tormented some unfortunate dreneysky woman.

I have to try to stop them.

But how? One, with the broken leg, against hundreds of enemies … left by Light, with only one fighting hammer … How it can stop that madness above?

I have to find a way!

He as mad crept on bodies, slid in blood and dirt, trying not to pay attention to a cadaveric stench and had the guts for garters. It made the way along an external circle of Nizhny Novgorod of the city, to foundation of rocks where the wall connected to the mountain. He will manage to climb up there. He will manage …

Cries broke. He lifted up eyes and saw the silhouettes which are sharply outlined by a moonlight. They dragged up a motionless body to the region of the survey platform and, having shaken, threw down. The body fell with deaf knock near that place where Nobundo not movably hid.

It crept up to a body, looking for in the woman though some signs of life … Close he recognized her. Shaq. He saw it often earlier though they spoke only several times. It always seemed to it lovely and attractive. Now her face turned black from a beating, the throat was cut. On extremely measure, her sufferings came to an end.

From above other shout was heard. Other woman shouted. The anger began to boil in Nobundo’s breast. Anger, despair and wild thirst of revenge.

You can help nothing.

He in despair squeezed a handle of a hammer and again tried to appeal to Light. With its help he will be able to make something though something … but again the answer to it was silence.

Something hurried him to leave from here as soon as possible inside, to find where others disappeared, to live … once to execute greater fulfillment.

It is cowardice. I have to stop them, has to!

But in heart the Nobundo understood that his fight is ended. If it is waited by other, greater mission, then it has to leave immediately. If he tries to climb up upward, he will aimlessly die, and all. Painful shouts broke off night again. Nobundo looked there where the part of a wall failed. A dangerous obstacle, but it is possible to overcome it, besides nobody protected this place.

Time has come,. Make the choice.


It was the chance. Chance to survive and once to change everything.

You have to pass through it. You have to live.

Again the lingering cry, but this time it mercifully broke. Then Orochs of a voice because of an internal wall reached it. It seems that orks went among corpses, looking out for someone. Time expired.

Nobundo took a hammer. Though time and efforts it was required to it fairly, and there is almost no force left, but he nevertheless got out on bodies through a breach in a wall.

When he already went, limping, in the wood Terokkar, female shouts on Aldor’s Ledge were resumed.

— Chapter 2 —

“Truly, the fact that you survived it is a sign, the message Sveta”.

“He endows with the grace each of us in own way. Time will come. And you will find it again”.

“I hope that and will be, my old friend. Simply … just I feel differently. Something in me changed”.

Nonsense. You were tired, your spirit in confusion, but you can’t be blamed after everything that you happened to endure. Have a rest”.

Rolk left a cave. Nobundo laid down on a back and closed eyes …

Shouts. Mad female entreaty about mercy.

Nobundo sharply opened eyes. It stayed here several days, in one of refugee camps where they disappeared even prior to fight. But it couldn’t get off in any way shouts of women whom I left to die. As soon as he closed eyes, they began to call him, to ask about the help, about rescue.

You had no choice.

But whether so it was? He wasn’t sure. Recently Nobundo found out that it is harder and harder for it to save a lucidity of mind. They became muddy, incoherent. He heavy sighed and rose from a laying on a stone floor, stony from joint pain.

He left in are foggy air of bogs and hardly walked on a wet reed substrate. Zangar’s bogs – the place inhospitable, but at least now there was their house.

Orks always avoided bogs, and with an ulterior motive. All this edge was covered with superficial saltish bogs, the majority of local plants and animals were poisonous if not to know how to prepare them, and local creatures will more largely gobble up any who the first didn’t gobble up them.

Having bypassed several huge toadstools, Nobundo heard hard words: the edge of camp had some movement.

He hurried to look, what happened. Inhabitants of camp helped to pass by protection three covered with wounds дренеям – to two men and one woman. One more, fainted, bore afterwards.

Nobundo interrogatively looked at the guard who answered his mute question: “Survivors from Shattrat”.

Nobundo’s heart was clogged often. It followed them in caves where newcomers were carefully laid on laying. At first Rolk pozlozhit hands on that which lay unconscious, but couldn’t awaken him

The woman who, seemingly, was delirious muttered everything: “Where we? What happened? I don’t feel – something …”

Rolk approached it and calmed. Cool it. You among friends. Everything will be OK.

Nobundo shook the head. Whether everything will be good? Oroch hunting groups already found one camp and cut out it. And how these four managed to survive? What horrors this woman happened to see? What plunged the deprived consciousness into such stupor? Moreover — how they looked as behaved … Nobundo thought that their wounds are deeper, than wounds of a body. They seemed devastated, deprived of soul.

They looked as he felt.

In several days survivors recovered so that Nobundo found it possible to ask them on Shattrat.

The woman, Corin, started talking the first. Its voice was interrupted. “We were lucky. We were deeply in mountains, in one of shelters which orks didn’t find … at least, mostly”.

Nobundo perplexedly looked at it.

“In one place the gang of these the zelenokozhikh of creatures found us. What was then … I never saw it. Four men who protected our group. Were killed, but also killed a set. At last, remained only Arak and Estes. They finished those orks that else remained. Terrible creatures … And these eyes, it is terrible eyes …” — Corin shuddered from memoirs.

Estes started talking: “Then there was an explosion. Moment later smelly gas filtered into our shelter, we began to choke, we were struck by an infirmity what we never knew before”.

Nobundo remembered that unnatural red fog and quickly drove away memoirs. Arak got into conversation. “It seemed to us that we die. The majority fainted. When we regained consciousness, there was a morning. Top levels were left. We got out to Protective hills, and from there went to Nagrand where we and were found many days later”.

“How much you were there?”

Arak answered: “Twenty, maybe, it is more. Most of the woman, is a little children. The others approached us one by one and groups as this that lies unconscious in a cave … Said that his name is Akama. We were told that it swallowed gas more, than other survivors. Rolk is still not sure that he sometime …” — Arak stopped short and became silent.

Estes continued. “Then we were divided and dispersed on different camps in Zangar and Nagrande’s bogs. We decided to make so as if one of camps is found by orks, then though not all will die”.

“There is among you someone from priests or Vozadyatelya – owners of luminous intensity?”

All three shook the heads. “For Akama I won’t tell, but we with Estes the simple handicraftsmen not accustomed to the weapon. Therefore we were also sent in caves – we had to become the last line of defense”.

Corin addressed Nobundo: “You escaped one or with you there was somebody else? Where the others who escaped from Shattrat? We heard that orks broke through on the lower levels, but didn’t risk to check and just escaped”.

Nobundo thought of heaps of corpses in Nizhny Novgorod the city … from the Ledge Aldorov heard cries again and I tried to expel these painful shouts from the memory.

“No — he answered. – I don’t know that someone else escaped”.

There passed many months.

Velen, their leader prophet, visited them … or four two days ago? Recently Nobundo became more difficult to remember some things. Velen arrived from one of the next camps. The place where he lived actually, remained carefully protected secret, on a case if to take one of them alive and will begin to torture. And if what you doesn’t know, and you won’t give that. Anyway, Velen spoke with them about the future of their people, that they should hide for a long time, perhaps, for many years, to watch and wait and to watch that he will be with orks.

According to Velen, these green-skined creatures started building which took away all their time and forces. Perhaps, it will distract them from hunting for escaped dreneyam, at least, for some time. And the construction which is built by orks near the main citadel in a scorched earth, reminds some gate.

It seemed, Velen knows much more, than speaks, but, eventually, he is a prophet, the seer. Nobundo thought that the noble wise man has to know a lot of things, it that and the rest it is simple to it not to understand on a nerazumiya to the.

Nobundo watched how Corin comes into water with ostrogy in hands. Something in it seemed to it not such as before. It seemed to it that for the last several weeks her body somehow changed. Her hands became slightly longer, the person seemed devastated, she stooped. Though it seemed absolutely impossible, her tail became really shorter.

Approached Arak and Estes, and Nobundo could swear, as to them there was the same. He looked at own hands. It seems to it, or they really swelled? He felt not as it should be with that … since that night. But he thought that he will recover over time. Now he began to worry.

I approached Corin: “For today I have had enough. I will go, I will lay down”. It pulled Nobundo in the hut.

“You as feel?” — he asked.

Corin smiled, but the smile left unconvincing. “I was simply tired” — she answered.

Nobundo sat over the mountains coming to Zangar’s bogs, having closed eyes. He was tired. The fatigue penetrated it to the brain of bones. He didn’t see several days Corin. It and more two hid in one of caves and when he asked how they feel, to it in reply only vaguely shrugged shoulders. The one whom called Akam still didn’t recover, hardly clinging to life, despite all efforts of Rolk.

Something was wrong. Absolutely incorrectly. Nobundo understood it – he saw changes in himself and other, endured a slaughter in Shattrat including in Akam. The others in camp understood it too. All of them talked to it, even Rolk less. And on once when Nobundo returned to camp with several small big fishes, to it told that there is enough food, and he can eat the catch … as if that illness that devoured it and the others, could be thrown on all camp from one touch to its production.

Nobundo was shocked. Really they forgot everything that he for them made? He began to spend long hours in hills in quiet reflection, forcing the reason to concentrate, desperately trying to dozvatsya to unattainable – to Light. The feeling was it as if before it closed a door as if his soul sought to go way which became impassable or it is worse than that – which didn’t exist any more.

Even from such simple cogitative efforts his head began. Recently it became more difficult to introduce the ideas. Hands continued to swell, and hoofs began to burst. Pieces just fell off them, and more bone didn’t accrue. And nightmares … constant nightmares …

At least, Orochs raids became more rare. Reports said that construction of orks approaches end. And it really was some gate, as well as Velen expected.

“Here and well — Nobundo thought. — I hope, all of them will go to this gate, and they will be overtaken by fate”.

He got up and slowly, reluctantly went back to camp, rejoicing that can lean on a hammer which for the last weeks became such heavy that it had to carry its navershiy down, even more often using it as a staff.

In several hours it reached the place and decided to go to Rolk. Together they will call meeting to talk about escalating intolerance from outside …

Nobundo stopped at an entrance to Rolk’s cave. Inside, on a laying I lay Corin. It changed now so that it was already not similar to a dreneyka at all, being more likely a caricature on their race. It was painfully thin. Eyes of its steel muddy and whitish, forearms terribly swelled. Her hoofs of an oblezla to such an extent that turned into two bony outgrowths, and from a tail there was a small hillock. Despite weakness, she escaped from Rolk’s hands.

“I want to die! I just want to die, I want that pain left!”

Rolk strong held it. Nobundo quickly approached and was inclined over it.

“Don’t do nonsenses! — he looked at Rolk. — You can cure it?”

The priest gloomy looked at the friend: “I tried!”

“Release me! Let’s me die!”

Rolk’s hands were surrounded by shine, calming Corin, enveloping it until her convulsions became more rare and didn’t cease at all. It began to sob and was curtailed on a floor a ball. Rolk a nod of the head called Nobundo with himself to leave.

Having appeared outside, Rolk turned a severe look on Nobundo: “I made everything that I could. The impression is such that her body, as well as spirit, are broken”.

“But … something has to be possible … — Nobundo tried to express the thoughts. — We have to make something!” — he blurted out at last.

Rolk was silent several moments. “I am afraid for them, for you. We received reports that refugees from Shattrat in other camps undergo the same changes, as you. Than it was, it won’t respond to any treatment and doesn’t pass. Our people are afraid that all of us will die if all of us don’t find treatment”.

Do tell? What happened?”

Rock sighed: “So far just talk. I tried to appeal to a reason voice, but even I won’t be able long to protect you and the others. And, frankly speaking, I don’t know, whether I should protect you”.

Nobundo felt bitter disappointment in the friend, in the only thing in whom he could trust because nowadays it gave in to the same mad prejudice, as the others.

Not in forces to tell words, Nobundo turned away and went away.

The state Corin worsened, and the decision of which Nobundo was afraid there, what Rolk spoke about, at last, was accepted several days later.

Nobundo, Corin, Estesa and Arak removed to a preda the gathered inhabitants of camp. Some gloomy looked at them, some were sad, at the others persons were impenetrable. Rolk seemed confused, but it was visible that he already made the decision how the hunter who doesn’t like to kill, but understands that the food is necessary to it and therefore he will strike to the victim the last, mortal blow now.

As it appeared, inhabitants of camp chose as the representative Rolk. “I hardly was given this decision, as well as to all of us … — it led round a hand silent meeting at itself(himself) behind the back. – But we spoke with representatives of other camps and together came to the decision. We are sure that for the sake of the general benefit everything is also yours too – all who … were broken, have to live together, but … separately from those who remain in good health”.

Corin which had especially unfortunate look hoarsely I spoke: “We are expelled?”

Before Rolk managed to mind, Nobundo told: “Quite so! They can’t help us therefore … hope to pretend that we are absent just! They want that we cleaned up down with from their eyes!”

“We can’t help you! — Rolk exclaimed. – We don’t know, you are infectious or not, and your corporal and intellectual fading is simply intolerable. Us remained too little to risk!”

“And how Akama? — I asked Corin.


“He will remain on my care, won’t regain consciousness yet — Rolk answered, then added — if he in general regains consciousness”.

“As you are merciful” — Nobundo sarcastically spoke.

Rolk stepped forward and with an angry look got up before Nobundo. Despite an illness, Nobundo became straight and looked Rolk fool in the face.

“You said that, perhaps, Light punished you the silence because you didn’t manage to defend Shattrat”, – Rolk told.

“I everything gave Shattratu! I was ready to die for that you that all of you remained to live!”

“Yes, but you didn’t die”.

“What you … you want to tell what I — will be rejected?”

“I say that if quitted World you, then not without the reason. Who are we such to know trade Sveta? – Rolk turned back on the others, looking for supports. Some looked away, but many agreed with Rolk. – Anyway, I think that it is time for you to reconcile to a new state of affairs and the present place in the world. I think that it is time for you to take care of the benefit of the others …”

Rolk bent and pulled out a hammer from Nobundo’s hand.

“And, it seems to me, it is time to stop to you trying to seem to what you aren’t”.

— Chapter 3 —

It wasn’t necessary to come here. Nothing changed. You still крокул. Broken.

No. They will listen to him. He will force them to listen. Eventually, it was given enlightenment. Nobundo turned away from meeting and directed eyes on the fountain in the center of the area. He asked from clarity water.

Nobundo felt how his thoughts gathered. He thanked water and, having hard leaned on a staff, forced itself to look at the sea of the indignant views below. The awkward silence set in.

“It is some nonsense”, – he heard someone’s whisper.

When he began to speak, its voice was weak and hoarse, going as if from far away even for his own hearing. He cleared the throat and began to speak again, already louder. “I came … to speak with you about …”

“We in vain spend time. What can tell us крокул?”

Speaking was supported by chorus of the indignant voices. Nobundo stopped short. His mouth moved, but the voice didn’t obey.

I was right. It wasn’t necessary to come here.

Nobundo turned was to leave, and met a quiet look of the prophet Velen, their leader.

The seer rooted Nobundo to the spot a look of disapproval: “You gathered somewhere?”


Nobundo sat at rock top, watching a scorched earth. They from the last time not strongly changed … when it was here last time? Five years ago? Six?

When it with the others was sent in new camp for krokul as they began to be called eventually, Nobundo was full of anger, despair, its spirit was broken. It left as it is possible further in that only party where they were allowed to leave. He always wanted to survey hills around Zangartopi, but at feet of these hills settled down camp “pure” where nowadays the way wasn’t “it”.

Therefore it went here, through a scorching heat, to the peaks which are highly rising over the most desert places of Drenor – heathlands which were once magnificent meadows before orks came here, bearing hatred and death. These deserts were creation of magicians and their impious magic.

But from orks in these days of troubles became less. Certain Orochs of gang still got here, killing those дренеев that caught sight to them. However orks became less – a great number of these the zelenokozhikh of savages went to the gate many years ago, and nobody returned.

Nobundo heard that his people build the new city somewhere in Zangartopi. “That for good reason — he thought. — It is the city in which don’t wait for me”.

Broken continued to change. On a body some new shoots began to appear. Spots, warts and outgrowths extended on all body. Hoofs, one of the most distinctive features дренеев, disappeared completely, having replaced by similarity of shapeless feet. And changes concerned not only bodies. Their brain lost ability to thinking more and more. Some of expelled degraded completely, having turned into empty covers which aimlessly wandered, talking to interlocutors who existed only in their imagination. Others one fine day woke up and just somewhere left, and didn’t come back any more. One of the first Estes disappeared. Now at Corin there was only one satellite with which she endured Shattrat’s falling.

“It is enough — he thought. — Stop postponing. Do for the sake of what you came here”.

It everything delayed the moment because in soul I knew that everything will be still. But he all the same would make it as he did every day the last seven years … because in his soul the hope still glimmered.

He closed eyes, expelled all foreign thoughts from the head, and stretched to Light. “I beg, only once … allow me just one and only to plunge into your shine”.


“Try once again”.

It concentrated very much what remained only with it.


He didn’t go slightly crazy, his eyes swung open, he leaned on a hand not to fall, and raised eyes to the sky.

“I found you!”

He turned back, Corin saw, exhaled and shook the head.

“You knew that Light won’t answer you any more”.

She approached and sat down nearby, tired and exhausted, a little uneasy.

“How are you?” – he asked.

“It isn’t worse, than usually”.

Nobundo waited that she still will tell something, but Corin just looked at the singed distances.

Because of a heap of sharp stones nearby someone looked out and stood, looking at Nobundo and Corin, listening to their conversation.

“You wanted to tell something to me?”

Corin for a moment I thought. “Yes! — she told, at last. – Today I camp new came. Told that orks … began to move. Prepare for something. Conducts them some new … as they are called there? Those that manage dark magic?”


“Yes, it seems,” — Corin rose and I stepped forward, having stopped in several inches from break. She long was silent.

Hiding nearby behind stones I left as quietly as came.

The look Corin wandered somewhere in the distance, and its hoarse voice when she started talking as if she was not here also with detachment sounded: “How you thinks what happens if I step forward?”

Nobundo hesitated, having thought whether she jokes: “I think, you will fall down”.

“Yes, my body will fall. But sometimes it seems to me. What my soul … will depart? No, not that word. How there speak … when you rises up as if you flies?”

Nobundo thought: “To soar?”

“Yes! My body will fall, but my soul will soar”.

Several days later Nobundo woke up with the sore head and an empty stomach. He decided to go to look whether there is no fish left after a yesterday’s dinner.

Having left a cave, he saw that all others poured out outside and stand, looking in the sky and covering eyes from light. He left from under a huge toadstool, lifted up eyes – and too was forced to cover eyes with a hand. His mouth opened by itself.

On the scarlet morning sky there passed the crack as if the wound, a gap in the fabric of the world opened, letting in inside dazzling light and some unrestrained, inexpressibly powerful energy. The crack shivered and coiled as a terrible, slippery snake with a body from pure light.

The earth shuddered. Nobundo’s head was ready to burst. In air electric discharges cracked, hair on Nobundo’s body bristled, and for a short mad instant it seemed that the reality ceased to exist.

So far Nobundo looked, for some moment the audience Broken as if was repeatedly reflected in a mirror who having become more senior who is younger, who at all not Broken, and healthy, pure dreney. Then illusion vanished. The earth suddenly started as if Nobundo stood on the vehicle which began to move. It and the others got to dirt, there and remained to lie, and the earth continued to shudder.

In several moments the shiver ceased a little and, at last, stopped absolutely. Corin mad eyes I looked at a crack in the sky which was again closed. “Here and the end to our world” — she whispered.

But to their world the end didn’t come though it also approached edge of death.

When Nobundo the next day rose to the familiar place, he looked at the horizon, and saw that the nature as if went mad. In the sky the smoke rose, a black cloud hanging over the earth. Air burned lungs. At the foot of the rock on which he sat the big crevice revealed. From there steam rose, and, having bent to it, Nobundo saw a weak luminescence in depth.

Huge pieces of the earth were pulled out from the desert soil, and now inexplicably they floated highly in the sky. And sites of the sky seemed windows … in something. Nobundo seemed that he sees in these windows reflections of other worlds, distant. Seemingly close, but whether there was that actually, or it just there were consequences of accident, Nobundo couldn’t tell.

And everywhere, almost notable silence as if all live died hung everywhere or disappeared far away from these places. But even now Nobundo felt that he is not one. Out of the corner of the eye it caught some movement. He looked around, almost expecting to see Corin.

Anybody. Just a sneer of his reason struck with damage.

Nobundo turned an eye on a dreadful show again, thinking whether the end to everything that he knew in this life will come in the near future.

But time went, and life proceeded, as before. Data filtered into camp that the whole areas were completely destroyed. But the world escaped.


It is devastated, spoiled, crippled – but is live. As well as Broken. They ate nuts, roots and fish who managed to be caught in bogs. They boiled water and hid from thunder-storms what before didn’t happen, but they survived. There was time, and animals returned though drene never saw some of them earlier. When Broken it was lucky, and hunting was successful, they ate meat. They survived.

Majority, at least. In total a few days ago Arak was gone. It was many months not in itself(himself) and though Corin didn’t speak about it, and she, and Nobundo knew that it will become a one of Lost soon. Arak was the last of defenders Corin since the time of Shattrat, and Nobundo understood depth of its loss.

And though Nobundo would never tell about it, he was afraid that once and itself the power over own reason will lose and will leave in anywhere, and never will return, and from him there will be a vague reminiscence – if at all will remain.

It continued the daily vigils, leaving on top of the far mountain, still keeping hope that once if he deserves the repentance favor Sveta, that again will light up it once.

And every day it broken by spirit came back to camp.

And every night he endured the same nightmare.

Nobundo stood at the locked Shattrat’s gate, banging on them fists, and night was torn by cries of dying. His reason didn’t fall down, and it understood that it is only a dream, only the next nightmare, and absent-mindedly thought whether there will be it same, as well as former.

It banged and banged on wooden shutters, didn’t hurt a hand in blood yet. Inside children and women died long, awful death. One by one shouts broke, the cry didn’t become heard the last, full torments yet. He learned it a voice – it was given by an echo in the wood Terokkar when he fled the city.

Soon also this shout calmed down, and the silence set in. Nobundo departed from gate, looking at the weak, spoiled, useless body. He shivered and cried, expecting inevitable awakening.

The scratch was heard, and shutters slowly dispersed. Nobundo lifted up eyes, having widely opened eyes. It didn’t happen before. What could it mean?

Behind gate empty Nizhny Novgorod the city, internal walls and bastions lit with one big fire in an internal circle of walls stretched.

Nobundo entered inside, attracted with heat of a fire. He looked around, but didn’t see bodies, didn’t see a trace of a slaughter, except the weapon which is spread out around a fire at distance of several meters.

The distant peal of a thunder was heard, and the drop of a rain fell on Nobundo’s hand. When he took one more step forward, huge gate slammed behind it.

And then he heard sounds – the shuffling steps from where from darkness. Someone approached a fire. Nobundo had no weapon, even a road staff, and understanding that he sleeps, didn’t help to get rid of feeling of danger. He wanted already was to snatch out their fire a brand when to light of a fire there was a dreneyka.

The rare rain continued.

At first he smiled, rejoicing that though someone escaped, but his smile quickly died away when he saw a huge her throat wound, traces of a beating on a body. Her left hand helplessly dangled. She looked at it an absent look, but in it there was some … a reproach. When it approached closer, Nobundo learned in it to Shaq. Others approached it soon. Tens of dead persons met to a fire from all directions. Their eyes were mutna, on a body terrible wounds gaped.

Wind flapped a fire flame. The rain passed into a tiresome drizzle. Women one by one bent, selected the weapon and went to Nobundo. Nobundo snatched out головню from a fire.

“I wanted to rescue you! I could do nothing” — he wanted to shout, but I couldn’t pronounce the word. The movements of its steel slow, complicated.

Again wind blew, having put out головню in Nobundo’s hand. The killed women came nearer, bringing the weapon, and mad wind put out a fire, having left Nobundo in outer darkness.

He waited, listening, trying to distinguish rustle of their steps through noise of a rain.

Suddenly someone grabbed his wrist with ice fingers. Nobundo cried …

Also I woke up. He felt devastated, more tired than when laid down to fall down. Nightmares prevailed.

He decided to walk and breathe fresh morning air – can, it will become better. Mozhet, and Corin already woke up, and they will be able to talk.

It came to light. A little дренеев already gathered for a breakfast. He asked one of recently arrived where Corin.

“It left”.

“Left? Where? When?”

just now. Where – she didn’t tell. She behaved strange … told that she goes … well how it is called?”

Broken kept silent, rummaging in memory, then nodded.

“Yes, it. She told that she wants to soar”.

Nobundo took to the heels as far as legs allowed. When it reached rocks, his lungs burned with fire, it vykharkivat dense green slime, legs shivered.

On a plateau near the rock he saw it. It stood on the edge, looking down.

“Corin! Stop!”

She looked back, poorly smiled, then turned away and silently stepped in an abyss, having disappeared in a dense cloud of steam.

Nobundo reached edge and looked down, but didn’t see anything – only a weak luminescence very far below.

“You were late”.

And again he didn’t manage to rescue – as well as that the woman Shattrata. Nobundo very much blinked and appealed to Light by all power of the soul: “For what? Why you abandoned me? For what you continue to torment me? Or I didn’t serve you truly?”

Still there is no answer. Only the silent breeze dried tears on his cheeks.

Perhaps, Corin it was right. Nobundo in soul understood why it acted this way – it didn’t want to become Broken. Perhaps, that exit that it found — only.

At it more nothing remained in this world. How just to take the last several steps, to cross too much and to finish pathetic existence …

Nearby because of sharp rocks someone looked out, being going to call to him …

But even now, expelled by the relatives, despised by Light, tormented by ghosts of those whom he didn’t manage to rescue, Nobundo felt that he can’t give up.

The breeze turned into a gusting wind, dispersed clouds of steam and pushed Nobundo in a breast so strongly that that moved back from an edge of steep. And in its voice he accurately heard the one and only word: “All …”

Nobundo strained hearing. Here also madness came. For certain it is game of his dying reason.

The stranger hid behind rocks again, continuing to observe silently.

Next flaw. All real …

Again words. What madness is? It can’t be business Sveta. Light doesn’t “speak” – it fills with heat. It was something new, other. The last flaw rushed on a plateau, having forced Nobundo to sit down.

All real … is live.

After so many years of prayers of Nobundo, at last, I heard the answer – and the answer was not from Light …

But from wind.

Nobundo heard about the orochyikh the ceremonies connected with elements: earth, wind, fire and water. Its people saw what power was shown by these “shamans” still before orks launched the war of extermination, but such ceremonies were absolutely alien дренеям.

Within several next days Nobundo came back to rocks where listened to whisper of wind which said that it isn’t lonely, attracted, promised, said that it is waited by a huge treasury of knowledge. Sometimes the voice of wind was quiet and умиротворяющ, is sometimes persistent also neist. And all the time to Nobundo’s shower gnawed doubt that he after all went crazy.

For the fifth day, a code he sat on the brink of break, he heard a roar, similar to a bolt from the blue. He opened eyes and saw the huge column of a flame escaping from a crevice under break. The flame was developed, and in his flickering dance he saw changeable, vague images. When the flame started talking, it was the voice of a mighty hurricane.

“Go to Nagrand’s mountains. There, it is high among mountain tops, you will find the place from where your true way will begin”.

Nobundo thought and answered: “To get there, I should pass through camp pure where such as I, there is no road”.

Fire quickly spread around Nobundo, and he felt heat on a face. “How you dare to doubt the way which is foreordained to you?”

The flame died away.


“Go with highly raised head because from now on you not one”.

Nearby the one who watched Nobundo for a long time slipped in shelter. And though he didn’t hear a voice of elements as Nobundo, he saw a flame and images dancing in it. And it is no wonder that in the opinion of the stranger there was a blank amazement.

During the next two days while Nobundo made the painful way, wind constantly blew to it in a back and whispered on an ear. He learned what Orochs shamans told with elements, but this communication was interrupted, a code orks addressed magic of Filth. He could learn more, but often it was difficult for Nobundo to understand wind as if that spoke with it through some barrier.

On the road several times it seemed to it that he hears someone’s steps at himself behind the back. And every time, having looked back, he felt such feeling as if this someone just dived into thickets in soul. Perhaps it is elements? Or just it seemed to it?

When, at last, it came to camp pure, the sun set for the horizon for a long time. However sentries no doubt noticed its approach as on border of camp it was met by two policemen.

“What it is necessary to you here?” — I asked the highest.

“I want to pass only through camp to mountains”.

Someone from inhabitants of camp approached, cautiously looking at Nobundo.

“We have a strict order – not to let in none of krokul camp. Pass some other way”.

“I am not going to remain in your camp, I only want to pass through it” — Nobundo stepped forward.

The high policeman pushed away Nobundo: “I told you …”

The deafening peal of a thunder was distributed, and in a clear sky black clouds zaklubitsya, having burst in sudden heavy rain. Wind which tenderly pushed Nobundo in a back blew with an improbable force, having forced policemen to move back. And that it was more improbable, both wind, and a heavy rain bypassed Nobundo, falling upon policemen who got to dirt under flaws.

At Nobundo eyes got on a forehead from amazement. “Here, so what it — he aloud thought — when elements on the party”. He smiled.

Inhabitants of camp ran up from a rain on caves. Guards in fear looked at Nobundo. And Nobundo just went forward, leaning on a staff. Slowly it passed through camp and reached a foot of hills on other its party, having left inhabitants of camp shaken, frightened and confused.

The persecutor Nobundo left shelter behind one of huge toadstools. He didn’t dare to follow because was, eventually, krokuly.

But events which witness was just Akama awakened something in his soul. Since he regained consciousness from the long drowsiness, he felt only despair and shrill fear of the future. But, having seen that this just made крокул, having seen as forces of nature rose in its defense, Akama felt how in his heart the died-away feeling smoldered long ago.

He felt hope.

And with this new found Akam’s hope silently I returned to bogs.

It is a lot of hours later, exhausted with fatigue, Nobundo took a view of the top slopes of mountains and saw fresh green vegetation. When a stride was shortened for fatigue, wind pushed it forward, and the earth, appear, fed it with force. Though the rain didn’t stop, Nobundo’s clothes remained dry and when Nobundo was thirsty, the rain streamed streams.

Having approached tops, he heard as in his head two voices – one the low and persistent, accompanied with a familiar rumble winds, and times fire grumble argue. Voices sounded chaotically, interrupted each other, hurrying to talk to him. The rumble accrued and turned into such cacophony that Nobundo was forced to stop: “It is enough! I can’t understand all of you at once”.

Nobundo collected the rest of forces and climbed up the mountain with which the beautiful view opened. Drenor – fertile and peace, blossoming, similar to a garden, filled with a ring of falls and breathing life was it once.

“Forgive them – too long ago they lost beneficial influence of their shaman. They are angered, confused, they can’t still recover from the blow struck to them”.

“That cataclysm” — Nobundo told, coming deep into the peace valley. He kneeled and drank waters from the lake, having felt instant inflow of forces. He felt how his reason as his thoughts reveals become part of the nature surrounding it, and it – part it.

The voice which answered to Nobundo was pure and full of a consolation, and at the same time is powerful and firm: “Yes. I, probably, suffered least of all, but so always happens. I need to adapt quickly to world around because I am a basis of life”.

“You are Water”.

What he felt was more, than “yes”.


“Welcome. Here, in this silent shelter of elements coexist in the relative world and rest therefore it will be easier for us to talk to you, especially at the beginning of your way before you learn to understand our thoughts, without deliberating. The true knowledge and understanding will come through for many years, but if you don’t curtail from a way, over time we will come to your call … but don’t think to rule over us. If you esteem us, and your aspirations will be disinterested, we will never abandon you”.

“But why you elected me?”

“The cataclysm plunged all of us into alarm and confusion. For some time we became puzzled. In you we felt a soulmate – you were confused, we despise, is forgotten. Not at once we recovered again to call you, but we called, hoping that you will hear”.

For Nobundo it was too huge happiness to believe in reality of the events. But how Light? Whether he will betray it, having chosen a new way? Whether will turn away? Or this test?

But it is worth risking if …

“I will be able to use these abilities to help my people?”

“Yes. Communication between elements and the shaman is mutual. The shaman helps to calm and unite us, in the same way as our influence fills the shaman with force and enriches spiritually. When you finish training, you will be able to appeal to elements in an hour of need. And if to see elements that you strive for truth, we will help you”.

True understanding, as well as Water promised, came years later. Over time Nobundo learned to understand forces surrounding him. He understood that all – from the hugest beings of Drenor to his smallest grain of sand – is filled with life, and its forces are interconnected and depend from each other where they were. Moreover, he felt these forces so as if they were part it, however, they really were its part. Now he knew it.

Elements kept the word, and lines of their nature imprinted in it. He received clarity of thinking and patience from Water: for the first time for many years of his thought weren’t dark. He received passion, the updated understanding of life from Fire and I am eager to overcome any obstacles. He received determination from Earth, steel воль and unshakable commitment. From Wind – courage and persistence: how to get into an essence of things and not to tremble in the face of hostility.

However the main thing still wasn’t given it. He felt it, felt that elements conceal something, something like that that he isn’t ready to understand yet.

And … nightmares proceeded. They faded a little, but night behind night Nobundo hit with fists into Shattrat’s gate, and cries of dying sounded in his ears. And when it entered gate now and stopped at a fire, among other dead to it came also Corin.

He felt the Water consolation: “We hear that you still … in confusion”.

“Yes — he answered. – I am pursued by ghosts of the dead in Shattrat. Whether elements can help me with it?”

“The reason – not in spirits of the dead, it in you. This battle which only you can win against one”.

“This internal fight doesn’t allow me to realize my true strength of the shaman?”

From puddles around it the feeling of tender laughter proceeded. From all elements Water was the most careless. “Your confusion is reflected also in heaven over your head, responds in the earth at you under legs, and most of all – on Fire. This reflection of eternal fight of the nature for balance and its preservation”.

Nobundo for a moment thought: “How far my way would take away me, I think that true understanding — in understanding that the way never comes to an end”.

“It is good … very well. It is time to take to you the last step, that which can be the most important”.

“I am ready”.

“Close eyes”.

Nobundo obeyed. The earth as if crumbled at it under the feet, elements left it, and for some terrible moment abandoned him back, in Shattrat, in darkness and loneliness.

And here he felt something … Something absolutely not similar to other elements. It was cold, but not hostile. And in the presence of his Nobundo felt tiny. Then it started talking to it a set of voices, man’s and female, merged in the harmonious symphony.

“Open eyes”.

Nobundo obeyed. And again he felt this feeling of negligibility, insignificance, having seen the dark infinite chasm full of miriad of the worlds. Some were similar on Drenor, others are similar to ice spheres, others are covered with water, the third are empty and lifeless.

And suddenly Nobundo understood … understood something, it seems, very simple, what constantly escaped him – the worlds infinitely much. He knew it, and its people saw many worlds before to lodge on Drenor. But what Nobundo didn’t understand, so is that power of elements also stretches for borders of the worlds. In each world the elements, the forces to which it is possible to appeal.

But moreover – in emptiness there are one more elements, that that svyazut the worlds, that that it is created from inexpressible force. And if he is able to appeal to it — but he right there understood that he is still too inexperienced to address this mysterious new essence. It was just the reflection, just gift of understanding …


— Chapter 4 —

Velen looked at Nobundo up and down of clean blue eyes. “They won’t begin to listen to me! It seems to me that it is bad thought” — Nobundo minded.

Velen twisted lips. On his face there was the same expression which forced Nobundo to think that the Prophet knows a lot of things that is inaccessible to Nobundo’s understanding. “After all you passed through what overcame, you want to recede?”

“I can’t force them to see in myself something bigger, than a krokul, despite everything that I can teach them to”.

“Perhaps, it isn’t them”.

“And elements spoke” — Nobundo thought.

After their former conversation Nobunodo understood that it isn’t necessary to try to guess thoughts of the Prophet therefore he just was silent and waited.

“I heard cries in your soul — Velen continued. — Cries of women of Shattrat. I know that at you on heart. You wondered – whether your flight cowardice was”.

Nobundo captured by sudden confusion of feelings nodded.

“At heart you understood that you have to survive to accept the highest destiny. And from that day, without regard to all tests which fell to your lot, you never receded. Therefore I elected you. Therefore you were elected by elements. Our people call you Broken, krokuly, but I am sure that you will present us great hope”.

Velen gave a hand and tenderly touched Nobundo for a shoulder. “Release them. Let’s shouts stop”.

It was so. He wasn’t a coward. The part of his soul always knew it, but among everything, what happened then, this confidence completely got lost. Nobundo deeply sighed, and understood that nightmares won’t come to him any more. He felt pleasure of elements as if they … were proud of it.

Velen smiled: “Go nowadays for the sake of our general welfare. Go and accept foreordained to you”.

Nobundo returned on the platform. Drene exchanged words with each other, without paying attention to a fragile figure above.

It lifted a staff. In a clear sky clouds zaklubitsya, having covered the settlement with a shadow. Drene stopped.

Nobundo raised a voice, an echo раскатившийся on bogs: “Look and listen!”

Heavy rain fell upon the earth. Lightnings zaplyasat among the lamps surrounding the area, breaking glass. Drene in reverential horror looked at it.

“You came here to study. To study to seize this force – strength of the shaman”.

“But Shamanism – the Oroch business!” – someone from crowd shouted. Other voices joined it.

“Yes. It is what they renounced for the sake of communication with demons. Nowadays we will take a way shamans, a way which will lead us to the future in which nobody will kill our women …”

Nobundo broke off, trying to cope with voice.

“Or our children. When krokula and pure unite, together we will embody dream about which the people forgot very long time ago – dream of true freedom”.

Audience exchanged glances, looking for supports each other, looking that will be told by the others. At last, seemingly, they came to the same conclusion – we will listen.

“Your way will begin with these simple words …”

Nobundo smiled. Clouds curled at it over the head. Lightnings coiled. Lil rain.

“All real – is live”.